Chapter One


I know all about fairy tales and believe me when I tell you they aren't suitable for children, the monsters are real and there are no happily ever after. Once upon a time I believed in Fairy Castles, Princesses in tall towers, and Knights in shining armour, Princes who wake you from endless slumber with a single kiss. I was naive, like all little girls who forget that the Dragons, Giants, Wicked Witches, and Ogres are also in the stories and should not be ignored.

My Prince Charming really existed, he rode into my life and woke me from the mundane with no more than a kiss. I lived in that Fairy Castle and knew the wonders of the Magical World. He fought the Monsters for me and saved me from them. All true to form so far, right? Right. Then the dark side of the tale began, my Prince Charming decided I wasn't worth the effort any longer and left me, alone and shattered in the depths of the Gloomy Forest, prey to all the monsters who lurk in the shadows. I was lucky in a way, one of those other Monsters took pity on me and saved me, but to what end? So when you next read or hear a Fairy Tale and wish you were that Princess take a moment to think of the dark side of that story and remember, the Monsters are as real as the heroes and sometimes the two are the same thing. It just depends on your perspective.

My Prince Charming left, taking his fairytale family of vampires with him, telling me I wasn't worth it, not good enough and for a while I believed him. I almost lost myself as well as him, ironically. The person who got me through it? That's another Fairy Tale, but the one where the Big Bad Wolf is in reality a guide dog for the love blinded Princess. My Wolf Man Jake pulled me out of my depression and showed me it was possible to keep living and even gain strength from what I'd suffered. After all once you've faced vampires and death, what's left in the world that can frighten you? Especially with a Werewolf at your side.

My poor Dad had tried to understand what had happened and asked so many questions, awkward ones, that in the end my Quileute friends took him to one side and told him the truth. I'd expected him to laugh in their faces but he just looked grim and promised to protect me if the vampires ever came back. One guy with a badge and a gun prepared to take on a coven of vampires for love of his daughter, now that's courage. What I didn't know was that he'd made arrangements for the future, giving up his own to ensure I got mine.

I had just finished my final year at Forks High School when it happened. My final exam was over, ecstatic it was and debating whether to go home or with the others for coffee, I saw him. Prince Charming standing by my old red truck a shy smile on his face. I froze, unable to breathe or think. As I continued to stare he walked forward slowly calling my name,


I was about to turn and run when there came a roar of a motorbike engine and Jake skidded between us throwing me a helmet which I caught automatically.

"Get on Bells"

I flung myself on the back of the bike wrapping my arms around my Wolf Man as he roared away from Forks, making for the treaty line and safety.


I was at the station when I got the call from Billy,
"They're back, the Cullens."
It was the message I'd been dreading but expecting to receive eventually. I pulled out a briefcase and emptied my personal drawer into it then called Eddy in and handed him an envelope,
"This is a letter of resignation and recommends you for my job. My badge is in there and my gun in the safe. I've got enough leave to cover my notice. Good luck Eddy."

I shook hands with the stunned looking Deputy and ran outside over the lot to where I'd taken to leaving my personal car, an old banger but it would suffice for my needs now. I turned the engine which started first time thanks to Jakes work on it and headed out of town, towards the Cullen house.

Billy was right, as I knew he would be, all the doors were open and I could see figures moving around inside. I pulled up and got out nervously. Alice approached,
"Hello Chief Swan, is there something I can do for you?"
"I'd like to speak to Carlisle please."
I felt naked without my gun belt, not that it would have done any good against the Cullens but still, old habits die hard. Alice nodded gravely and went in the house, coming out a few minutes later with her father,
"Chief Swan",
Dr Cullen. This isn't a social call, just so you understand"
"But not an official one"

He'd seen the absence of a badge,
"Right, this is private man"
He noticed the hesitation and smiled sadly
"Oh I see",
"Good then this will be short. You and your family stay away from my Daughter. That's not a request by the way. If I see any of them near her or where ever we happen to be I will contact every fucking Monster Hunter I can and tell them all about your little coven. You leave us alone and your nasty little secret remains that."
He sighed heavily,
"I did warn Edward this might happen. I'm very sorry Charlie, for everything."
"Yeah well Dr Cullen I think that's it. I don't expect to see you again but it might be a good idea to keep that son of yours on a leash."
My skin crawled as I turned my back on him and walked back to my car before turning it and driving away slowly not wanting them to know how scared I'd been.

Of course I knew what Charlie's reaction was going to be before he arrived, Alice had warned Edward but he was insistent that Bella loved him and would take him back after he apologised. It seems he was wrong. Then he appeared, screeching to a halt in front of the house.
"What did he want?" He snapped,"Bella's gone off with that wolf boy Jacob, she didn't even get a chance to speak to me before he turned up."
I explained to him,

"Charlie was here with a warning. Stay away from him and Bella, or else."
Edward laughed,
Oh really and what's he going to do? Shoot me?"
No Edward, give our secret away to every crackpot Monster Hunter in the USA."
"What? He can't do that, the Volturi will kill him first."
I shook my head cautiously,
"I don't think so Edward. I think he's planned for that eventuality and think if he dies our secret will get out anyway. You have to stay away from Bella unless she comes looking for you."
"I can't Carlisle, I love her."
"Well it seems she feels differently Edward. You have no choice son."
"I can wait. She'll come here as soon as she can get away."
"No Edward she won't. She's going away."
Edward looked at Alice,
"Yes. She doesn't love you any more Edward. You broke her heart and she'll never forgive you for that."