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Hello everyone. I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written anything, but I've been suffering from major writer's block. So, to get myself back into it, I am returning to my OTP for a few stories, and then, I will hopefully be able to write something else.

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Starlight, Star Bright

By: ChoCedric

The September night is beautiful. The moon is shining its light down, creating a picturesque atmosphere, and the stars decorate the sky with all their splendor. A gentle breeze blows, and it is just the right temperature. Many people who are out tonight feel that all is right with the world.

However, one teenage girl feels the exact opposite emotions as she sits on a ledge at the Astronomy Tower. As she looks at the stars, she feels an aching, profound sadness in what is left of her heart. As the seconds lengthen into minutes, the loneliness only grows as she gazes at the twinkling wonders of the sky.

There are many nights the year before where she used to do this, but this night is different. For on this night, there are no arms to hold her, no voice whispering words of love in her ear. She feels empty and hollow as tears begin to fall down her cheeks. She misses him so much, it's a physical agony. Those intent, mesmerizing gray eyes, that gentle smile ... the last time she saw those eyes they were wide open, staring at nothing. And the last time she saw that face it was lying on a pillow in a mahogany coffin. The last time she touched those hands, the hands she always used to hold with gentle tenderness, they were so, so cold.

And now, as she sits here, all she hears is silence. He seems so, so far away from her ... her love, her heart, her Cedric. She puts her hand to her chest, and she can feel her heart beating beneath her fingers, and she wonders why, when it left with him when he was taken from her. She'd never known a person who loved life so much, and he showed her the beauty of the sky as he sat with his arms wrapped protectively around her.

The sobs come hard now, and they erupt from somewhere deep, deep within her soul. "Cedric," she moans as the stars become blurry before her eyes. "Cedric, Cedric, Cedric!" She then lets out an ear-splitting scream as she continues to stare at the sky, a scream filled with raw anguish and heartbreak. "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? COME BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAck!"

But no one answers, of course, and she continues to weep as the moon beams down upon her with all its cruelty. Why are beautiful things still allowed to exist when the most wonderful person in the world was viciously snatched from it? Why does the sun still rise and set? Why do her classmates go on with their lives as if the world is still turning? She feels completely loveless and lonely as the breeze ruffles her soft, black hair.

She remembers that old poem, Starlight, Star Bright, and if she could wish for anything right now, it would be to have love back in her life again. But she knows that will never happen, for love is buried six feet under the ground in a cemetery in Ottery St. Catchpole. Her heart lies in that suffocating box too, and she knows she'll never get it back. She is a shell of the person she used to be ... she feels doomed to a life of no happiness. She wishes she knew how many days it will be until she is back in his arms again. But until then, she will spend her life waiting, waiting, waiting to feel loved, to feel understood again. All she can do now is let the tears fall as she mourns, weeps, keens for her lost love.