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It was a pleasant morning in Magnolia. The city was slowly coming alive. Everything was going as it usually does.


Fairy tail was unusually quiet today. Gajeel was out on a mission. Evergreen and Elfman were nowhere to be seen. And the key trouble makers Natsu and Gray along with our playboy Loke were sitting in corner sulking.

Why you ask?

That's because just last night the trio witnessed a rather annoying scene which was bothering them ever since then.

They saw Lucy with Freed. Yup you heard it right..!

And they were looking more than friendly. Freed had his one hand interlinked with Lucy's hand and his other hand was on her shoulder. And they were heading towards Lucy's apartment.

The trio followed them and heard their conversation too.

"So I'll pick you up in the morning" Freed said nonchalantly.

"Sure thing..! I'll be waiting" Lucy replied smiling at him.


"What the hell is going on between those two..?" mumbled Gray.

"And what are they doing in Lucy's apartment. Why isn't Lucy in the guild yet?" Natsu retorted gloomily.

"Are they dating? How come I didn't hear any of that?" Loke sulked.

"How can she choose Freed over me? Is he a better kisser?" Loke said sulking more.

"I don't think that's her parameters to choose boyfriend..!" Gray sweat dropped.

"Oh that reminds me.. I guess my princess chose Freed over me because he is a better cook…" Loke said grumpily

"Yeah.. I guess so" Gray agreed.

"Or it could be that he captured her in a love spell" Natsu said thinking hard.

"WHAT..!" Gray and Loke said in unison.

"Yes..! I heard Freed saying that he has prepared love potion for Lucy. Maybe Lucy is under his love spell." Natsu said enthusiastically.

"If that is so then I'll rescue my princess from that cursed Freed. I shall return to celestial realm for my love.!" Loke said determinately

"I will be the one to wake my Luce up from that spell..!" Natsu said with new-born enthusiasm and ran out of the guild in search of a cure to love potion.

"Hmm.. Love Spell huh..? I know just the right person to seek."Gray said and ran towards the library.


Levy was not in the guild so Gray headed towards Fairy Hills. He went to Levy for the answer.

"Oh.! What a surprise.. Well hello Gray". Levy said chirping.

"Hi Levy.. Can you help me find something?" Gray asked without wasting anytime.

"Sure. How may I help you Gray?" Levy replied politely.

"Well.. I wanted to know how to undo the effects of a love potion." Gray asked a little hesitantly.

"Love potion..? What did Juvia tried that on you again?" Levy teased Gray.

"uh.. no .. It's for one of my friend." Gray replied sweat dropping.

"Good for you Gray. I have the cure for this. Wait a sec let me refer to my notes" Levy said smiling. She rummaged through her books and found a notebook. Levy opened it and said "Here it is.! Listen carefully you need

Something green and something blue

From the one who loves you

Oh.! And don't forget something red

It should be taken on your bed..!

That's the cure" Levy replied smiling

"Huh..? That's it..! What the hell is this something?" asked Gray.

"Well its not given here.. I guess you'll have to figure it out on your own Gray" Levy replied.

"Oh.. ok.. Anyways thanks for your help Levy.." Gray said and went out of the fairy hills.

A rustle was heard behind Levy's window. Natsu hid behind it as Gray went out of fairy Hills and thought smugly. It was a good idea to follow ice princess..!

He jumped down the window and ran towards his home.

"Something red..Blue and green..What can it possibly be.?" Gray thought with his eyebrows furrowed. Suddenly realization hit him and he ran towards the guild with a smile on his face.


It was night-time in Magnolia. Gray entered Lucy's home from her chimney. He made as less noise as can be possible. He saw Lucy and his heart skipped a beat.

There she was sleeping with all her beauty. She had a serene expression on her face. Aww. So cute.. Makes me wanna kiss her..Gray thought.

A few moments later he snapped out of his thoughts and pulled out a box from his pocket. He opened the box and pulled out long thread like strings of blue, Green and red colour. Just as he was going to wake Lucy up golden smoke appeared out of nowhere.

Loke came out and declared proudly. "I'm here for you my love"

And with that he leaned down and was going to kiss Lucy on her lips when she shifted and instead of lips Loke's kiss landed on her cheeks.

Gray's jaw dropped and he stood there in shock of what just happened.

Lucy also woke up from this sudden intrusion and touched her cheeks.


"Princess..! That was to wake you up from the love spell.." Loke pouted

"WHAT..!" Lucy said.

"That's not the cure you idiot.." Gray said clearly looking pissed off.

"True love's kiss is cure for every spell you jerk" Loke replied proudly..

"Ha ha ha.. What are you a kindergartener.. I have the real cure.. Here Lucy eat this" Gray said smugly. He handed Lucy the coloured strings. Lucy inspected them skeptically and asked "What is this?"

Well you see levy told me the cure is this poem

Something green and something blue

From the one who loves you

Oh.! And don't forget something red

It should be taken on your bed..!

Hence I brought you something blue, red and green.

Now eat it up." Gray said with pride.

"What exactly is this..?" Lucy questioned.

"Oh..! These are the hairs of Erza, Juvia and your beloved Freed Justin.." Gray said the last part with annoyance.

"WHAT..! and you expect me to eat them…! Get out" lucy yelled at them.

Just as she was about to kick them out Natsu entered her apartment from window with a huge grin on his face and his hands on fire.

"Natsu what are you doing here and why are your hands on fire.?" Lucy said skeptically.

"Yo Luce.. I'm here to break your spell with something red a.k.a my fire.. Get ready as this is gonna hurt a little.." Natsu said as he aimed towards Lucy.

Lucy shifted back and screeched "what is wrong with you people I'm not under any love spell."

"Yes you are.." Loke said

"Freed put a spell on you .. I heard him sayin that.." Natsu added

"Why else would you and Freed be together?" Gray tried to convince her.

"You baka.. Last night I twisted my ankle and Freed was gentleman enough to help me get home. Then he asked me to visit a bookstore with him which I agreed to…

That's all to it.." Lucy said irritated by all of them..

"So that's it.. You are not dating him.. Luuushy I was so worried.. I'm feeling sleepy now" Natsu said pouting and fell on Lucy's bed and started snoring.

"Well everything happens for good… at least I got to kiss my angel." Loke smirked and went back to celestial world.

Gray stood there with horrified expression.

"What is it Gray..?" Lucy asked.

"I took Erza's hair when she was sleeping. She'll kill me now. Freed will then kill my soul.." He deadpanned.

"Who does this blue hair belong to?" Lucy asked amused by Gray's reaction.

"Oh they are Juvia's hair… that doesn't matter.. What should I do now?" Gray said quivering .

"Well for starters how about getting out of my apartment." Lucy replied while kicking Natsu from the window. Gray was next to be kicked out..


Freed was reading a book quietly at his apartment.

"Guess they all have made a fool of themselves by now.." He smirked and went to his bed to have a good night sleep.



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