The wind was harsh. It whipped the blonde's hair back and forth. All shine in her eyes was gone, as it had been for quite some time now. Her bare feet seemed to be attracted to the metal bars. The plain white spaghetti strap dress hung limply from her shoulders. Her hands grasped the balcony so tight, her knuckles turned completely white. She hauled herself on top of the ledge, amazed by the sight below. The streets 15 stories below were busy: full of cars honking, light glowing, and people chatting. She prided herself on this singular moment of balance and grace, which she lacked for the greater part of her life.

She was about to take that step. The last one she would make. Ever. Her heart pounded and tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She was taking her last glimpse of life before she ended everything. All the pain and suffering would be gone… as well as all the beauty and joy. Sobs racked ribs. Air struggled to climb into her lungs. She was scared to jump and she hated herself for it. If she was too weak to live life, she had to be strong enough to greet death. As she looked down, right before the last step, she couldn't help but think that's a long way down. But she believed she had already reached the bottom and there would never be a way back up. No ladder, friend, or fiancée would be here this time to take her hand.

Her phone rang. The high-pitched trill was enough to snap her out of her morbid and slightly drug induced trance. She looked down and thought of all the people she would scar if she took that step. All the lives she would ruin, just like hers was. After she jumped how many others would take to their balconies. She laughed in melancholy. Who cares? At the moment she lacked both a present and a future and the past was merely a dream. It wasn't reality…

Not knowing why, she took a step. Not the step to end her life, to end her suffering. She took a step back on the balcony, to safety. She immediately felt caged and helpless. She felt the pressure to conform weighing on head, sitting on her heart, lounging on her stomach. She moved to her phone and accepted the call. She didn't know why. It was no one she knew, the person's name was not in her phone. All that she saw was a useless set of numbers; numbers with more of a purpose in this world than she had.

Her voice sounded monotone. Dead. "Hello?"

"Serena! Is that you? Y'know I've been trying to get my agent to find your number but…" The voice was familiar. She only knew one person who harbored such a soothing voice. But he was gone. He left before everything fell apart. However, just entertaining the idea that it was him was enough to send her mind reeling, back to the times when everything was simple, where she had a goal and a purpose, when she had a present and a future and she was not aware how much the past was just a dream. Her eyes lingered to the balcony once more.

"Seiya?" She hadn't realized she just cut off the man's sentence.

"Odango?" Serena would normally smile at that form of endearment but things had changed; she didn't even know what would be considered normal.

Tears slid down Serena's cheeks again, " I've missed you. You never called or visited or anything, you just… disappeared."

"I'm sorry, Odango. I have so much to tell you. I didn't mean to not contact you. But you know I figured you had that guy. What's his name, Darien, right?" Seiya's voice was filled with excitement and an underlying sadness.

Serena frowned slightly at the mentioning of that man's name. "Right."

"Listen do you want to meet up some place? You remember that café at the mall we used to eat at? You want to go there?"

"Um, sure. What time?" Serena moved from her kitchen, passed her living room and opened the door to her bedroom.

"It's still early so you wanna meet up at 10?" It was a cloudy day. But it seemed like would get better as Serena saw an orange beam of sunlight split the clouds.

"It's a date." She mocked excitement.

"I will see you there, Odango." Seiya's voice purred.

Serena's eyes wandered to the clock by her bed 8:36. She had time to kill.

Serena sat in the café. She had applied some makeup on, primarily around the eyes so no one could tell she cried. She wore her hair loosely around her shoulders (not in her usual Odango style). The blue dress she wore complimented her eyes perfectly and helped to modestly show off her breasts.

Time seemed to slow as not just Seiya but also Yaten and Taiki walked into the café smiling. Composing herself, Serena delivered her most convincing smile. The one that said I'm innocent and naïve.

She stood and hugged each of them. She was excited to see them.

The four of them chatted non-stop for quite a while. Yaten and Taiki were excited to see their own crushes, Ami and Minako as well as the other sailor scouts. Seiya was ecstatic about being on Earth and claimed the food here could not be replicated. For a while, Serena was almost able to forget about the pain throbbing in her neck, threatening to choke her. Almost. As soon as the starlights left, the smiled plastered on Serena's face disappeared, as if it had never been there.


Everyone sat in a circle in Rei's shrine. Darien who would have normally been next to Serena was instead next to Rei. But, there was enough distance between them that none of the other scouts, would suspect of them of being together.

Serena started off the meeting with an announcement, "I am happy to announce that the starlights have returned to Earth. They are well and intend to remain on Earth from now on, unless their home planet is in danger. I will email you all their new numbers and the address that they are staying at so you may contact them yourselves."

There was a murmur of excitement among the scouts. In a more serious tone, Serena continued, "Though this is exciting news, I fear their arrival may also mean we have a new enemy." This has not been proven yet but be careful." With that Serena stood, signifying the end of this meeting. She was about to walk out when Darien said, "Serena, please stay. We need to talk, we haven't talked since…."

Serena whirled around, "Save it Darien. You are not going to regret what you did… what you are doing because you love her. And I would never expect you to regret what has been done because you love her. All I want you two to do is stay away from me. Please tell the rest of the scouts what has occurred so I don't have to. That's the least you can do."

Serena continued toward the door but one of her hands was claimed by Darien. "Serena we really need to talk."

Without turning around Serena yanked her hand out of the young man's grasp. " I am 24, Darien, a woman. I will not be man handled because I am not giving you the time of day. It will do you best to keep to yourself- Oh I'm sorry- To Rei." She left then.

This response caused the rest of the sailor scouts to look questioningly at Darien and Serena. They were overwhelmingly shocked by how much Serena had changed from her normal cheerful self.


She was dreaming. It was Crystal Tokyo. Everything was well, but their was a darkness lingering. It wasn't like when Black moon had influenced the future; it was as if the entire planet was mourning something. Serena walked toward the palace. Everything was the same. She had to explore every room, every cranny, looking for what was wrong. At this point, Serena had concluded this dream was a prophecy of the future. She released a melancholic laugh. Ironically, she had no future.

After she had searched every room, she finally came upon the infirmary. Serena listened through the door to the worried voices on the other side. She opened the it to see a weak looking Rini lying on an infirmary bed. She was so skinny; Serena could see every bone. The natural sheen in the young girls pink curls was gone and was replaced by dead grey tangles. Serena could only stare at the labored breath that would be her daughter. As the little girl's chest rose high and only to harshly fall again, Serena began to cry.

Her future self was cried as well, shaking her head. "I don't know what is wrong. Why can't we help her?"

Serena noticed particularly Darien's response; "We need to find who is at fault for this! I can't- I won't allow her to die like this."

Serena saw red she couldn't hold it in any longer, "IT'S YOUR FAULT! YOU BASTARD! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!" She tried to punch the well-dressed ruler. But her fist went straight through him. The lack of impact sent her tumbling to the ground.

Serena was awake once more. Sweat beaded down her neck, falling between her breasts. Her eyes squinted at the streetlights as she glanced toward the balcony. She knew one thing. To help her, someone would have to fall to her level. And she was a long way down.

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