Chapter Four: Complications and Jealousy

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When Pip came to, he was laying on his side on something that felt warm and cushiony. His body was covered in a blanket up to his chin, and when he opened his eyes, the coffee cream brown color he saw let him know that he had been asleep on his couch. He yawned and reached a hand up to rub his eyes, feeling groggy from the unexpected nap he'd taken.

But it wasn't a simple nap he'd decided to take, Pip remembered with a feeling of cold dread in his stomach. He'd seen something that would make any grown man feel like emptying the contents of his stomach. He'd seen himself, burned to death and hanging by a rope. But it'd snapped. And he'd began to advance on the living Brit.

Pip felt his heart speed up in his chest, the fear of what'd happened to him gripping his heart with icy fingers. 'That voice...' Pip thought, 'I know it's vaguely familiar... But where have I heard it before?' He couldn't place exactly what it was about the voice he'd heard just before passing out. 'I heard him say something about Kenny remembering him, but... Nothing else. Everything else is just blackness and... Fear.'

No one Pip knew had a voice so... Soul shaking. It was deep, smooth and oozing confidence. It made him feel small and helpless, like no matter what he did, he would be unable to resist any demands that voice made. The qualities vaguely reminded him of someone from his childhood, but that was all a blur to him. Pip tried not to think about that time in his life.

The loud slamming of a door broke Pip out of his thoughts, startling him into screaming and covering his head with one of the pillows on the couch. He felt his heart start racing, and his body shook in fear. Footsteps could be heard walking across the floor, his fear only growing with each step closer to where Pip lay on the couch.

The small comfort of the pillow covering Pip's face was torn away- quite literally, as a hand was felt grabbing the edge of it and pulling back until the Brit's face was exposed. "Heya Pip!" yelled the smiling blonde known as Kenny, seeming entirely too happy for someone who'd stolen his precious security pillow. "What are you doing hiding there? I didn't hear any thunder," Kenny said.

Pip yelled and smacked Kenny's head with another pillow on the couch, his face a mixture of terror and anger. "Kenny!" Pip screamed, scrambling backwards on the couch to distance himself from his friend. "Don't scare me like that!"

Kenny faked a hurt expression, holding a hand up to his head where he'd been hit by the softest weapon known to man. "I just wanted to check on you! I was worried!" Kenny leaned down, placing a hand on Pip's shoulder. His face softened, and his eyes were full of concern. "Seriously though, how do you feel? You okay?" Kenny asked.

Pip sighed as he glanced up to look at Kenny, nodding slowly at him. "More or less. I just can't believe that really happened." He'd seen some very strange things in his time living in South Park, but that... Last night had to be the most terrifying encounter he'd ever had.

Kenny gave the Brit a gentle smile, sliding his hand from the other blonde's shoulder to his hand. "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll be safe soon, Pip." Kenny lightly patted Pip's hand, then laced their fingers together and tugged. "Come on. I already ate, but we still need to get some food in you."

At the mention of food, Pip's stomach let out a loud growl of hunger, causing the Brit to blush in embarrassment and cover his midsection with his free hand. "That sounds like a good idea. Let's go to the kitchen," Pip said, pulling himself up from the couch with Kenny's help.

Kenny tugged a little too hard, pulling Pip flush against his chest, causing the other blonde to let out a surprised squeak. Kenny looked down, an unreadable look on his face, and leaned in until they were separated by mere inches. He could see quite clearly the sapphire blue eyes Pip had, framed with light lashes that just barely brushed his cheeks. Against his will, Kenny felt his eyes drawn lower to Pip's pale pink lips. They looked so soft and...

Kenny forced himself to slowly let go of the Brit. He turned his head away for a moment, a shaky sigh being heard, then turned his head back toward Pip with his usual grin. "Come on. You need to eat, and I can't have my ticket to free food starving to death."

Pip blinked a few times, unsure what had just happened between them. The look that had come over Kenny's face... And what had he been staring at? Focusing on the other blonde's words, Pip frowned and pulled away with a huff, crossing his arms over his chest. "Is that all you see when you look at me? A means to free food?" Granted, he could understand why Kenny valued food so much. After all, his home situation wasn't the best out there, and Pip was quite certain that most of the money Kenny made went toward feeding his family, mainly his younger sister, more than himself.

Kenny's face fell, and he turned away so he wouldn't have to look at Pip. "If you knew how I really felt, you wouldn't be asking me that," he quietly muttered to himself. Kenny shook his head a few times, then started walking to the kitchen. "Come on, Pip! Food time!" he yelled with forced cheer, not giving the Brit any time to question his previous words.

Pip looked after Kenny's retreating back, his brow furrowed in confusion. 'What was that about...?' Pip thought to himself. 'If I knew how he really felt? What does that mean?' Deciding to ask his friend about it after they'd eaten, Pip followed the other blonde into the kitchen, only to be surprised for the second time that day, but in a much more pleasant way than the first.

Kenny leaned against the kitchen counter opposite of Pip, his arms out on either side of him and a variety of cooking utensils around him. "So," Kenny started, gesturing to the tools around him, "I was thinking of peach turnovers. Sound good?" he asked. Cooking happened to be one of the things that calmed Pip down and helped to ease his nerves, so with that in mind, Kenny had gone and prepared everything ahead of time while Pip was out cold.

Pip smiled brightly, already looking to be in a better mood. "Of course! Let's get started right away." Pip went to the apron that had been laid out for him, a simple light blue color with two large pockets in the front, and slipped it on over his head. The Brit expertly tied the straps behind his back into a neat bow, then reached a hand out to pick up the egg he saw on the counter.

A sharp smack to Pip's bottom was delivered, making him yelp and cover himself while quickly turning around to see what had done that to him.

Of course, Kenny was standing there with a dishrag in one hand, sporting a wolfish grin. "Ah ah ah, Pip, we can't have you handling food with dirty hands. Go wash them in the sink." He might not seem like it, but Kenny actually did value cleanliness.

"Kenny!" Pip yelled, glaring at the dirty blonde. "You couldn't have gotten my attention in a different manner?!" Pip shoved past his friend, turning the water on and squeezing some soap onto his hands from a nearby bottle. Though he really should have remembered to do that, a smack to the butt was not how he'd prefer to be reminded!

Kenny snickered and walked up behind Pip, snaking his arms around his waist and nuzzling the other blonde's neck. "Don't act like you don't love my random acts of sexual harassment, Pippy."

Pip rolled his eyes, focusing on making sure his hands got clean. "I enjoy it just about as much as I enjoy being called... The F word." Pip shuddered a little just at the thought.

Kenny pouted, feigning being hurt. "Aw Pip, that's harsh. You really mean it when you say you hate it as much as being called Fre-"

"Don't say it! Pip yelled, already starting to feel anger rise in him. "If you want to continue coming here you will not say that word!"

Kenny snickered again, but let go of Pip and moved to the side. "Alright, fine. I won't say it."

"Good," Pip said with a huff, rinsing off his hand under the water from the kitchen sink.


"AGH!" Pip screamed and threw himself at Kenny, his hands balled into fists that Kenny easily caught in his hands. Pip struggled to get free, his head lowered and eyes squeezed shut in anger. Because he was like this, he didn't see the expression on Kenny's face.

Kenny held Pip's fist out on either side of his body, leaving his arms spread out so he could get closer to him. Kenny moved forward until their chests were pressed against each other, continuing to move forward until Pip was backed up to the counter in front of the sink. He slid his arms up to the Brit's shoulders, his head moving closer to Pip's so he could whisper into the other blonde's ear, his warm breath earning a shiver. "You know... You're cute when you're angry."

Pip's eyes flew open in surprise, staring up at his friend in wide-eyed shock. His mouth opened, but anything he might have been about to say was silenced when a pair of lips pressed against his own. Pip froze, his body unable to move from the sheer unexpectedness of the kiss. His arms briefly tried to pull away in an attempt to struggle, but the way Kenny moved his lips made all his resistance melt away. 'Kenny... Oh my god, Kenny is kissing me... Kenny of all people...' Pip's mind raced, trying to come up with an explanation why, but soon gave up. He just couldn't think like this. Instead of thinking, Pip's eyes slid shut, and he leaned into the kiss, the warmth and comfort he felt washing away his fears.

That didn't last.

The house began shaking around them, startling the two blondes into breaking the kiss. Pip looked around them with a blush on his face and eyes wide in confusion. The drawers in the kitchen opened of their own accord, every single utensil in them flying out and surrounding the two in a storm of cutlery. Anything sharp was pointed at the two friends, and the room seemed to rise in temperature, getting unbearably hot. "Kenny!" Pip screamed, holding onto the other blonde for protection. "What's happening?!"

"I am happening, dear Pip." A voice came from behind them, making the blondes turn around to see who'd spoken, though Pip already knew. 'That voice from before...' Pip thought in terror, remembering the image of his own burned body. Clenching his fists in determination, Pip summoned all the courage he had to yell out. "Show yourself! Who are you?! Why have you been tormenting me?!"

The voice laughed, a deep rhythmic sound resonating through Pip's body. "You really don't remember me? Well, puberty can do wonders for a voice." There was silence for a moment, then another, incredibly high-pitched voice responded. "My name is Damien! I'm from the seventh layer of Hell!"


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