Since everyone was so nice to me about my last series, I decided to start another one. I swear to you all there will be no six week gaps in between updates this time! I felt I was a little hard on our dearest Puppy last now he gets to put up with Kagome's...well, I don't wanna give up too much of the story, but lets just say that Inuyasha is in for a herculean test of patience. Love you all! I own no one, they only live under my bed, bemoaning the death of American Chestnut Trees that went towards the creation of college else would they be this expensive...
Darth Mer Mer,

Dear Diary,
I finally got the book! With it I'll finally be able to tell 'him' how I feel! I'm so excited, I
just know that one of the 13 chapters will tell me a failsafe way to get his heart! I want to tell him so badly, it hurts sometimes. I feel so close to him sometimes and then he gets cold...I just know he's thinking about 'her'...But with this book, I know I can win! There's no way I'll lose!
More later, I have to read Chapter One now...

Kagome clasped the book to her chest...hope filling her chest and making her heart beat
fast. As she put down her diary, hiding it under her bed where the sticky fingers of her little brother were too scared to venture, and scooped up the thin paperback book out of the litter of packing tape, stamps and bubble wrap. A stylized picture of a couple embracing blazed on the cover in gaudy colors. The title: "13 Ways To Say I Love You", the subtext: "A guide to win the heart of any man or woman, even the most timid and shy will find this book a true diamond in the rough. Have the one you love and let them know that you will love and care for them forever.", the author (acclaimed of course): "Nao Saotome, acclaimed (told you so) author of "Finding Tough Love in Tough Times." and "1/2 Love, Spliting you Affections". The subtexts of the other books has been omitted to save space.
So armed, Kagome readied herself for battle. Curled on her bed, the covers pooled
protectively around her, Buyo purring in one of the folds, Kagome wiggled with excitement. The
smell of fresh paper wafted to her nose as she opened the pages that would win her his heart. With a satisfying crackle as the pages creased for the first time, unlocking fobidden and magical knowledge to her eager eyes. She licked her lips, placed her fingertip on her mouth and began to read...

This is a prologue...I know it is short...but I am without my with me! If you like, feedback is like a sugar cube to the tired writer's brain! First person who leaves feedback and an idea for one of the 13 ways Kagome uses I WILL write it in. Love you all, look forward to ideas and comments!