Way to Lucy's heart

By:just a firefly

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It was a pleasant morning in Magnolia. And therefore all the Fairy Tail girls had decided to take a break from guild and have a day out to enjoy themselves. Currently they were all having a picnic at the central park. All the girls were sitting on a picnic mat with snacks and drinks and were chatting happily.

"It's really nice to have a day out to ourselves isn't it Lu-Chan!" The blue haired girl asked Lucy who was lying on the mat with her eyes closed.

"It sure is Levy. It's like a dream to finally have a peaceful day away from the rowdy guild." Replied Lucy with a smile as she sat up.

"Juvia really misses Gray- Sama" Juvia said joining in the conversation.

"I hope master will be able to calm down the fights between the boys." Erza said with a stern look.

"You're too responsible. You should take a break more often Erza." Lisanna said looking worriedly at Erza.

"So gilrs..! I've decided that since we all are here we should get to know more about each other… Right?" Mirajane said with a sweet smile and a glint in her eyes.

All the girls looked at Mira and sweat dropped. Well all except for Erza coz she was busy eating her strawberry cheesecake.

Don't tell me Mira arranged this picnic just to pry on our love life. Lucy thought while trying to figure out a way to get out of Mira's view.

"So why don't we all sit in circle so that everyone can be in my view." Mira said sweetly.

There goes my plan to escape. Lucy thought while sitting in the circle.

"So Minna..! Lets tell each other what is the one essential quality which we want to see in our boyfriend ne..!" Mira looked around and then her eyes zeroed onto Lucy who had a chill run down her spine.

"Why don't we start with Lucy? So Lucy tell us that mandatory quality you look for.?" Mira said.

Lucy fidgeted a little.

"Well..! I would love a guy who knows how to cook." Lucy replied sheepishly.

Around the corner of the park a raven haired guy who was hiding behind the tree gasped.

"Damn! Why does it have to be cooking! Guess I'll have to sharpen my cooking skills." Gray mumbled and ran towards his home to cook the best dish ever.

"Whaa..! Cooking. That's easy Luce. After all I'm the best cook in Magnolia. Ha ha ha ha..!" said a pink haired boy from behind the bush.

He sat up and ran towards his home to practice making fire chicken.

"My princess..! Your knight in shining armor should fulfill your wish. Virgo where are you?" Loke said somewhere in celestial realm.

"For me it would be book. My boyfriend should have at least read Shakespeare" Levy said excited.

"Damn this bookworm...!" said a fierce looking guy with piercing all over his face. He started walking away from park with his partner.

"Our house is on opposite direction Gajeel" Panther Lily pointed out.

"Ya I know ..! I'm looking for library to get that cursed book" Gajeel exasperated cursing under his breath.

"What about you Juvia?" Asked Mira

"Juvia would like an ice mage who has a habit of stripping to propose her with flowers in front of the whole guild" Juvia said with hearts in her eyes.

"Ara Ara now that's quite straightforward" Mira said while sweat dropping.

"Erza it's your turn now" Mira said with a smile.

Erza who was busy eating looked up from her plate and answered

"For me it would be Jellal." She said normally and went back to eating cake.

Talk about straight forwardness!. They all thought and sweat dropped.

"That was quick. Probably I should head home" Jellal smirked walking away from his bench near the park.

"I would like my boyfriend to be a gentleman." Said Lisanna shyly

"SHIT….Oh well.! that's out of scope then...!" Sulked Bixlow and walked away with his babies chanting "No scope…No Scope.." repeatedly.

All the girls chatted happily and enjoyed their picnic till evening.


Next morning Lucy got ready and headed towards her guild. She opened the guild doors and saw Lyon sitting on his knees with flowers in his one hand and ring on another. In front of him stood a fidgeting Juvia.

"Would you marry me Juvia" Lyon asked bashfully

"But.." Juvia said nervously

"I'm an ice-mage with stripping habits. It's all you ever wanted.!" Lyon exclaimed.

Juvia blushed and replied "Although it was for Gray Sama but Juvia is ready to be with Lyon Sama".

Juvia accepted his flowers and they both hugged. The whole guild cheered for them and Mira fainted behind the bar.

Lucy sat on her usual place with Levy and they both started chatting about what to wear in Juvia's wedding.

Suddenly out of nowhere Loke appeared and swooped Lucy in his arms

"Good Morning My love" He said with all his charm.

"Loke you've got to stop doing that..or I'll get a heart attack someday!" Lucy said recovering from sudden shock.

"But my princess my killer smile is natural" Loke pouted.

"I was talking about your sudden appearances.." Lucy replied sweat dropping

"Leave all the worries aside and prepare yourself to taste the most delicious dish ever made..!" Said Gray as he entered the guild with a smirk plastered on his face and a plate on his hand.

He made his way to Lucy and kept a plate full of pancakes in front of her.

"So Lucy would you do the honors of tasting this dish?" Gray asked with a slight tint of pink on his cheeks.

Just as Lucy was about to have the first bite the guild doors burst open. There stood Natsu grinning like an idiot. "Yo luce...!" He spotted Lucy and came running towards her.

"I've made you the ultimate spicy fire chicken which will blow your mind away!" He exclaimed excitedly.

"Lucy doesn't eat fire chicken flame brain… Only you eat anything with fire in it..!" Gray stated smugly

"What..! You wanna have a fight ice freak" Natsu said with his hands ablaze.

"Natsu ..He is right I really don't eat fire chicken and why is your dish already half eaten..!" Lucy asked confused.

"Isn't it obvious..! It's because I ate it on the way here." Natsu stated as a matter of fact.

"That's not obvious you jerk" retorted Gray.

In the mean time Lucy took a bite from pancakes made by Gray. She coughed and had some water to calm down.

"You don't need to praise much Lucy just tell this matchstick here about how awesome of a cook I am" Gray said smirking.

"Well Gray why are your pancakes salty and not sweet?" Lucy asked still coughing.

"Oh..! So it was sugar and not washing soda.. DAMN I knew something was off when I tasted them.." Gray muttered.

"WASHING SODA…!" Lucy coughed more and everyone in the guild sweat dropped.

"My princess you don't have to worry as I made a delicious cake for you.. Here..!" Saying this Loke pulled up the lid from a plate.

Lucy's jaw dropped on seeing what was on the plate … as it was nothing..

"where is the my cake..?" Loke exclaimed

"Oh.! I ate it" Erza answered from her chair.

Loke stomped up to Erza , took her cheesecake and disappeared in celestial realm.

Erza went rampant and kicked Natsu and Gray. And so the whole guild joined in. the brawl.

Lucy and Levy sweat dropped at the scene before them when suddenly Gajeel appeared and said with a smug expression on his face "Oi shrimp..! Would thy bestow upon me thy love and be my muse".

Levy blushed furiously and nodded. Mira who had just woken up fainted again at this scene.

Lucy smiled at them and started making her way towards the guild doors when a hand stopped her. She turned around to see Freed looking at her.

"I made a love potion for you. Please have it" he said nonchalantly

Lucy looked at him with shocked eyes, turned around and ran towards her house screaming.

"Guess I'll have to put it in her drink next time." He muttered putting the potion in his pocket.

***** THE END*****


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