Hey guys. I thought about writing this chapter. And as you will read Hotaru's challenge will be really different to the other scouts challenges. But I wanted some more action and angst. I'm gonna give you guys a portion of this challenge. Kind of like a cliffhanger. Enjoy!


Everyone was in a clearing in the park. Opposite of her was a line of youkai. There were at least seven. Sailor Cosmos stood tall with all of her sailor senshi backing her up. Well almost all of them. The lone Sailor Saturn stood hidden on a branch of an oak tree nearby. Sailor Cosmos was not surprised that the scout of death and silence didn't know what to do. But Cosmos knew that she would once Sailor Saturn got her awakening.


Setsuna didn't know if anyone else saw what she did. But Hotaru was standing in her sailor uniform on a tree branch. If Setsuna had been given two more minutes she would have alerted Cosmos. But as the sailor solider of Time and Space moved toward her leader, her fellow outer planetary scout disappeared.


She was crouched behind leaves on a tree. It was the best sight of the upcoming battle. But Hotaru didn't know what to do. She had no clue which side to be on. She definitely wasn't on the youkai side but her friends had changed and returned to Serena's force. She was about to get comfortable on the branch she was on when someone's hand covered her mouth. It was stupid thing to do because she hardly ever spoke. But then the person yanked her backwards with such strength, and will that she heard her neck crack a little. She was falling. But she never hit the ground. Hotaru kept her eyes closed waiting for impact but it never came. And when she opened her eyes we was on Saturn, her home planet.


Everyday she spent in this hellhole was drowned in darkness. And everyday another youkai disguised as Darien would walk into her room looking for a little fun. Apparently they found it amusing how she slept with whom… what she thought to be Darien and now they all think she will service them.

This particular youkai was slightly more persistent than the rest. Rei was sprawled on her queen-sized bed in the shape of a star. Her eyes were open but staring directly at the red canopy above her. But through her peripheral vision she could see what looked like the black haired Adonis start to crouch on to the bed. And then he blocked her vision of the canopy.

And in a final motion he swung one of his legs over Rei so now he hovered above her on all knees. "So are you interested in having some fun tonight?"

"What part of no confuses your small brain?" Rei was tired and instead of sounded fierce; her words slipped out like a sigh.

"The N and the O part." With each letter the beast spelled his face came closer and closer to her. And in the end it was right above her collarbone nuzzling her neck. Rei played along a little bit and then grabbed his head with her hands. She raised his face slowly and closed her eyes as if she were about to kiss him. But instead of doing the latter she spit clean in the center of his face.

Surprised the youkai gave a grunt of disgust and wiped his face with his shirt. "Let me ask you in a better way this time. Either you give me what I want. Or I'll have Ataxia kick you out of here and sent right to your friend. What's her name? …Oh Serena."

Rei was astonished that he would go that far. But there is no way she would help or aid Serena. No way she would stay on that bitch's side without choking her in her sleep. She would rather die. It's a good thing that what this monster is asking for isn't her life. No, not her life just her body.

So Rei closed her eyes in submission. "Good girl," the youkai purred and he ripped open her shirt.


Hotaru stood up. She was fully dressed in her sailor uniform with her staff next to her. What shocked her more was she was placed flat in the middle of her palace. Didn't the other scouts say that they had no powers? Didn't they say that they had to make it to the palace to awaken? What the heck was she supposed to do then?

Then again there was the garden. It would tell her. But no one wanted to go the garden. The garden was torture you would either kill yourself in it or the plants would kill you themselves. There was only one type of plant in the garden. Orchids. The talking orchids were malicious, bloodthirsty beasts. They envied anyone that was mobile and not rooted to the ground. And yet they refused to allow any other plant to live with them.


Hotaru squealed in delight when her mother returned from her sailor scout duties. There was one thing she wanted to have to greet her mother. An orchid. They were beautiful. They glistened like purple diamonds at night.

But no one wanted to walk her to garden. No one walked in the garden. Ever. All Hotaru needed to do was sneak through the maids quarters. It was a simple.

A full hour later Hotaru was dressed with sunglasses and a tiny dress with a small pouch to collect the orchids. But it would be hard to get through to the other side of the kitchen. Her size made it hard to be seen. But she was loud. When she was not speaking which was when she was sleeping she was making some noise with her surroundings.

But she made it though easy enough. It was lunchtime so there were a lot a people rushing around. Hotaru didn't know exactly where the garden was because of course everyone refused to take her. But she could smell the garden. The sweet aroma wafted through the air… almost like it was beckoning her.

The small girl giggled and ran towards the scent. And then she finally found the garden. She was about to run in when she noticed the huge gate blocking her entrance. It was huge with the symbol of Saturn on the top. Saturn had a tradition. Hotaru couldn't remember. There was reason why the Saturn symbol was placed in certain areas not just on this planet but on others too.

Hotaru attempted to push open the gate but it wouldn't budge. There were large, thick chains around the two gate preventing anyone from entering. Hotaru stared at the metal contraption with tremendous focus. Then she sidestepped and realized if she moved slowly sideways she would be able to fit through the bars.

She was in! And as she looked around her to take in her surroundings she was speechless for once in her life. The sight was magnificent. There were beautiful orchids everywhere. They piled upon each other… almost smiling at her.

The shadows of the garden brought shivers down Hotaru's back. Suddenly the garden wasn't so great. It scared her. Shaking her head Hotaru decided to quickly pluck a flower and greet her mother as soon as possible.

She moved to wrap her fingers around a single flower bud and then there was pang. Like the garden has suddenly awakened. You stupid little girl. You came here trying to take one of us with you to the palace. Maybe we want you stay! Hotaru didn't know where the whispers where coming from. But they didn't sound nice. She spun around in an attempt to find her source of the sound. The shadows around the corners of the garden darkened and seeped together bringing an ominous feeling to the garden. And then something caught her eye. There were people standing in the distance. Hundreds maybe thousands. Maybe they could help her.

Hotaru ran screaming at the top of her lungs, "Help me! Can you get me a flower! I'm too scared too!" And then she stopped in her tracks. The people were dead. They were all dead. Their feet were rooted to the ground and orchids grew everywhere on their bodies. Hotaru looked up at them and saw a flower in each eye socket smiling. The little girl fell backwards and got a view of the ground under the bodies. There was a single orchid in the center of the rows and columns of people. It was a pink shade not purple. Hahahahaha Do you like our collection? Would you like to join? Or do you still want to join your mother? She doesn't love you. She hates you. That's why she is never home. So she doesn't have to see your ugly face. Everyone hates you. You're too loud. Always to damn loud. We hear you in the palace. Your mother hates you. That's why she is never home. So she doesn't have to see your ugly face.

The flowers kept repeating themselves. It was like they were reading her mind finding her deepest fears. There was high pitched searing sound in the air. Everything hurt. She balled in herself. "No she loves me! Mommy loves me!" That's what you think. People lie. No one loves you. Why would they? You're so damn loud! Just die. You know we could help you with that…

A purple sheen appeared in front of Hotaru and when if faded her mother was standing in front of her. "Hotaru!"

"Mommy!" The little girl ran to her mother crying loudly. "I'm sorry! I wanted to get you a flower."

The woman hugged her tightly. "Listen sweetheart you need to stay quiet. They don't like noise okay. Please remember I love you. I always …." Hotaru stared at her mother waiting for her to continue but she never did." Hotaru looked down at her mother who was quivering. There was a sharp stem of an orchid sticking through her stomach. Two more appeared stabbing her mother. "Hotaru! Run. Run… " Blood dribbled from her mother's mouth.

"No! I won't leave without you!" Hotaru cried trying to yank the stems away from her mother. That is too bad for you because she is ours now.

"Hotaru. Please run. And know I will always…" Another stem pierced her skull. Her eyes bulged and rolled to the back of her head. And hundreds… thousands of steams stabbed into the woman until wasn't visible anymore. Hotaru grabbed her mother's staff and ran. She wouldn't cry. As long as her mother remained Sailor Saturn she would be reborn. Right? Right. She wouldn't cry. But then a wail seeped though her mouth then she cried loudly running to the gate. Her cries alerted the orchids who were done with her mother. Hotaru turned back for a split second. In front of the rows and columns of people stood her mother in the center. Her feet were rooted to the ground, orchids sprouting everywhere in her body. And in each eye socket sat an orchid. But the little girl could see a glow of purple in her mother's chest. She was already being reborn. But the stems started moving to Hotaru with amazing speed.

You are so loud. Shut up! Shut up! SHUTUP! Hotaru stopped at the gate. If she tried to sidestep it the stems would catch up with her. She needed power. But she was powerless. She was hopeless.

Hotaru closed in on herself hugging her mother's staff tightly then the staff glowed and emitted a purple light. And for the first time Hotaru henshined. She was the new Sailor Saturn. Quietly she pushed out her staff and the stems shriveled. You bitch. You may have some power now but you used the power you needed to save your mother with. Now she will come back. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hotaru was safe on the other side of the gate on her knees. She stared at her mother. The purple in her chest was gone. Only Sailor Saturn couldn't be reborn. But her mother was no longer Sailor Saturn… Hotaru was. The girl didn't make a singe sound but tears streamed down her cheeks silently. She vowed to stay silent for the rest of her life.

Slowly she rose to her feet and her eyes rose to the symbol of Saturn, the symbol of death. It was yell at any person that what lay before the symbol was deadly and should never be entered.

Flashback End

It was the Garden of Death. It was where Hotaru stood now, looking at the same symbol of Saturn. And she could see her mother, littered with orchid buds with her feet rooted to the ground and flower buds where her eyes were. Welcome back Hotaru! We've been waiting for you!