Author's Note: So this story is a new experiment, I won't skimp of the pervy stuff because I do have a perverted mind and I am damn proud of it, I guess …

However the plot will be something new, hopefully surprising. I do love to shock readers. And reading Psychology101 books has fucked with my mind a lot. So there is going to be a lot of kinky sex, sooooooo much details, and little hints of psychotic.

Also I have been kind of out of my game with writing for a while, but every bit of feedback helps mold this plot into shape.

Now with that being said, here is your first shocker.

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I can't say that today would have gone smoothly. Actually smooth would have been the expectation, the overrated statement I had hoped to foresee in this day, as it has been for the past week.

No hitches, no glitches, no snips, or snafu.

I have been seeing Flynn religiously, for every day since that day. Five times solo, once a week with Christian. We were the epitome of peaceful, couple perfection. Like the world has righted itself of all the wrongs, and the promise that Christian spoke to me was a wish come true.

So why the hell was I in the basement level copy-room of SIP's building, surrounded by a mess of papers, splattered ink packets, and scattered office supplies?

I looked to the walls of said room, the smeared ink looked like some bizarre-o wall graffiti crossed with a Rorschach test.

But I am getting ahead of myself here.

Let me rewind to one hour and thirty-seven minutes ago. At 11:15am to be exact. Or maybe perhaps rewind all the way to how my day started. Shall we?

My normal daily routine had been the usual. It was boring with nothing out of sorts. I had breakfast with Christian, but due to his over-rushed deal, which he has been hammering with Seoul and his New York branch office. He had to leave ahead of me only with the promise of meeting before lunch-hour at SIP for his weekly conference with Roach and the head of departments. And with a peck on the lips, he was out the door in a flurry of pinstriped business suit goodness.

At least I got a good admiring view of his sinful ass while he walked out. And with his promise of a later rendezvous, it was enough to keep a girl's thoughts warm until I got my hands on him afterward. But for now the comfort of my cup of tea would have to do. But no sooner had I thought that, then I was running out the door myself in fear of running seriously late. Well, almost. Sawyer needs a raise. Poor guy.

Hannah's usual morning greeting perked me right up, and even though one hand was stacked with messages upon messages, while the other had a pile of manuscripts to be read and reviewed, I still passed her on the way to my office with a smile on my face. Work was going good, and I didn't have it in me to complain.

I sat at my desk while Hannah went over my schedule for the day. I tried to hide the grin on my face. I could easily open my computer and go through the schedule myself, but her dedication and over-eagerness was infectious. Heck, the girl was my age and it nagged me how I felt like I was acting way too old for 21 years old. I pushed the thought aside as I concentrated on the lovely, bright-eyed, overachiever.

" …. and at 10am you have to contact the art department to get their update status on the cover art for the fantasy fiction book series. Then at 11am, you have that initial meeting with the new author of the mystery novel. The one we were trying to get our hands on for a while. Roach even said it, many publishing houses were clawing to sign that author with them ….." Hannah continued to ramble.

But I just furrowed my brows at her in dense confusion and raised my hand up to halt her. "Hold on a minute there." I tilted my head. "Our department doesn't cover mystery genre. So why aren't the editors over at mystery working on this author?"

Hannah blushed and scrunched her eyebrows in concentration. "Well the author is a woman, and our department for mystery editors are all men. Roach really wants to get his hands on the copyrights to this book. He felt with you being a woman as well, then ... you might make the author feel more comfortable and give a proper impression." She explained, shrugging her shoulders and blushing even harder.

I slumped back in my seat with a sigh. "Wish Roach would have given me a proper warning." I grumbled.

"Well it's the initial meeting. So she can get a feel of how we operate and such. Once she is on board, the guys at mystery will do all the labor work. She just has to sign with us." Hannah offered. If anything, it felt like she was comforting me.

I raised an eyebrow and smirked. "So I just have to get her comfortable enough for her to sell her soul to us." I mocked.

"Pretty much." She nodded with a high giggle.

I rolled my eyes in defeat. "Very well then. Get me whatever info you have on her. What's her name? I can't go into a meeting and not know what to call the poor woman. That would be highly unprofessional."

"Oh." Was what Hannah offered before she pattered out of the office. Five seconds later she was back with a name. "Allegra ….. Deveraux" She offered while her eyes were glued to the name on the neon colored post-it.

"She sounds fancy." I commented with a nod.

"She does." Hannah agreed. "She was married, recently divorced, to the owner of Grand Hyatt Seattle, and that charming hotel by the bay, The Edgewater."

I gave her an odd look, smirking in amusement. "You sure do know a lot more than just about her upcoming novel." I teased.

Hannah shuffled from one foot to the other, looking slightly embarrassed. "She is kind of ... sort of ... always on the tabloid pages. Being reviewed as Seattle's best dressed." She turned her gaze away from me and smiled sheepishly.

I couldn't suppress the chuckle bubbling in my throat. "That's alright, Hannah. Leave whatever you have on her with me and I'll revise before she arrives." I waved my hand to her in dismissal as she looked back and smiled brightly.

Three hours and four cups of tea later, followed by a very grueling chat with the team in the art department, I managed to end the call at around 11:08am. With Ms. Deveraux apparently running late. My bladder was about to burst!

I grabbed my blackberry with me, and peered out of my office door over at Hannah. "Still no word from our promising author?" I inquired.

Hannah swiveled in her chair to face me. "I just got off the phone with her. I was going to come and see you. She ran a little bit late, she said she was only a couple of blocks away. She should be here any minute."

"Well a few minutes is what I need if she is running a little late. I'll just head to the restroom very quickly and be back as soon as possible."

I turned to make my way between the cubicles, catching Hannah's last few words. "When she arrives, I'll just show her into your office." I waved my hand to her over my shoulder, signaling that I heard her.

Forty-five seconds, a bathroom break record! I shook my head, laughing as I washed my hands at the sink. My blackberry buzzed in my pocket, I quickly grabbed a paper towel, dried my hands, and fished the phone out. A face-splitting grin possessed me, as I immediately predicted correctly who could be texting me at work.

To: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Lunch date
From: Christian Grey


Sorry I had to run out so suddenly without giving you a proper kiss good bye. It has been nagging on me the entire time. It put me in a shit mood through the entire meeting with NY branch.

We're still on for lunch? Is there something special you would like to have? I know exactly what I would like to be nibbling on. (Insert sly wink here)

Your loving husband,
Christian Grey
CEO of Grey Enterprise Holdings

Oh Fifty! He is in a playful mood, thankfully. And I just hope it stays that way until I see him. I quickly type out a reply as I make my way back to my office. I walked slowly as I typed, making sure I didn't collide with any of the people in my path.

To: Christian Grey
Subject: Lunch date CONFIRMED
From: Anastasia Grey

Smooth, Mr. Grey. Very smooth.

I can't wait for lunch. Missing you already. Just get your cute butt down here.

I have a quick meeting with an author, right now actually, before our assembly with Roach. And then you are all mine, my darling husband. I'll make sure to get my hands all over you before I send you on your way.

Your hot-and-bothered wife,
Anastasia Grey
Editor of Seattle International Publishing

I hit send, and tucked my phone away safely in my pocket. As I reached Hannah's office she informed me that the elegantly late Ms. Deveraux was waiting for me inside. I nodded to her and opened the door to my office, closing it softly behind me.

The illustrious Allegra Deveraux was in two words, breathtakingly beautiful.

She rose from her seat and turned to me, giving me a full survey of her appearance from head to toe. She was not that much older than me. She looked like a true woman of society, and dressed to kill with her, figure hugging, black dress and Louboutin studded heels, which I wouldn't have known much about if I wasn't wearing a pair in nude color myself.

Her skin was flawless, and slightly tanned. Cosmetics-wise she didn't need heavy make up to enhance her beauty. She had natural, god given, good looks and the slight touch of mascara, eye shadow, blush and lip-gloss was enough to accentuate her facial attributes. Especially her blue eyes which, unlike my bright blue, were a vivid deep shade of cerulean blue. Her hair was shoulder length, a warm shade of honey brown, with some natural highlights of golden brown. And it looked recently trimmed.

I pursed my lips and made a mental note to get mine trimmed as well, and very soon. I ran my hand over my hair, smoothing out my ponytail in embarrassment as I approached Ms. Deveraux, clearly she caught me giving her a look over, but in all fairness she was also scrutinizing my appearance when I walked in. And while I wasn't as chic as her, I was still dressed very smart in my skinny black pants, and white blouse.

Well hell, I was at work, and it wasn't the proper place to get myself dolled up like her. Since it looks clearly obvious our little meeting is not the only stop in her schedule today. Or maybe it is. I couldn't be sure, maybe she is meant to make an impression on the publishing house that would be claiming the copyrights to her book, and she aims to set high standards on herself.

I managed to muster up a proper smile while I extended my hand to her; she mirrored my motion, and offered me a smile that looked rather a hint cheeky. But I dismissed it.

"Ms. Deveraux, it's a pleasure to welcome you in our Publishing house." I shook her hand, and she had a firm grip. All business, no bullshit. I mentally noted.

"Please do sit down." I motioned to her chair while I rounded to my own desk. I noted she had an espresso and water sitting in front of her and it looked untouched. I eyed it weirdly then lifted my gaze to her. "Can we get you anything else besides coffee and water?"

She shook her head. "Oh no, this will do just fine, thank you." She pointed to her cup and smiled.

I nodded. "Very good." I placed my hands on the desk, and slightly twitched when my blackberry vibrated in my pocket. I smiled to myself. Christian.

"Is everything alright, Mrs. Grey?" Ms. Deveraux raised an eyebrow, eyeing me with sharp curiosity, which I didn't care for.

I cleared my throat. "Yes, everything is just perfect. And please call me Ana, Ms. Deveraux."

"Only if you call me Allegra, Ana." She replied with a smirk as she crossed her legs, leaning back into her chair.

"Allegra" I tipped my head curtly. Propping my elbows on the desk, I got down straight to business. "So, what can I do to get your book published under SIP house, Allegra?" I looked at her expectantly.

"Well, Ana, I will be blunt. A few prominent publishing houses have approached me, and some are not even from within the United States. However, since there have been rumors circling that SIP is legally and officially, although not publically, shifted under Grey Enterprise's control, then I think it could potentially be a good opportunity." She explained, the grin on her face getting wider.

I stiffened, biting my lip. I really tried my best not to roll my eyes at her. At the drop of GEH, and anything associated with it, one will worm their way into mentioning the legendary Christian Grey, and then the possibility of meeting him. Even with me as his wife, a few strays within SIP cant help but ask me when he might drop by. Catching a personal glimpse of him or even saying one word to him is like having a divine hand, patting your head, and bestowing a special blessing.

There is no denying that where Christian goes, everything good follows. And even then, just the fact that he is young, rich and devastatingly handsome is just plain swoon-worthy. I would think that him being now married would slow down the lot of smitten women, but is it just my imagination or does it feel like they have grown even more in number?

"….. Ana?"

I blinked a few times. Shit! I completely zoned off while she was talking to me. I can't believe I just did that. Great. Now I am completely flushed and hot-cheeked.

I took a deep breath and cleared my throat. "I'm sorry. What were you saying?" I stuttered, biting my lip.

Allegra quirked her eyebrow, and then smoothed her dress, flipping her hair to her back before clasping her hands on her lap. She narrowed her eyes, giving me a pointed yet knowing look. I squirmed in my seat uncomfortably. And took to notice that her entire demeanor changed, very slightly, but it was still obvious. Her entire exterior completely hardened. Everything about her seemed oddly cold. Gone was the relaxed woman.

"I was just saying that, Christian Grey, your husband, is a very well accomplished man in all his ventures. It would only be natural to follow in his steps in order to succeed. Don't you agree?" She smiled, her eyes sparkling with humor. Apparently she made a joke, to herself or to me, I am not quite sure but she just seems seriously entertained, leaving me utterly baffled.

What is she getting at?

"I do agree. Christian Grey is a self-made man." I dragged my eyes to her, pinning her with a sharp gaze. "I'm very proud of him."

She blanched at the change in my tone, but quickly and gracefully recovered. Smoothing her already neat and pristine hair. "But of course you would agree. After all, you are working in his company, surely under his name you would advance very quickly in your career." She chuckled.

And I paled as she continued.

"I mean, look at you now, twenty-one years old and already in an editor's position. I would not be surprised if a year, or even a month, from now you would be president over this publishing house." Her grin got eerily wide. Almost malicious.

Mother fucker! My blood was seriously boiling. Who does this bitch think she is?!

My cheeks were a flaming, blazing, cherry red, nearly feverish. I tried and completely failed to contain my composure. But just when I was about to nip her little act in the bud, because I seriously had enough of this bitch's attitude, she opens her mouth again.

"You know, Anastasia … " She purred my name, sending chills down my spine. "You can make whatever excuses you can about your independence and ooze all the rubbish words out of your pretty little mouth, but everyone, and I do mean everyone, knows that you are what you are. And everything that you have become, which is sitting behind that desk is all made by the hands of Mrs. Grey." She sneered, leaning towards me in her seat. "Without Mr. Grey, you are nothing but a small town girl, who just got lucky, and happens to be a brunette." She scowled, spiting the last word like acid.

But its that last word 'brunette' that made my heart stutter a few beats, only to start hammering like a fucking heart attack.

"What did you just say?" I whispered, clutched the edge of the table for support. I felt seriously lightheaded.

Suddenly, the harpy in black rose from her seat, and leaned across the desk, looking over me with cool, sharp blue eyes. "You heard me." She whispered back.

She bent over, picking up her purse, swaying confidently to the door, all the while I stayed frozen in place, watching her lithe form. And just when I thought she was leaving, she stopped at the door and looked to me over her shoulder. Her brown hair bouncing with her motion. She flashed me a brilliant, perfect, veneer smile before it turned into a grimace of disgust.

"This isn't the last time you will see me, Anastasia. We will meet again, that I can surely promise you. And you will meet others like me, like us. There are 14 more, and they are all just dying to meet you." She opened the door and stepped out. Making sure her last words were heard outside the office. "While I would be thrilled to have my book published under the Grey name, I think I will pursue other options. Thank you for considering me, Mrs. Grey. It was a pleasure."

And with that, she was gone.

My heart still hammered to the point that I thought I would implode. I felt like my entire body was on autopilot as I stood up and made my way out of the office.

I barely heard Hannah calling me, but I was too lost in my own head to even give a flying fuck. I just walked and walked and walked.

And somehow, I ended up in the photocopy room in the basement level of the building. I began to hyperventilate, tears filled my eyes. I replayed the entire meeting over and over in my head. I couldn't stop it. My own body was fucking disobeying me.

Allegra Deveraux

She was Christian's submissive. She said there were 14 more. And I would be seeing them.

14 more subs. 14 more women that look like her. 14 more brunettes that look like her. 14 more that look like …. me.

My worse nightmare. The Sub Club. They are coming out. One by one.

All of them coming to us. Me and … Christian.

And then I lost it.

All I saw was red.

A/N: Little shorter than the pervious chapter, but you got the point. I always wondered what would happen if the Sub Club decided to make an appearance, and what sort of women they would be.

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