Chapter One Hundred and Two 1


To be honest I was glad for the opportunity to get rid of Carlisle, after all he had nothing to offer the Volturi any more. His gifted daughter was dead and his gifted son refused to join or even visit us. I had explained as simply as possible that I wanted him to go back to Canada and accompany his son here It wasn't an unreasonable request and he saw no problem with doing so, even when I sent him Jane and Alec as companions. I recall telling him that they had business over there and were merely hitching a ride with him, or something like that. Well they did, to make sure he got safely to Edward where the others would be waiting to greet him. I said my final farewell to my old friend, knowing I was unlikely to ever see him again. It was a pity really because he showed such promise when he first came to us, before Ariadne mixed him up with her talk of a human mate.


I was rather surprised when Alec and Jane followed me into the car waiting at the airport in Toronto but guessed they would either be dropped off first or take it on after dropping me off. I was relieved when the car drove off after dropping me at the hotel Edward was staying in for his Concerts. I took the elevator up as usual and knocked on his door which was opened immediately as if he were waiting the other side of it for me.

"Carlisle, thanks for coming for me. Come in, I wont be long"

I smile at his eagerness, soon we would be in Volterra together, living as Father and Son once more as I liked to think his mother would have wished. As soon as I was inside he shut the door and went back to packing his case,

"How did your Concert go?"

"Very well thank you. I had a few surprise guests in the audience"


I wondered if he was being head hunted by an Orchestra or Venue, it would be a shame now he was leaving, but still very nice to be recognised.

"Yes, Felix Volturi and Bella and Jasper Whitlock"

I jumped to my feet,

"They came to see you? Why?"

"Not very flattering that you didn't think it might be my playing but you're right of course, it wasn't. They had a story for me, one you told Esme and she passed on to them. It seems I was the only one who was kept in the dark. I don't appreciate that Carlisle. You used me, you bartered my soul to try and save Alice. How could you?"

"That's not how it was, you know I told Esme I was leaving, that I didn't love her? She's making stories up to come between us that's all."

"You know I might have believed you before I heard the conversation between Aro and the Whitlocks. Now I know you are a liar, you never loved me, you never loved Esme, you never loved anyone in your entire existence and don't say my mother because you let her die."

"Only to save you Edward."

"Really? Well lets ask a hypothetical question shall we? If you had the opportunity to save Bella, your mate, or a child of hers by another man, what would you do Jasper?"

I turned cursing as my two main protagonists entered the room,

"Bella every time Edward."


I thought Edward had played Carlisle extremely well and when he asked the question and received the answer from my husband and mate my while being swelled with joy. I knew it was a serious answer and had been given in a heartbeat.

"You see Carlisle, that's the difference between us. I love my mate with my whole being. You don't have the faintest idea what love is"

Carlisle scowled at Jasper then sneered,

"What do you know about love? You're barely above the savage state."

I was on him in a second, throttling him with one hand as I spoke coldly into his contorted face,

"You listen to me Carlisle Cullen. Jasper is three times the man you will ever be, the polished exterior hides a core so rotten I can smell it. You lied and deceived your way through your life, destroying at will to get what you wanted. Well guess what. Its my turn now and this is for Alice."

I ripped his arm off at the shoulder and threw it behind me where Jasper deftly caught it.


There was no way Bella was having all the fun after what I'd learned about my precious Father and maker.

I held out my hand and Bella passed him over, releasing her grip only when I had a good one in her place.

"Edward please, don't be influenced by these two, look at them"

"Oh I did, I had a really good look at them before you arrived and they are probably the most genuine couple I've ever seen excepting Rose and Emmett. I never once saw you look at anyone like that, with even half that tenderness. Not my mother, not Esme, not Alice, not even me. Well guess what, its over. Aro doesn't want you back, you have nothing to offer him"

"But you're coming back with me surely Edward? Please"

I shook my head,

"No I made my last mistake Carlisle. From now on I'm doing what I want to do for me, I'm not your toy any longer, no one is ever going to be again."

As I said that I twisted his head and it came off with a crunch. Jasper whistled and I saw he'd opened the window,

"Throw him out and I'll start a fire in a dumpster, by the time anyone comes the evidence will be ash."

When the deed was done I looked round to see Alec and Jane standing silently watching from the edge of the darkness.

"You can tell Aro that I regretfully decline his offer to join the Volturi."

Alec nodded and they disappeared silently into the night.

"What will you do now Edward?"

I laughed ruefully,

"You know something Bella, I've no idea. Carry on playing I suppose and hope I'll meet my mate somewhere along the road."

"You might have a long wait Edward but she's out there somewhere, like Bella was for me"

Jasper put his arm round the woman I had once held, but they looked right together and I nodded.

"I just hope I'm as lucky as you, finding the right one. I wish you both all the happiness I once thought I could have with Bella. Look after her Jasper, she's very precious"

"Oh I know that Edward and I intend to. So long"

They turned and with a final wave from Bella walked slowly away. As they got to the corner I saw her lay her head on his shoulder and kiss his neck. One day maybe...

The End.