Chapter Twenty Nine

The bed shifted, which caused Cecilia to wake up. She opened one eye to see George sitting on the edge of her bed and pulling on his boxers. "What time is it?" She mumbled and raised her head slightly.

"4." He lay back next to her in only his boxers. "I should go back before anyone wakes up." He pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Are you all right?"

She gave a stretch and smiled. "I'm fine," she whispered. "You're right. You best go." Raising her hair and stroking his face gently. "I'll see you at breakfast." Bringing him to kiss her.

George was the one to pull away. "I do have to get out of here before your mum or dad finds me in here." He sat up and she followed him, scooting across the bed with the bed covers around her. "I'll stay again tonight." Speaking as he dressed.

"Okay." She smiled when he turned to face her. She pulled the covers to her chest as he quickly kissed her. "I'll see you at breakfast." Once more they kissed before he left her alone. She waited a moment before she let out a giggle and fell back on the bed. She gave another laugh as she thought about earlier. Despite what was happening in the world around them, she loved her life right at that moment. She hoped nothing would ruin it.

In another part of the house at that moment, one set of parents were awakened by a loud cry from a strong pair of lungs. "I'll get her," groaned May. Both her and Sirius were awake at the first noise. "She needs a feed." Throwing the covers off her. When her husband gave a groan from behind her, she laughed, "go back to sleep." She stood up and lifted their crying daughter from the cot. "Now, my little darling." Bringing her close as she walked from their bedroom. May took one look back at her husband, who was snoring lightly. She gently closed her bedroom door and turned towards the stairs. She barely made it two steps when she heard shouting from her bedroom. She clutched Lyra to her chest and ran back to her bedroom. She had the horrible feeling that her husband was being attacked. Her wand at the ready as she opened the door but only to see Sirius thrashing in bed. It was if he was being attacked by an unseen entity.

Lyra was still crying as she was placed back in the cot by May. "Sirius! Sirius!" She climbed onto the bed and shook him. "Sirius!" He was still screaming. This must be one hell of a nightmare.

"Mum?" Cecilia ran into the room.

"Take your sister and feed her!" There was terror in her voice as she continued to attempt to wake her husband. "Sirius! It's just a nightmare!" She shouted at him. She knew it was a bad idea to wake someone from a nightmare but she could tell he was scared. "Sirius!" She shook him once again and he woke.

He pushed her away from him as he woke up, which caused her to fall off the bed. "Fuck!" He was sitting up straight and staring at the wall in front of him. He was covered in sweat. He did not move until May sat next to him and wrapped her arms around him. "I'm sorry." Welcoming his wife's comfort as she kissed the top of his head and rubbed his back.

"What were you dreaming about?" She asked.

He shivered in fright in her arms. It terrified her to see him like this. "We were captured. I watched as Lucius Malfoy had his way with you and then killed you with his bare hands. They made me watch." He was grasping onto her tightly. "That was not the worse part. They made me watch as they killed the girls."

Tears were falling down her cheeks as she comforted him. "Where was Tommy?"

"He did it. He killed them." He sobbed into her arms. He cried for at least 10 minutes before he carried on telling his dream. "You remember Bellatrix wanting our son?"

"Yes." She mumbled against his hair. Her hand stroking his back.

"In this nightmare, we had lost our son to them. They trained him to be a killer and he had no idea who we were." He gripped her tighter. "It felt so real." It took her over an hour to calm him and to get him back to sleep. It scared her when she saw how vulnerable Sirius was. He was always the strong one when they were younger. He would protect her when she had nightmares. But his stint in Azkaban made him more prone to nightmares. None as violent as this. He had tried to strangle her once after she woke him up after they first had sex. He had been through so much horror. She had no idea. Her only horrors involved in her losing her family. Sirius spent 12 years in hell. In those 12 years, May raised their daughter in complete happiness and had no idea what he was going through.

She stroked his hair as she watched him sleep. Even in his sleep, he looked stressed, annoyed and scared. Slowly, she climbed off the bed. She had to see to her other children. One glance to the clock, she saw it was nearly dawn. 5:30am. There was no point going back to sleep. She walked along the hallway and could hear her eldest child talking softly in the nearest bedroom. The door was ajar. She peered inside to see her eldest daughter with her little sister and talking to her quietly. "Are you all right?"

Cecilia looked up and smiled sleepily. "Yeah. She's had some milk but has decided not to get back to sleep."

May laughed and walked into the room. "I'll take her now. You get some sleep." Taking her youngest child from Cecilia.

"Is Dad all right?" Cecilia asked timidly as she climbed off the bed and followed her mother.

"Just nightmares, love. Go back to bed." She kissed her daughter's cheek before disappearing back into the master bedroom. Sirius still looked restless as he slept but he was asleep. She had her daughter tucked comfortably in her arm and sat on the window seat. She couldn't sleep now. She had to watch over him and make sure he was all right. Of course she worried about him. She always worried about him.

May watched her husband carefully the next day and the day after. He was extremely nervous and on edge. The nightmare had caused him to be overly cautious. From the moment, their son was awake, he had not let him go. She could see that he was afraid of letting him go and losing him forever. Just one little nightmare had knocked his confidence. The only time he felt good about himself was when he was teaching the younger generation. She would sit at the back with Thomas playing at her feet and Lyra in her arms. Occasionally she would help. To be fair, she did enjoy the teaching aspect more than the observing. She could see why Sirius did it so much.

Today she was helping. Both Thomas and Lyra were on a blanket at the back of the dining hall with Molly, who was watching them both while knitting. She watched Sirius and May as they duelled each other with gentle jinxes, showing the younger generation the use of moves, that they had been taught. When Sirius and May moved, they moved in synch. No one would win the duel between the two of them. They were as powerful as the other. Their moves were fluid. You could barely see the wands in their hands as they moved around the room. They only finished when May threw a tickling spell at him and he fell to his knees laughing. "Gotcha!" She laughed as she took the jinx off him and tackled him. "Hi." She smiled as she lay on top of him, pinning his hands to the cold floor. "I win."

But Sirius was stronger. He used his strength to flip them over. "I win." Kissing her cheek swiftly before they got back to their feet. "Right, partners. Soft jinxes only. Ten minutes duelling. Go!" He and May moved to the side and watched the duelling couples. "You're getting stronger."

"Excuse me?!" She said in disbelief. "I've always been the better fighter." Moving to stand in front of him.

His hands rested on her hips and he pulled her close. "I know. You never let me forget it." Kissing her briefly before hugging her tightly. His nightmares are always fresh in his mind. New ones everyday. Worse than the ones he had when he was in prison. But, being in the arms of his wife made him feel better and safer. Just being in the same room as her, soothed him. How could it not? She was the only one who had a presence that could calm him. Especially if he was in one of his tempers. Except when his temper was caused by one of their weekly arguments.

"Are you all right?" She bought a hand to his cheek and stroked his cheek with her thumb.

Sirius nodded and kissed her softly. "I am now." Pulling her tighter against him. "I just hope this war will be over soon, Harry comes home and we can be a proper family." He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard. They stayed together at the edge of the room, even when the practice finished. Molly even took Thomas and Lyra from the room, leaving Sirius and May alone. Even Molly could see that the two of them needed their time alone. They had been through so much. Being alone helped them to heal each other.

There were constant rumours floating through the Order that Harry was nearing the end of his quest as he was getting closer to Hogwarts. There was a very big rumour that he had broken into Gringotts for something. No one knew what but he had. "Are we near the end?" May asked Sirius as they sat in bed with Thomas and Lyra. May was bottle feeding Lyra while Sirius was playing with Thomas.

"I hope so. I hope we win." He waved his wand and enchanted Thomas' toys to fly around him, making his son laugh loudly. Husband and wife shared a look. They knew that they would leave the country if they lose this war. Their children were their priority.

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