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It had been a long day of council meetings, taking notes and listening to unresolved arguments. And now, Glabrio Bellienus watched the Emperor, Uriel Septim VII, pace in his private quarters. These days he worried for the old man's health. And stability. He wasn't quite sure if the whole business with Tharn hadn't just worn away at what was left of the elderly Imperial. But now, faced with strong rumours of the growing threat in the northeast, His Majesty seemed suddenly rejuvenated. Determined. And to be called to the Emperor's private quarters in the middle of the night meant that he must have reached a decision. Whatever Glabrio very privately judged the Emperor's health to be, he trusted him and he trusted his judgement.

"Well, sire?" he asked.

"The situation is worsening. We now know for certain that the tools were lost ten years ago. And these recent assassinations and reports of attacks are most troubling. As is the apparent spread of the Blight."

Glabrio shifted uncomfortably. This was just a summary of Caius's most recent reports, raised at today's unfruitful meetings. In the end the final decision had been left to the Emperor. He spoke: "Your council, sire?"

"Are you familiar with Zurin Arctus?" the Emperor asked.

"The Underking? I don't see what-"

"Each event is preceded by Prophecy. But without the Hero, there is no Event."

Riddles again. "Sire?"

"Search the Imperial City Prison's Dungeons. A prisoner saved my life nearly forty years ago. I will never forget it. We have the prophecy. Find the hero."