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Chapter 14: Presents

Edward's P.O.V.

"I go first!" Emmet exclaimed, grabbing his gift and handed it to Bella. She opens it cautiously while staring at it as if it going to bite her. After mere seconds she started squealing and jumping on my grasps

"This. Is. Awesome! I can't wait to try this out!"She yelled whoa Bella was spending way too much time with Alice.

"Thank you daddy" She said getting out of my grasp and running towards Emmett.

"Honey, what did daddy give you?" Rosalie asked

"It's a prank set mommy!" She exclaimed happily. Aww... wait what?!

"A Prank set?!" Rosalie and I said at the same time glaring at the big guy

"Seriously Emmet?! A prank set?!" Rosalie growled.

"Aww c'mon Rosie. It's a level 1 set. No need to be so protective. Besides, you love it sweetly don't you?" He cooed at Bella who nodded violently in happiness. Rose and I just sighed while the others chuckled. My level of protectiveness reached Rosalie's level.

"Now me... me…. Next... I want to give my present next" Alice squealed.

"Calm down Alice darli'n you had the time in the world" Jasper said Alice pouted and hand her big I mean huge gift to Bella.

"What's in here and why is this so big? Bella asked curiously.

"Open it!" Alice squealed. Bella had air pressure on both cheeks as she unwrap her gift.

Bella gasp at what she saw; It was full of clothes I mean many many clothes and if Alice put this on Bella's closet it would be like her small mall. Wow typical Alice.

"Do you like it?" Alice asked

"Yes... Aunt Ally it's nice plus I had now many clothes and you won't bring me shopping anymore" Bella said grinning smugly while all of us chuckled except for Alice who pouted

"That's not an excuse you know. If I feel all of your clothes are overused we'll still go on shopping" Alice answered proudly.

"Okay" she replied.

"Me next" Carlisle said smiling while handing Bella a square wrap present. Bella open it immediately and look confuse.

"What's this?" She asked

"It's a diary dear" Replied Carlisle.

"What's this for?" Bella asked now more confuse.

"We'll honey Diary is like a notebook but it's special Because you're going to write the special events that happen that day and You're to write in there All of your Boyfriend's name." Alice replied smiling while earning a glare from Emmett.

"And... you can keep there all of your secret" Esme added.

"You mean you're not going to read this?" Bella asked.

"Yes" We all said except for Emmett who was eyeing the Diary like his own prey.

"Daddy you didn't say yes. Are you going to read this and if you read this you're going to read my secrets and it's not my secret anymore" Bella said while pouting. Rosalie nudged Emmet on his elbow then glared at him. He huffed giving up.

"Fine. I won't" Emmett said.

"Promise."Bella said.

"Yes promise." He replied back and with that Bella was grinning from ear to ear.

"So Bella do you like my present?" Carlisle asked.

"Yes Pops I love it" Bella said while hugging Carlisle.

"Now, my turn" Esme announced handing Bella her gift smiling gently. Bella open it and her eyes began to get wide.

"Ohh Nana I love it.. I love bunny's Thank you Nana it's so cute" Bella said changing his flats with bunny slippers and going to Esme giving her a big hug.

"So who's next?'Alice asked.

"Me... just wait here" Jasper said while going outside and getting something. After a while he was back holding a bicycle with one hand and because of that Bella's eyes went wide and running towards him giving him a hug.

"Thank you Uncle Azzy would you teach me?" Bella replied while Japer nodded smiling.

"Yes darling" Jasper said while Bella smiled.

"I'm going to give my present next" Rosalie said while giving Bella a tiny wrapped present. Bella open it with ease and smile at what she saw.

"Mommy it's very pretty can you put this on me?" She asked while getting the Sapphire heart necklace from the velvet box and handed it to Rosalie. Bella lift her hair up and Rosalie put the necklace on her neck and clasping it securely.

"Thank you mommy" Bella said while giving Rosalie a hug.

"Now I'm going to give my present next" I said smiling; hoping she would love my gift I handed it to her and she unwrap it with her tiny fingers she gasped at what she saw.

"Wow this is very pretty." I sigh and smiled at her. I gave her a charm bracelet that once owns my mother.

"Bella, that one is really special because my mom used to own that one and every charm that is clasp securely in there is given by my father. He used to tell me that every charm has its own meaning. And my mother said before she dies that give it to a very special girl." I said.

"Am I special?" Bella asked.

"Yes Love." I said while she blushed and hugged me.

"Thank you so much to everyone." Bella said.

"Now it's time for the cake" Alice chirped and Bella suddenly clap her two hands and runs toward where the cake that Alice is lighting.

"Would you sing for me?" She asked.

"Of course, sweetheart." Rosalie replied and with that we sang the traditional Happy B-day song until she blows her candle.

Bella's P.O.V.

My Birthday was so much fun; very fun and I love all of the gifts they gave to me. I was outside playing soccer with Daddy and Uncle Azzy. I love sports and rough housing with Daddy and Uncle Azzy. My favorite pastime is getting dirty and Aunt Ally would act crazy everyday when she saw me playing.

Edward and Mommy were on Carlisle Office discussing something about why Mommy woke 7 days from her transformation and why I was 10X smarter. They say I was smart even for a small years old and Daddy said that I think like a matured person.

Edward's P.O.V.

I left Carlisle's office to go outside and play with Bella. Later tonight we would gather up and discuss everything that concern Rosalie and Bella but right now all I wanted to do was to play with Bella and celebrate her Birthday for the rest of the day.

When I got outside I didn't see Bella anywhere. Emmett and Jasper we're playing arm wrestling but there was no Bella. My teeth clench and I was breathing heavily when I noticed her sent was faint.

"Where is Bella?"

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