Chapter 1: Worst Nightmare

Rosalie's P.O.V.

I'm on my way home from my friend's house Vera. As I walk in this dark street, cold breezes touches my skin. I hadn't really realized how late it was. While I was hurriedly walking I didn't really pay much attention to my surroundings, luckily I was a few streets away from my house that's when someone called my name abruptly.

"Rose" a man yelled while his friend unceremoniously laughing .My stomach twisted when I recognize this voice; it was him, Royce King my fiancé drunk with his friend.

"This is my Rose" Royce shouted sounding just as stupid and laughing along with his friend and lust expressed in their eyes while looking at me. Suddenly Royce ripped my jacket from my shoulder.

"Stop it Royce your drunk" I yelled with anger evidence in my voice.

"Show them how beautiful you are Rose" he said while still laughing.

"Cut it out your drunk" I yelled again but it was no use, no one can hear it. I tried to fight them but they are too strong. Then it happens, my worst nightmare I just have been sexual assault by my own fiancé. After what they done to me they left me in this street and thought I was dead.

Now I was just alone lying in this cold street thinking of what I want the most. "Death" I want to die, I want to end my life now. I can't face this kind of catastrophe, I felt shame, abase and also anger hatred at the same time and all of this is because of Royce King.



Hours had been passed I am still lying in here becoming more and more anxious of my death. Why would it take so long? All I want was to die!

Just then I heard someone approached me then I saw a blonde man with golden eyes bite my neck and a pang of pain is engulfing first in my neck then it spread through my throat and every minute would passed it spreads in every part of my whole body. It felt like I was on fire. Heat spread through my veins. Makes me feel I'm burning. I wish it would stop.

Carlisle's P.O.V.

"Dr. Cullen your shift is over." My assistant nurse said who is Nurse Jackson that has black hair, brown eyes and is 5'4 tall.

"Ok thanks" I replied with a smile on my face.

I am so happy and at the same time anxious. Well I'm happy because today I was successful in helping my patients and anxious because I can't wait to see and spent my time with my family, especially my beautiful wife Esme. While I'm on my way home driving my black Mercedes I smelt human blood, thanks to my super senses and because of my curiosity I trail the scent of human blood and there I saw a helpless girl lying in this cold street. So I hurriedly ran towards her in human pace just in case someone would see me and wouldn't get suspicious. As I get near her, I hear her very slowly heartbeat an evidence that she only has short time left. I couldn't leave her here and die without justice so I'm thinking of biting her but someone might see me so I looked around but found no one, after all its late midnight no human would be roaming around, so I bit her neck and letting my venom spread through her system.