Fallen Wings


Chapter Twenty-Five: Truth be told through Memories


"Ready for another Joy Ride?" Starscream chuckled deeply. Niky froze, as she leaned back into his seat. "N- No..." Her voice cracked, as she feared for her life. After all, it wasn't every day that she flew in a Jet, doing various flips or anything... Well, not every day...

"It's alright; I'm not crazy like Skywarp." Starscream replied nonchalantly, engine roaring to life as he took off the ground.

"That's cool." Niky nodded, peering from out the window. "Hey, I know I should feel bad for Sammy, but I don't, strangely enough." She giggled as she watched the black and purple jet spin in fast tiny circles as he flew crazily without a care in the World.

"I think I could hear her screams from here." Starscream said jokingly, making Niky's giggles melt into full out laughter.


It was evening by the time they arrived back at the Decepticons Base, and Samantha was about ready to pass out.

Her stomach felt queasy, and her head still spun from all those flips and twists Skywarp had done on the ride back. She had insisted for him to teleport, but he replied only with more nose dives and twirls.

"Please, never again..." She found herself muttering, stumbling in after Niky. "You're mean." She said in a deciding tone, pouting at the tanned girl.

Nakita pouted back, shrugging. "I don't know what you're talking about, Sammy."

"You do know what I'm talking about." Samantha grinned, showing that she wasn't really angry or anything. "Anyways, I still feel a bit... dizzy and woozy and tired, so, I think I'm actually going to take a nap."

"Awh! Sammy! It's still early!" Niky protested, slinging an arm around Samantha.

"Last time I checked the time, it was almost 3:00... In the Afternoon. And that was before we left on our little... escapade." Sam grinned, slipping out of Niky's hold with ease. "You just go- uh, bug Starscream, or someone."

"Hey! Maybe I should help Frenzy and Rumble pra- uh, erm," Niky stopped, coughing loud and awkwardly. Samantha laughed at the whole 'cover-up-my-lies-even-if-they-are-obvious' cough, and watched Nakita skip away, down a different hall.

She turned on her heel, and made her way to her room. On the way, Sam nearly bumped into Slipstream, who offered to carry her there, but she had simply shook her head. "No, it's alright. My, uh, head is still spinning from riding with Skywarp." She smiled, watching Slipstream shake her helm at her 'sibling'.

"Always a troublemaker."

"Yup," Sam nodded in agreement, "Anyways, I'm going to take a nap. I'll see you later, Slipstream!" She called, waving to the tall seeker. Slipstream waved back, and walked away, her pedes growing softer as the distance grew between the two.

Stifling a yawn, she finally made it to her room. She climbed the ladder, and successfully made it to the top of her berth. "They should really make stairs," She grumbled quietly to herself. "Or at least an elevator. Wait, yeah. An elevator would be best..." She mused, falling onto her back with a soft thump.

Her blue eyes glued to the ceiling, and she found herself wondering how different it would be if she was a giant alien robot from Cybertron. It would definitely be easier to get on things, considering she wouldn't need to climb ladders.

A small smile appeared on her face, as she slowly drifted into a deep slumber, the darkness filling her mind and sealing her vision for the time being.

"Samantha..." Samantha twitched, and stirred in her sleep, but did not wake. The soft, alluring voice echoed in her mind, but eventually faded into nothing.

"Samantha..." Again, the voice echoed softly, reminding her of a repetitive lullaby. This time, Samantha slowly yawned, and slowly opened her eyes, groaning at the minor pain from the sudden brightness.

"We're losing her!" Those three words are what woke her. Sam's azure orbs snapped open, ignoring the flashes of light, and soon her vision focused on a figure, lying on a berth.

Fluids and energon lay mixed in a small puddle across the hard metal surface of the Nemesis. Samantha watched more drip into the tiny but growing puddles, creating ripples which died off, only to reform again as more energon joined the pinkish blue liquid.

A loud beep startled her from her musings, and Samantha looked up to see a machine, which was connected to the blurred out figure on the berth. She narrowed her eyes, straining to make out the figure, but for some reason; couldn't. Samantha heaved a sigh, and took a couple steps closer.

A large pede settled beside her, and she craned her neck to look at the new comer.

"Hook! How is she?" The familiar grunt filled her ears, and Samantha made to smile in greeting.

"Barricade... I'm not going to lie. She... I'm afraid she isn't going to make it. And... Also-" Hook was cut off, his fellow grounder grasping his servo with a great strength.

"Also, what?" Barricade's voice came out more of a dangerous hiss, sounding as if it was laced with poison.

"Snowhunter... and y-" Samantha blocked the rest out, eyes widening as she heard the name leave Hook's mouth. A stunned feeling raced through her body, making her shudder at the cooling sensation.

"Snowhunter!" She gasped loudly, finally realizing that she hadn't been going crazy, and that she was witnessing another one of her memories. "Snowhunter!" Her shrill voice sounded quiet, as if muted out, as the memory continued to play.

"It's dead, I'm sorry, Barricade. I couldn't do anything to save it..." Samantha's eyes darted to Hook, and she ran up, touching his pede.

"What's dead, Hook!" She yelled, patting his pede as if trying to get his attention. Hook paid her no mind, and Sam watched helplessly as he tried to comfort Barricade. "Who's dead!?" She demanded loudly, but no one answered. "HOOK!"

"Samantha." Sam turned, pushing her brown curly locks from her face as her eyes zoomed in on Snowhunter. She gaped, looking at the berth, then back at the femme, who stood right at the door. "But... How can you be two places at once?" She asked, feeling stupid all of a sudden.

"I'm not; I'm just showing you my memories. Well, our memories, I should say." Snowhunter replied, a pained expression on her face. She looked back up, smiling softly at Barricade, who appeared to be struggling to accept the truth.

"Is there... Anything you can do, to save Snowhunter, at least?" Barricade asked after a second, his vocal processer sounding fritz and staticy.

"Well... There is one thing, but-"

"Do it! Please, Hook. Please..."

"Alright. Get me one of those protoforms Starscream has been working on! Be quick, because she is nearly..." Hook trailed off. Samantha watched Barricade leave the room in a hurry, passing right through Snowhunter, who still stood by the door.

Almost as soon as he left, he was back. Barricade came in, holding a tiny protoform, which looked just like a human body, but different.

"I'll show you something else." Samantha looked up, but noticed that as soon as she blinked, the scenery changed, and she felt relief, noticing that she was at home.

"We're at my house." She announced, making Snowhunter nod slowly. "This is one of your brother's memories..." Samantha bit her lip, staring at the femme, before watching the memory play out. She still didn't fully understand, but she was pretty sure she got the gist of what Snowhunter was saying...

Samantha watched a younger version of her brother run by. He was probably at least two or three, and he had a little race car in his tiny hand. He made engine sounds as he ran, the car flying through the air beside him.

Sammy smiled. She remembered this; she had been sitting in the sandbox, digging up holes to hide Sam's toy cars in.

Samantha turned her head, in the direction of the sandbox. She frowned, seeing that she wasn't there. "Where am I?" She finally asked, her fingers curling into fists unknowingly.

She looked at Snowhunter, who shook her helm sadly. "You aren't. You aren't there, or inside. You're back at base, having a... makeover, I suppose."

"Makeover?" Samantha questioned. Again, the queasy feeling returned, her skin prickling as the small hairs stood up on her arms. She made to wrap her arms around herself, for warmth and security, but it never came.

"Yes. You weren't even more, technically speaking. And I'm sorry that I have to tell you this all of a sudden... But, you; are made up. Your memories, your image, your family's memories of you. Everything was imprinted into their brains, as if you have been with them all along. But in reality, you only came to live with them not even a few weeks ago. Ever since you came back from "abroad", you've had memories downloaded into y-... our processor."

"What are you..."

"What I'm saying is; You, Samantha Jamie Witwicky, do not exist."


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