"Umm...," Jenny whimpered as Nate thrust into her. He feels so good! She thought. Her right leg was draped over his shoulder while the other wrapped around his waist. This was the third or fourth time he'd made love to her tonight. She was quickly losing count as he brought her to climax after climax. Just then...her pussy clamped down on him and she screamed through her latest orgasm.

"AAAHHHHH!" He yelled throwing his head back as his release flowed endlessly into her. As his body started to calm, he turned onto his back bringing her shuddering form with him. They drifted into slumber still intimately joined...

Chuck heard a woman's screams of pleasure as he walked from the elevator. It wasn't Serena, which meant his best friend had found other entertainment for the evening. Perhaps the vapid twosome was finally over and he could have his friend back, he thought smiling as he walked into his bedroom. Tomorrow, make that today, was an important day, and he could use his best friend's input. Sleeping for a few hours seemed like a solid idea, and when he woke later Nathaniel's conquest should be long gone.

Nate awoke and looked at the girl sleeping in his arms. So beautiful, he thought. He had been her first! No one else had seen her bare...no one else had seen her pleasure...and no one else had ever felt what it was like inside her. If he had any say, no one but him would ever know these things. Mine! It was a chauvinistic thought, but it was truth. He wanted her to belong to him in every way possible. These possessive thoughts stirred his desire for her again.

He brushed his fingertips lightly across her rose colored nipples, watching as the buds tightened. Dragging his hand down further he slid his fingers between her thighs. She was dripping. He plunged two fingers into her as his thumb rubbed her little button. Her core clenched. He couldn't wait any longer...removing his hand, he turned her on her side and slid closely behind. Her sweet little ass nestled into him. Lifting her leg to rest on top his he eased his cock to her opening and slid upward. So tight, so good. He would never get enough of being inside her.

As Nate thrust slowly in and out, Jenny moaned as she began to awaken. Barely coherent, she moved her hand down to her aching clit to find some relief. Her fingers felt his cock as it slid into her, making her eyes open wide. "Nate? Ahhh..." She cried out as she realized he was taking her again. From behind...he felt so much deeper this way, she felt a pinch of pain, that was nothing compared to the pleasure.

"I had to be inside you again baby. You're addictive!" He said sliding his hand along her thigh to the knee, bending her leg toward her body, opening her up more.

"Uh...uh...uh...OOOH...Fuck me Nate! Please!" She pleaded, his easy pace driving her insane.

"With Pleasure! On your knees baby..." He assured, adjusting her position.

Nate wasted no time, driving into her immediately.

"Yes Nate!" She called as he pounded her pussy relentlessly, going deeper than before. "Um...Um...Umm..."

His girl was a champ! A few hours ago, she had never been touched...now she was a very willing participant in his frenzy to have her. He looked down to where they were joined. His cock glistened with her wetness. What a sight! He thought as he gripped her sweet little ass, pulling her onto his dick.

"Hmm...Hmm...Hmm...Hmmmm...hard...so...hard..." She moaned.

"Hard inside this tight little pussy!" He chuckled, groaning as her channel clenched at his words. Her body was beginning to tremble, a sign of her impending orgasm. Nate sat back on his heels, grasping her hips to remain within her. Jenny, no longer on her hands and knees used the change in position to thrust herself back and forth on his cock.

"AH FUCK JEN!" He groaned out as she worked her core over him. Unable to wait a minute longer, Nate slid his hands underneath her, bringing her upright. Jenny's back was fused against his chest and his dick throbbed in her belly.

"NATE! OH! TOO MUCH!" Jenny screamed as he went deeper than any time before. She felt pain again, and didn't know if she could take him like this. "Nate...please..." She whimpered.

"It's okay baby...shhh...you can take me like this...relax..." He whispered next to her ear. Moving his hands up he began massaging her breasts until her tension started to ease. Angling her head, he took her mouth in a heated kiss, as he moved to touch her swollen clit. Nate brought her slowly back to the edge of pleasure. He played her body like a fine instrument. She thought writhing against him.

Instinct took over and Jenny rose and fell over Nate's shaft. Her body shuddered, signaling her climax. As she whimpered, he pulled her down hard into his lap sending her over the moon. He followed right behind.

Nate eased out of her, catching her wince as she lay back on the bed. Leaning down he kissed her gently. Lifting her chin, he looked into those gorgeous blue eyes. "Is my pussy sore baby?" He asked. She flushed, but nodded. He kissed her again. "I'm an asshole for keeping at you like this, but you're irresistible."

"I wanted you every time. You feel so good inside me." She admitted, blushing even more.

"Aw angel, inside you is paradise," he said smiling, "I'm going to take care of the soreness." Getting up from the bed Nate went into the bathroom and started a hot bath. He added some bath salts he used for rejuvenating muscles tired from sports. Turning off the water, he walked back into the bedroom. Jenny lay there with her eyes closed. He hated to wake her, but she needed this. Lifting her against his chest, he turned toward the bathroom. Her eyes opened. "Where are you taking me?"

"We're going to have a soothing hot bath, okay?"

She nodded, he always took care of her. That was just one of the reasons she loved him...

Nate stepped into the large spa tub and sat down with Jenny in his arms. She whimpered as the hot water met the ultra sensitive area between her thighs.

"It's alright sweetheart, I put something in the water to help with the soreness." He said holding her to him and kissing her cheek.

"It stings..." She told him, clamping her legs together.

"I know, but you have to open those pretty legs and let the muscle soothers work." He coaxed.

She did as he asked and gradually began to relax and reap the benefits of the hot bath. After siting awhile and letting the water and additives work their magic, he cleaned her with a soft towel and a wonderful French milled soap. Jenny felt it was only fair to return the favor, so they bathed one another. As their cleansing became more intimate, Nate knew he had to have her yet again. He rose from the water, lifting her with him. Grabbing towels from the rack, he stood her on the rug and dried her, then himself, gazing at her supple slender body.

Tossing the towels aside he pulled her against him and kissed her. Picking her up he placed her on the counter, spreading her thighs and kneeling between them. He touched her clit then ran his finger down her opening thrusting it inside. He could feel her channel dampening. Pulling his finger away, he replaced it with his tongue. She truly was sweeter than any other. Her hands clutched his head holding him to her. Licking her slit, he took her clit between his teeth and sucked the swollen little pearl. Jenny broke then, flooding his mouth with her cream.

Nate stood and kissed her, letting her taste her own sweetness. He wrapped her legs around his waist and slid his hands under her ass, carrying her back into the bedroom. Lying her back on the bed he pressed her knees to her chest and reached down to place his cock against her. "Let me in Sweetheart..." he said thrusting into her once again.

"Ummm...Nate!" She moaned as he took her with slow measured thrusts, holding her knees against her chest. "S-So Good..."

"Yesss..." he agreed.

Several minutes passed as they enjoyed the leisurely fucking. As Jenny's orgasm built, Nate pulled her knees over his arms as he began driving deeper. She moaned louder as she began to shudder...

Suddenly the door banged open and Chuck strolled in. "Nathaniel, it's time to give the bimbo the boot! I need to tal-," he began, but stopped short as he recognized the girl on the bed. The girl his best friend was bringing to a screaming orgasm, as he shouted out his own. He leaned against the door jamb and allowed the couple to finish. Nate leaned over to kiss her as he released her legs.

"It's about time Archibald." Chuck laughed, clapping.

Nate shot a glance toward the door surprised to see his friend there.

"What the hell Chuck! Get out of here!" Nate yelled, pulling a still incoherent Jenny against him covering her nudity from prying eyes, or trying to.

"I'm going...but first I must say...Congratulations Jennifer, your ability and stamina is awe inspiring!" Chuck deadpanned, bowing for effect. His best friend, chivalry briefly forgotten, pulled away for his lover and stalked angrily toward his best friend.

Blushing uncontrollably, Jenny hurriedly pulls the covers completely over her.

"I'm going! I'm going!" Chuck said laughing as he held up his hands. "Room service in 20! I'll order." He continued turning to leave the room before Nate could attack him.

Nate locked the door immediately then strode back to the bed. "Sweetheart?" He said trying to pull the covers down, but she had them in a death grip. "Come on baby, look at me."

She released the covers and he pulled them down. Her eyes were tear filled. "He saw me...he saw you inside me," she said in a small voice, turning her face into the pillow.

"Sweetheart, I'm so sorry he did that and embarrassed you, and he and I will talk later. You have no reason to feel any shame angel, you're so beautiful when you come for me, no one could turn away." Nate said turning her tearstained face to him, so he could look into those eyes.

"It's private." She whispered.

"I know...it will be from now on. Just between you and me, alright?" He asked.

She nodded, as he brushed her tears away.

"Come on angel...when's the last time you ate anything? I'm starving! Lets go eat something, boost our strength..." He teased, and she gave him a little smile.

Jenny put on underwear and Nate's blue shirt. He threw on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. When they walked out into the sitting room, the waiters were just leaving.

"Nathaniel, Jennifer right on time! Dig in! Then you can regale me with your lovers tale." Chuck said smirking.

"Chuck! You're embarrassing her and it stops now!" Nate said meeting his eyes with a look he rarely saw from his affable best friend. This was serious, Chuck realized.

"Jennifer I apologize for any embarrassment I've caused, and hope that this relationship is everything you both desire." Chuck said.

Jenny nodded by way of accepting his apology. The trio finished their meal in awkward silence.

Chuck observed the new lovers. This truly was in no way casual for either of them and they basked in the glow of something new. Given these facts he felt it necessary to point out the obvious. "Nathaniel, if I may...a word of advice...you might want to prepare yourself for the onslaught of the Humphrey males. This might not go over too well with them. Meaning they might KILL YOU!"

"Thanks for the concern, but we'll be fine." Nate said giving him a "drop it" look, as he placed his arm around Jenny hugging her to him, and kissing her forehead.

"Well I'm off to reestablish my own relationship." Chuck said standing and picking up a beautiful bouquet of pink peonies lying nearby. Turning to go, he glanced back at the lovebirds and doubted they'd even heard him, as they were kissing intensely as Nate carried Jennifer, her legs around his waist, slowly back to the bedroom.

"You don't have to have her all at once Nathaniel...pace yourself!" He laughingly called getting on the elevator. As the doors closed he saw his best friend's hand with middle finger extended, telling him his advice was unwanted and likely to be unheeded.