It took him less than a minute to stand up and pull his shirt over his head.

"Where are you going, Puppy?" A voice came from the recently abandoned bed behind him. Katsuya flinched. This was the moment.

"We can't do this anymore, Seto," he whispered. His throat didn't feel quite right, but he managed to speak without stuttering. He was grateful for that.

"What are you talking about?" The others voice was unreadable for once.

There was a slight creak on the bed. Katsuya felt a hand on his shoulder and almost broke. Almost took back everything he'd just said. Then his resolve returned. He shoved the hand off and walked closer to the door. A few steps more and he'd be gone.

"W-why?" To his surprise, Seto's voice cracked. He choked down the tears now springing to his eyes. He couldn't look back.

"You're married, Seto."

"You know it's only for show. Neither of us have any emotions invested in the matter."

"It's still wrong. We can't do this anymore." He took the last few steps.


His hand was on the door handle.


He stopped. Seto never called him by his first name. It was always an accident; something allowed to escape during sex.

Katsuya mentally shook himself. He'd thought this through for months. He wasn't going to allow a split second lapse of judgment stop him from doing what he knew was right.

The handle turned. He paused one last time.

"I'm sorry, Seto."

Then he left. Walked down the hall and out the main hotel lobby. Somehow he managed to make it home without breaking.

He told himself that Seto would get over it. He was strong, CEO of the most successful gaming company in the world. He would live.

But Katsuya could swear that in the moment as he'd closed the door he'd heard something he'd never heard before. Not from him.

Seto had been crying.

Katsuya broke.