Fallen Wings


Feather One: Family Reunited – Part One


"SAM! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED! YOUR SISTER IS BACK!" The shrill sounding voice of his mother startled him awake, nearly ending up with him falling out of his bed.

Sam groaned, shaking his head. He slowly sat up, Mojo, who was also startled awake, jumped off the bed carefully after a short stretch. Sam made his way tiredly down the stairs, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Who?" He asked, feeling annoyed that he was awoken from such a nice dream. Which totally wasn't about Mikaela, mind you. Even though he considered her the hottest girl in his class.

By the time he finally made it down the stairs, his thoughts were too filled up with Mikaela, that he didn't notice the girl in front of him.

"Hel-lo. Earth to Sam-squatch." She called lightly, snapping her fingers in front of his face. Sam shook his head, blinking. His brain took a moment to catch up, before he finally noticed that his sister was indeed standing in front of him, hands on her hips as she stared at him in amusement. "Samantha?" He blurted out in minor awe.

"Oh, thanks," Samantha replied, sounding overly sarcastic, "You're awesome for forgetting your beloved sister, Sam." She replied, tilting her head at him.

"Samantha!" Sam cried, pulling the shorted girl into a big hug. Like he said, his brain needed time to catch up.

"Jeez, nice to see you too." She snorted, taking the baseball cap off her head. Her chocolate brown locks fell down in curls, as she tossed it to the side. "Can you believe it? I had to run here, since no one came to pick me up from the 'port." She muttered, giving her father the I-know-what-you-didn't-do look.

"Hey," Ron put his hands up in his defense, "I thought that you were coming back tomorrow."

"It's okay, dad, I forgive you, since you're old. You forget things easily." Samantha bit back, sticking her tongue out.

"Jeez! I'm not that old." Ron shook his head, looking at Judy. "Control your daughter!" He huffed, crossing his arms.

Judy ignored her husband, pulling both Sam and Samantha in a warm embrace. "Aww," She cooed, nuzzling closer to them. "My two babies. Our family is finally reunited!" She sniffed, pulling away to wipe at the tears that threatened to fall.

Ron shook his head, looking around for his keys. "Don't you kids have school?" He asked.

"Awh, I just got back." She whined, blue eyes landing on her father. Sam only chuckled, heading back upstairs to his room to get ready.
"Yes, and now it's time for learning." Ron nodded, pulling Samantha in a hug as he twirled his car keys around his finger.
"Fine!" Samantha huffed, "Just let me go change." She replied, heading up stairs to her room to get ready for school.


"So, I was talking to mom yesterday, and she said that if Sam gets three A's in school, he gets a car." Samantha pouted, adjusting her seatbelt as she leaned forward to give her dad a look. Sam craned his neck so he could grin at her innocently.

"That's if he gets another A." Ron coughed teasingly, smiling when Sam cried 'Hey!'

"Well, why don't I get one?" Samantha whined, giving her father the puppy dog look. "It's not fair." She poked the back of her brother's seat dejectedly.

"Mostly because you didn't bring me three A's or any money."
"Jeez." Samantha groaned, giving up.

"If it makes you feel any better, Sam will share his car with you, won't you Sam?" Ron grinned, patting his son's arm.

"Dad, do I have too?" Sam sighed, crossing his arms as he looked at the passing scenery.

"Yes. Sharing is caring." Ron said, chuckling at Sam's loud groan.

"Yes!" Samantha grinned, kneeing the back of Sam's seat in triumph, making him glare at her.


Samantha was grateful that the school day seemingly passed by in a breeze. Sam's horrid 'show and tell' about their Great-Great Grandfather, Archibald Witwicky, was beginning to go in the wrong direction.

Luckily, the bell had stopped him from further making a fool of himself.

Sam had also managed to point out the classes 'hottest girl', and introduce her to his best friend, Miles, during lunch.

At the moment, they were both with their dad, Ron, looking for cars. He had teasingly driven through a rather expensive looking car dealership place, but the three had somehow ended up at a shabby looking place, which sold used and old or half-broken down cars.

Samantha knew it was too good to be true; her father was cheap like that. But she still loved him. She idly listened to them argue, and slide past two older looking cars, recognizing one as an Impala and the other unknown to her. She inspected the Impala, before turning away, uninterested. Her blue eyes darted around before spotting her brother, and found him checking out a yellow '77 Camaro. It was rusted and faded, but still nice. It also had two black stripes down the middle, which was cool.

She made her way over to him, listening to him murmur to himself. "Reminds me of a bee." Samantha grinned, tapping the hood.

She watched as Sam and her father got into a little 'disagreement' with the dealer, Bobby Bolivia. But, after some time, and other cars randomly exploding, 'Uncle Bobby B' agreed to four thousand, and the car was theirs.


"Alright, Mojo. I got the Car, now I just need the girl..." Sam muttered, his thoughts immediately drifting to Mikaela. Samantha followed Sam into his room, petting Mojo before sitting at his crowded desk. He casually pushed her out of the way as he checked his computer.

"Zero bids." Sam sighed, staring blankly at the web page.

"Really, LadiesMan217?" Samantha started laughing, pretending to wipe the fake tears away as she shook her head. "That's rich." She added, sticking her tongue out at her brother.

Sam glared at her, before deciding to ignore her completely. "Come on, Mojo. Want your painkillers?" He asked, shaking the bottle. Mojo yapped and walked over, cast thunking on the desk as he ate up the small pill.

"So, Sam, what's the plan for tonight."

"I'm going to a party with Miles." Sam announced as he quickly tried to get away from his sister, taking his keys with him.

"Cool, I wanna go!" Samantha said, following her brother out of his room.

"No, you're not invited."
"Were you?"



"Dude, are you positive that we were invited to this party?" Miles stressed, enjoying the view of the lake as the pulled into the sandy parking area.

"For the last time, Miles, I'm sure. It's a lake. Public property." Sam huffed, parking by a couple trees in the shade. "Oh my God, dude. Mikaela's here." He said suddenly. Samantha snorted as she watched him run a hand through his short brown locks of hair.

"Don't do anything weird. I mean it."

Samantha didn't know if he was talking to Miles, or her. She could be very weird if she wanted to be. She didn't feel like getting out, since she knew they wouldn't be there for long, knowing her brother. Samantha gave a little yawn, before taking her sweater off to use it as a pillow as she stretched out in the back seat, deciding to take a little nap, ignoring the fact that she heard a soft lullaby come from the radio.


"Who's going to drive you home-"

Samantha groaned, rubbing her eyes tiredly as she slowly drifted back into the World of the living.

"Wh-" She went silent, watching as Sam open the door, a girl she recognized as Mikaela slowly getting in. She stayed silent, and lay still as she listened to the two talk.

At first, she thought her brother was doing alright, before the radio got all jacked up and started playing weird music, which strangely fit the mood. She blinked as they suddenly drove to an open area.

The car rumbled to a stop, and Sam started stressing and kicking it. That was when she decided to make her presence known.

"I hope you know that I'm still here." Samantha spoke up, making Sam smack his hand on the horn. From the back, even she could hear Mikaela yelp in protest from the sudden blare.

"Way to go." She laughed, nudging Sam's arm playfully. Mikaela poked her head back in to glare at Sam, but her gaze landed on Samantha instead.

"Hey! I'm Samantha. I'm his twin sister. I was just uhh- sleeping in the back." She introduced herself, holding her hand out.

The black haired girl awkwardly took it, and shook it, before she introduced herself as well.


Eventually, the car magically fixed itself after Sam's pleads, and the two had yet again picked up Mikaela, saving her from walking all the way home.

"I hope you don't feel awkward with me sitting in the backseat." Samantha suddenly said, smiling when the two stopped conversing to give her different looks.

Mikaela gave her the now-I-feel-awkward-because-there-is-another-girl-i n-the-backseat look, whereas Sam gave her the I'm-going-to-kill-you-later look.

"Cool." She said simply, shifting herself so she was more comfortable.


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