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Steal Your Pain


The door knob clicked and the door pulled open. She lay there as quietly as she could; knowing all too well that it would not matter. The footsteps got closer to the twin bed that was up against the far corner of the room. His large body loomed over the slight frame that was now holding her breath and waiting for it to be over. The room was always dark because he always came to her in the cloak of darkness. He smelled of stale cigarettes and beer. It took every ounce of strength she had to hold still, when all she wanted was to run as fast as her little legs could take her.

The bed covers were slowly pulled away from her small body. Large hands began their assault, touching and feeling her form as he pushed her night gown up.

"You're such a pretty girl my princess, such a good girl."

She started to squirm when his hands began stroking her private parts. He hushed her by telling her that this was his way of expressing his love for her. She never made a sound, her body became like stone while he moved his hands up and down and back up, while panting into her neck. Her eyes closed tight as she willed her mind to take her far away, losing herself in anything than what was happening at that very moment. Sometimes it worked but more often nothing could give her escape from the feel of his hands as he felt her breasts and more.

As it was most nights once he had finished he always put her night gown back in place and pulled the bed covers over her again. Once he had left, little Isabella curled herself into a ball and cried silent tears.

She was only eight years old.

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