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Ichi! Ni! San!

'A club. Of all the places to find Yanodoushi, it had to be in a club!' Bakura angrily thought as he was pushed and shoved, before finally stopping at a darker section of the club, near the bar, but higher than the other ground, since the rickety old place was made on a slight incline.
He was soon enough joined by Yami, but before either one of them could open their mouths, two shots of Vodka appeared in front of them. Bakura glared at the bartender, while Yami just looked up.

"Just a precaution boys." The blonde bartender said, and peering at them from behind his blue glasses.
"What sort of messed up precaution involves giving us Vodka?!" Yami said a bit exasperatedly, while Bakura just downed his, and slammed the glass on the bar table.
"The one that takes place if you guys ever found this place, you would need Vodka to deal with everything, set into place by your Hikari's. It took y'u en'ugh time to f'nd this place, Yami, Bakura." The bartender said, slowly revealing his Brooklyn accent.
"Wait..." Yami said, but Bakura beat him to it.
"Is that you Jounouchi? What the Horus is going on, Mutt?!"
"Guess the kitty's out of the bag." Came another, familiar voice as Joey took off his glasses.
"MALIK!?" Screamed Bakura, enraged, "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE! Does Marik, and Kaiba know?!"
"Well..." Joey said trailing off, "Moneybags don't know, and I would pref'r you didn't say n'ting..."
"Marik on the other hand -" Malik tried to explain, but was cut of by the yami in question's voice.
"HIKARI-PRETTY!" Marik called, as he glomped him, "You're gonna sing me something nice, with Yuugi and Ryou, neee~?"
"Wait! Yanodoushi and shrimp are gonna sing?! What in the name of Ra is going on!"

By this time, Yami just quickly downed his Vodka, and Jou refilled both their glasses, and said,

"Alright, a few th'ngs y'u need to kn'w. Here, Yuug' is kn'wn as Neko (A/N: Cat), to avoid st'lkers and stuff, and Ryou is kn'wn as Usagi (A/N: Rabbit). Malik over th're is called Tora (A/N: Tiger), and I'm kn'wn as Inu (A/N: Dog), I sugg'st y'u use 'em."
"Alright Jo-...'Inu', now, what's with this singing thing?" Yami said in his baritone voice, practically daring Jou to not tell him.
"That 'Pharaoh' is something you have to find out yourself. Just sit and wait awhile, their going on soon." Jou said, with a teasing manner to his voice.
"Pharaoh?" Surprisingly that didn't come from Yami, but instead from Bakura.
"Yes, 'Thief King', in a place like this, everyone uses alibi's, it's the only way to assure SOME safety." Jou said.
"But I'm still gonna call you Fluffy!" Butt in Malik.
"You'll always be Florence to me." Marik said seriously, placing his hand on Bakura's shoulder, which was roughly shrugged off with a glare from our favourite thief.
"Don't worry Pharaoh, Thief King, I just found out yesterday! I haven't even heard Hikari-mine sing yet~! But he's gonna sing the first song with the your Hikari's for me, ne Hikari-pretty~?" Marik added happily.
"Yeah, yeah, just 'cuz you won't stop COMPLAINING! I mean seriously, as soon as you found out, you have not left me ALONE! Always, 'Hikari-pretty has to sing for me', or 'I need to hear my Hikari-mine sing!', you can be really annoying at times!" Malik ranted.
"Well, it works, ne~!" Marik said cheekily.

Malik just sighed and mumbled under his breath,'I don't have time for this', and went behind a curtain that had the word 'Dressing Room' painted on in dull, faded white on an old, termite bitten, piece if driftwood. Jou just shook his head, and filled up the yami's empty shot glasses a fourth time, before maneuvering the Vodka away from Marik.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000

"ALRIGHT, ARE YOU READY!" An announcer ran onto the 'stage', screaming in to his microphone.

The yami's, surprisingly not wasted, have been waiting for so long, even they joined in with the crowd's screaming.

"GOOD! THEN GET READY FOR A GREAT SHOW, WITH EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE BAND, though Tora wont be singing anything today - at this,the crowd boo-ed a bit - EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST SONG -" at that comment, the crowd went wilder -"WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, HERE'S. NOT. SO. INNOCENT!"

At the mention of the band, the crowd grew deafening, as the lights dimmed a bit, before a spotlight appeared by the bar. All of a sudden, Malik was sitting there, looking...different. He still had on his mid-riff showing top, but instead of the pale lavender we're all used to, it was a bright orange with black tiger stripes on it, and his cargo pants were traded in for a pair of form-fitting black leather pants. He had on all his regular jewelry and make up, but his kohl seemed darker and thicker, he had a pair of handcuffs as bracelets and he had tiger-striped cat ears, choker and tail. Heck, he even had his nails painted in the same fashion! He topped this outfit of with his signature boots, and was sitting on top of the bar, smirking as the crowd AND all of the yami's gawked at him. The other two Hikari's were out of sight, though, 'Probably hiding somewhere on that 'stage'' Yami mused.

Marik looked at the crowd and said, "Hey minna~! It's Not So Innocent~!"
The crowd grew even wilder.
"You know~ it's not about romance~ it's about what's in your pants~"

All of a sudden the lights on the stage turned on, showing two silhouettes of people behind two white blanket-screens. Well, it WAS the downtown district...

Malik hoped off the bar, and stalked towards a random guy in the audience.
"Screw 'Hello'," Malik grabs the guy by his tie, "you had me at 'sex'~
"Don't need no intro, lets get to the bed~" Malik shimmed down the guy.
On the stage, behind the sheets, one of the Hikari's said, "From your head to your toes~"
The other one said, "Legs up over your head" both Hikari's behind the sheets raised one leg up.
"From begs, to moans, we're both seeing red~" by now Malik's on strutting on stage
Hikari on the right, "Some believe in love at first sight~ But this is just lust on the first night~"
Hikari on the left, "If it turns into more than that's alright~ But right now I don't want your kiss...~"
Right then Ryou, and Yuugi pop out from behind the curtains, Ryou on the right wearing black knee-high boots, black short-shorts with a thick rope for a belt, and a black halter-top made completely out of belts. His accessories were a pair of handcuffs as a bracelet, a whip, curled up by his side, a pair of bunny ears (white on the outside, black on the inside, 'Like him' Bakura mused), a white, fluffy bunny tail, a black and white choker, dark and thick kohl outlined his chocolate brown eyes making it pop, and he had black nail polish with the JRock bunny painted on in white.
Yuugi was on the left wearing black knee-high leather boots, black leather short-shorts, with matching leather belt, and his usual black leather shirt, only this time it had straps of leather hanging off of it. His accessories were a pair of handcuffs as a bracelet, a pair black cat ears, and matching tail, a leather, spiky neck belt, dark,thick black kohl outlined his sparkling amethyst eyes, and to top it all off, also had his nails painted black, only his was with a black cat, with purple eyes outlined in white painted on.

All three of them said, "I WANT YOUR BITE!"

And, like that was the cue, they started dancing seductively.

"Wanna feel your teeth on my neck~" Ryou sung, caressing his own neck
"Wanna taste the salt of your sweat~" Yuugi called out, and licked a pole, much like a cat would. The crowd went wild.
"Gonna rock your body all night~" Malik sung, before grinding on stage.
"IT'S LUST AT FIRST SIGHT!" They all called out together.

"The way your making me hot~" Ryou sung out, wrapping his whip around himself. Bakura felt his pants tighten.
"Don't stop, your hitting the spot~" Yuugi cried out, before falling into a split. Yami felt his mouth dry, and took another shot of Vodka.
"Gonna rock your body all night~" Malik took his index finger a trailed it down a man's chest. Marik growled in anger.
"IT'S LUST AT FIRST SIGHT!" Marik ran up to Malik, and dragged him behind some curtains.

"Lose control, but don't get mislead~" Yuugi said, strutting diagonally across the stage.
"Don't ask for my phone~ Yeah, we're just sex friends~" Ryou sung, strutting opposite of Yuugi.
Yuugi lightly hopped onto one of the rickety tables, and sat down crossing his legs, and cupping men's faces, singing, "Who needs clothes~ when your covered in men~"
Ryou followed behind him, and tore the guy out of Yuugi's hands, and pressed up against him, "You never know~ The hands I will lend~"

Right then Yami and Bakura haven't felt a need to kill someone this powerfully. Mixed with jealousy, well, you better run, guy!

"Some believe in love, at first sight~" Yuugi called, back up on stage.
"But this is just lust on the first night~" Ryou sang from beside him.
"If it turns into more than that's alright~" Yuugi.
"But right now I don't want your kiss~" Ryou.
They both then screamed, "I WANT YOUR BITE!"

"Wanna feel your teeth on my neck~" Sung Ryou on stage
"Wanna taste the salt of your sweat~" came from Yuugi
"Gonna rock your body all night~" by now, Malik had run from behind the curtains, hair array, and lips swollen.
"IT'S LUST AT FIRST SIGHT!" They all cried out.

"The way you're making me hot~" Ryou lifted a leg in the air.
"Don't stop, you're hitting the spot~" Yuugi shimmed down a pole.
"Gonna rock your body all night~"By now, Malik had his own little harem of men he was dancing on.

"Wanna feel your teeth on my neck~" Ryou sang, seemingly oblivious to the crowd.
(Oh, baby!) Malik sang in the background.
"Wanna taste the salt of your sweat~" Yuugi panted out.
(Just bite me!) Malik shook his hips.
"Gonna rock your body all night~" Malik pointed to Marik.

The way you're making me hot~" Ryou all but screamed.
"Don't stop, you're hitting the spot~" Yuugi moaned.
"Gonna rock your body all night~" Malik winked at Marik.

Then Yuugi took the mic from its stand and started rapping, before he made his way to the bar, and sat on the same counter the Yami's were currently hiding underneath, warned by Jou that the Hikari's shouldn't see them till after their show,
"This is just a one night stand,
Maybe even just a five minute jam,
Yeah, I'm sure you'll rate your gram,
But your sex is all I'm interested in,
So please don't put me in your plans,
Just put me in your mouth,
Yeah, put me in your hands,
You're not the one for me,
You're just the one for my pee pee!" And then he pointed downwards.

Yami's jaw hit the ground, and he was starting to blush. 'Aibou...'

"Wanna feel your teeth on my neck~" Ryou cried wantonly,
"Wanna taste the salt of your sweat~" Yuugi licked his lips seductively.
"Gonna rock your body all night~" Malik groaned.

"The way you're making me hot~" Ryou grounded out pressing up against Yuugi.
"Don't stop, you're hitting the spot~" Yuugi moaned.
"Gonna rock your body all night~" Malik ran a trail down his own body.
"It's lust at first... SIGHT!"

(All of the Hikari's started moaning, getting the crowd turned on, then Malik looked straight at Marik and said, "Oh, oh baby just bite me")

"Wanna feel your teeth on my neck~" Ryou fell into a split.
"Wanna taste the salt of your sweat~" Yuugi wound himself up on a pole.
"Gonna rock your body all night~" Malik,never breaking eye-contact with Marik.

"The way you're making me hot~" Yuugi took Ryou's line.
"Don't stop, you're hitting the spot~" Ryou took Yuugi's line as payback.
"Gonna rock your body all night~" Malik, seemingly oblivious to anything but his Yami's eyes.

"Wanna feel your teeth on my neck~" Ryou cried, liking his whip.
"Wanna taste the salt of your sweat~" Yuugi sung, put his back against the wall, with his handcuffed hands over his head. The perfect uke pose, that got people screaming.
"Gonna rock your body all night~" Malik said, teasing the crowd by pulling his shirt up a little.

"The way you're making me hot~" Ryou used his whip, and sharply hit a near-by table.
(Oh, Baby) Malik.
"Don't stop, you're hitting the spot~" Yuugi sang, bending his back in a perfect arch.
(Just bite me!) Malik.
"Gonna rock your body all night~" Malik wildly sung, messing up his hair even more.

They all then threw their miss into the air, and Marik came onto the stage, tossed Malik over his shoulder, and locked them in his dressing room, but that's a story for another time.
The Yami's were speechless. They were about to go up, but then,

"Hey minna~! It's Not So Innocent, Neko and Usagi here! We have a song we just made up if you wanna hear it?!"
The crowd screamed in appreciation.
"Alright~! Usagi?"

Ryou took the mic from Yuugi and said,
"Alright, a lot a bitches been saying how they can dance and sing waaay better than us. We ALL know that some shit of the bull variety, so bitches? Keep it cute, or make it mute! This is what we have to say to those bitches!"

Both Yuugi and Ryou screamed into the mic, "BITCH, PLEASE!"

And then the music for their next song started up



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