Chapter 1

"Sir, he's awake." said Scott when he saw that Khan's eyes were open.

Kirk flipped open his communicator and started to speak into it... "Chekov, can you been us back up?"

A voice with a strong Russian accent answered him "We might have enough power to beam back two people but no more."

Kirk turned to Scott and Marcus. "Scotty, can you fly this ship?"

"I think so, Captain."

"I need you to take Marcus back to Earth and be sure he faces justice. We will follow as soon as we are able to go into warp again." He lifted up his communicator and spoke into it again. "I need you to beam up Khan and myself."

"Yes, Captain."

Before they could be beamed up Khan grabbed a gun that had been dropped on the floor of the bridge and shot Marcus with it before Kirk could stop him. Carol shouted and ran over to her father. Tear had started running down her face. Kirk ran over to Marcus and checked to see if he had miraculously survived. He face became bleek and he turned to Scotty.

"He's dead" He looked down a Khan who was still on the floor with the gun still in his cuffed hands. Kirk ran over to him and kicked the gun out of his hands. "You didn't have to kill him! He would have been punished!" Kirk started to hit Khan's cold face. The blows seemed not to even affect him.

Then when Kirk hit Khan in a particularly hard punch they suddenly materialised into a strange and unfamiliar ship.

Kirk fell backwards and slammed into a glass wall that was only a few feet behind him. The impact made his head swim for a moment.

When he was finally able to move he looked at Khan who was still lying on the perfectly white floor.

They were in a prison cell on a Starfleet ship. It was the standard white walls and glass as every Starfleet ship.

"This is not the Enterprise!" Kirk shouted "What did you do?!"

"Why do you assume it was me?" Khan asked in a rather calm voice.

"If it wasn't you then who?! Who could transport us without being detected?! Who would want to transport us?! Unless it was Starfleet's attempt at getting you into their hands."

"This is no normal Starfleet ship. The only thing we can do is wait to see who our captors are and what they want. I have a feeling they were after you, Capitan.