Fight For The Throne

Being the King of Egypt is quite the task on any normal day, so when Atem's position as Pharaoh is under threat, he is forced to try and fight against an enemy that has the upper hand: that being Atem has no idea who he's fighting. Unbeknownst to him, the key to his victory sits with a peasant girl, but what would she know of this anonymous enemy?

Chapter One: A New Threat

Pharaoh Atem sat on his throne, looking down at his Sacred Guardians. He had gathered them all there along with Shimon to discuss something very important. Only thing was, there was someone missing.

"Where is Darius?" Atem asked. "As head of the Royal Guard, I would expect him to be here."

"I'm sure he shows no disrespect Pharaoh," Shimon replied. "Perhaps he did not receive your message."

"Well it seems that the rest of the palace did," Atem inclined his head to the Guardians. "Do any of you know of his whereabouts?"

"I have not seen him since this morning when he was out in the village," Seto said, looking around. That's when they noticed one of the palace guards approaching them. He was breathing heavily as if he had just been running.

"Darius sends his apologies, Pharaoh," the guard said, trying to regain his breath, "Something important has come up, but he said he shall arrive as soon as possible."

"Very well," Atem said, "Thank you." The guard nodded, before turning and heading back where he had come from.

"I don't see what could be more important than meeting with our king," Seto muttered. He then stepped forward, "Pharaoh, I suggest we start without Darius if he refuses to show up on time."

"My thoughts exactly Priest Seto," Atem replied. He then lifted his head up so that he was addressing the group before him, "It has come to my attention that there is talk within Egypt of a group who plan to take over the throne." A chorus of gasps spread throughout the room.

"Who would talk of such treasonous activity?!" Shadah asked.

"I am not sure, but because of this, we must ensure the highest security possible, which is why I was hoping for Darius to be at this meeting..."

Darius had originally planned to join the guardians at the Pharaoh's meeting, but something made him change his mind. He had been on his usual patrol through the town, when a man approached him, complaining about a girl he had found sleeping in his horse stables.

"Peasants," Darius muttered under his breath, "where is the girl now?"

"She refuses to leave, sir." The man lead Darius to the stables where they found the peasant girl sitting in the corner, cowering away from them.

"Please," she begged, "I have nowhere else to go." Darius examined the girl with his eyes. She had very long dark hair, filled with dirt and tangled from sleeping on the floor. Her blue eyes stood out the most however, begging him silently to let her be, and she wore a torn rag for a dress, that was now covered in dirt also. Apart from these few attributes however, her appearance was quite pleasing to Darius' eye.

"On your feet, peasant girl," he demanded. She slowly stood up, and he turned to the man who had lead him here, "Not to worry, she shall not bother you any longer." He then turned to the two guards who were with him, "You two," he addressed them, "grab her; she's coming with us."


"Seto," Atem stopped him as the Guardians were leaving.

Seto turned around as the Pharaoh approached him, "yes my king?"

"I couldn't help noticing," Atem began after the others had left, "you don't appear to be very fond of Darius, am I correct?"

Seto stuttered, "Well, I, uh-"

"There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, Seto," Atem said, "Especially in the circumstances we have at the moment."

Seto sighed, "Well no, I am not very fond of him. I think his manner is appalling and the few times I have come across him he has not shown me the respect I would expect from someone of his status."

"Darius certainly has quite the ego," Atem agreed, "however, try not to let your personal beliefs overshadow your opinion of the situation."

"Yes Pharaoh," Seto said, "I shall take that into consideration." Atem nodded and Seto left. The pharaoh then turned around, "Mahad," he called to the other side of the room, "You were awfully silent during our meeting today."

Mahad walked over, a concerned expression on his face, "Yes, well, it's not every day that there is a group who plan to overthrow our King."

"Indeed," Atem said, "I hope you are prepared for whatever may come."

"I am always prepared," Mahad replied.

Over the next couple of weeks, all of the sacred guardians were on high alert, which meant they noticed more suspicious activity happening around the palace.

"Isis," Mahad approached her, "Has your necklace been able to show you anything?"

She shook her head, "Unfortunately not, there is something blocking my vision of the future."

"I should have known," Mahad said, "whatever this group is, they are trying their very best to avoid us from getting in their way. And my fears are that our enemies reside in the palace."

Isis shushed him, "Mahad do not say that so openly," she warned him, lowering her voice. "It is true we must keep anyone open as suspects, however we must be careful what we say around who."

"You're right," Mahad replied, "I shall keep that in mind." That's when Seto happened to be walking in their direction. Mahad stopped him, "Seto, how are your investigations going?"

"I have not come across anything of importance yet," Seto told him, "But we have only just begun."

Later that day, Seto had approached Pharaoh Atem about some suspicions he had concerning Darius. He mentioned how Darius had been disappearing for hours daily, and nobody would know of his whereabouts. He had also missed countless meetings concerning important matters, and his attitude as of late Seto thought was quite appalling. It was as if his respect for the Pharaoh and anyone in the palace had dropped dramatically.

"When I have encountered him he has shown the proper respect," Atem said, "However if he is being disrespectful behind my back I would be most inclined to question his motives."

"I did notice him emerging from the dungeons a few minutes ago," Seto said, "However I do not see why he would have need to go down there, we have no prisoners at the present moment."

"Unless he is keeping prisoners down there without my consent," Atem said. "Even if he is head of the Royal Guard I would expect him to update me on anything that goes on in his sector. You were right to voice your concerns Seto, I think we should go and see what he was doing down in the dungeons."

"Exactly what I was thinking," Seto said. "I haven't been down there myself in quite a while as we have no prisoners at the moment."

"I'm sure we will soon, however," Atem said, "Let's see why Darius is so interested in the dungeons then, shall we?" Seto nodded, and the two of them set off for the part of the palace that was rarely visited, sitting far underground.

Okay, so i should probably mention: im known for starting 10 billion stories at once, cause i just get so many ideas! and this is my most recent one :D dont know how fast updates will be, it really depends how this turns out and if the ideas keep flowing, but this story definitely has potential, I have a rough idea of how it's going to go so thats a start, right? XD

Anyway, I hope you guys like it :)