Eve had grown so much that sometimes Tom could barely recognise her as being the same baby he changed nappies for. Tall, willowy, with blonde hair like Nina and eyes as bright as George's, she held the same kindness that reminded Tom of Annie, and the small but beautiful curiosity that reminded him of Allison. He would remember times when she as a youngster would climb into bed next to him and ask to hear the stories of where she came from. Tom would tell her. He'd tell her about the time they held a ritual to help an old werewolf by the name of Leo live just a bit longer. He'd tell her about how George and Nina would sit and argue over the electric bills whilst Annie made tea. They'd always make up afterwards though and always looked out for each other during the full moon.

Tom was reluctant to tell Eve of Mitchell. A man who slaughtered and killed and drove himself into madness before finally redeeming himself – how as a 6 year old meant to comprehend that? Not the violence and murder, since in this world violence and murder were common place. What Tom knew she'd struggle with is the idea that vampires could be redeemed.

But when Eve found a small trinket belonging to Mitchell (an old ring that he used to wear dating back to before the Great War that Annie had kept as a reminder) Tom had to relent and did tell her about Mitchell. Annie helped, trying to be as delicate as she could without bursting into tears. The man she loved never saw this world and she was glad of it. But sometimes she wished she had never witnessed this world with him. Tom decided to leave Mitchell's story as being that of a very evil man, not a vampire, just a man, who fell and tried to redeem himself, a man that her mother Annie loved very, very much.

Eve left it at that, sensing her mother's distress. She would never ask about Mitchell again.

Together, Tom and Annie kept Eve safe, moving her every night to a new location all around the world, enlisting men and werewolves and ghosts to help them keep her safe. She needed the consistency of stories to stop the depression and self-loathing from finally getting to her.

She was 15 years old when she climbed into Tom's bed one night, after fearing vampires were after her. Annie sat at the door, a wooden stake in hand and a crucifix in the other, looking weary as Tom let they youngster crawl into his arms. If there were doctors still around they'd class her as having PTSD and severe early onset depression. But there were none around, none to diagnose her, none to give her medication or help her in ways that he and Annie couldn't. Tom feared what would happen the days that he and Annie would eventually move on.

"Tell me about Allison again," Eve muttered into Tom's chest.

The young werewolf's heart caught in his throat, as it always did when he heard Allison's name. He missed her terribly and ached for her. She had died during the first couple of dog-fights. Fighting valiantly for her life so she could get to Tom, Annie and Eve, to protect them and help them.

"Well," Tom said, kissing Eve's forehead. "What story would you like to hear?"

"Tell me about the first time you met." Eve replied.

Tom threw a nervous look at Annie who shrugged. "She's old enough Tom," Said the grey ghost sadly, turning her head back to the door.

He dropped his shoulders and sighed. "She was waiting for me." He said. "I used to work in a café in Barry. And some vampire had filmed me and your father transforming in a warehouse. She saw the video on Youtube and decided to track me down probably to give me a telling off, I never really knew what she was intending to do…" He paused. "You would have loved her. She was smart, pretty, and good with words and technology."

"No," Eve breathed. "I mean, how did you meet? Did she spot you and track you home? Did you wake up next to her after a full moon?"

"Hal spotted her from the shop window and alerted me." Tom said sadly.

Eve's eyes blinked open. "Hal? Who's Hal? Is he dead?" She pushed away as Tom sighed heavily. "Uncle Tom?"

"Hal. As in…" Tom pursed his lips. "Lord Hal."

"Mr Snow's second in command?" Eve looked like she was going to cry. "You knew him?"

Tom nodded sadly. Eve bolted up from her resting position. "You knew that sick son of a bitch-"

"Eve!" Annie cried shocked. "Where did you hear that word?"

"And you didn't do anything to him? You didn't stop him?" Eve nearly screamed.

"We didn't know. Eve, you have to understand, after Mitchell we were cautious of letting anyone into the house that would and could do you harm. But Hal was good people. He was really good." Tom replied, sitting up. "He disappeared after meeting with someone and that was the last we heard of him."

"Did he meet a vampire to invite him back to the fold?" Eve asked sarcastically.

"He met Alex," Annie whispered.

Eve span around on her heel turning to face the ghost. "Alex?" She asked her eyes widening. "As in, Lady Alexandra? Evil bitch of death?"

"Eve!" Annie cried. "Do not use that word." She turned solemn. "Yes. That's when he turned her."

"And you didn't stop it. You didn't warn her of this world? You let him make her that thing?" Eve hissed.

Annie glanced down at her woolly ugg boots, trying to stop herself from falling apart. "Yes," She whispered.

"It ain't Annie's fault how things turned out." Tom said.

"What else are you keeping from me?" Eve screamed. "DID THEY KILL MY PARENTS?"

"No," Annie said finally standing. "Hal had nothing to do with that. He came to the house with Leo and Pearl."

Eve stared at Annie, her bottom lip trembling. "You could have stopped it all. Why didn't you?"

Annie glanced away and Eve turned to look at Tom who was trying to disguise the tears falling from his eyes. Eve pushed past Annie and out of the room, running out into the hall. Tom made a move to follow her but Annie pushed him back.

"Let her go," She said wisely. "She can't go anywhere but her room in case the vampires get her. She knows that. Just give her time. It's a shock knowing that the most deranged vampire in the world changed your nappies."

Tom stared at the door and nodded sadly before sitting down on his bed. Annie sat down next to him and put the stake and crucifix to one side, taking one of Tom's hands in hers. She traced the imprinted 'W' burned onto his skin and leaned against his shoulder.

"Do you think," Tom said with a heavy sad voice. "That we could have stopped it?"

Annie shrugged. "Maybe. If we had fought, killed them there and then."

"We had to get Eve out" Tom muttered. "The place was on fire Annie."

"Then maybe we should have burned with it," She whispered.

Tom stared at the wall, contemplating what she had said and then nodded. "Maybe we should have."

Eve returned to the room that she was staying in, sobbing her heart out. She slammed her face against her pillow and wept. Tears over Allison, over her mum, her dad, over Mitchell, the betrayal that Annie and Tom had done – not telling her about Hal and Alex, it all spilled out of her in waves until she couldn't cry anymore.

She lay miserably on her pillow looking around the abandoned room. For as long as she remembered she had been living in houses left to rot after the vampires took over. No room of her own, no toys, no books, nothing that was hers except the stuffed husky dog that was falling apart and the photograph of Nina and George she kept under the pillows at night.

Safe houses like this existed all over the world, where the few remaining humans hid as they moved looking for other survivors and trying to keep safe. Vampires of course couldn't completely wipe out the humans, since they needed them to live off. So battery farms were created where humans were forced to have sexual intercourse with hopes of producing infants, these children were to grow into healthy adults by which point the vampires would start to use them, hooking them up to drips and draining them. By all accounts the first children of these farms were nearing Eve's age. As soon as they hit sixteen though, they would become nothing more than meat.

Eve sat up, waiting for Annie to appear and tell her what was happening. But her mother never showed. She supposed that Annie wanted to give her space, and whilst she appreciated it, she very much wanted answers instead of silence.

She got up from her bed, wiping away her eyes and pulling her hair into a tight French braid. Grabbing a torch, she pulled on her denim jacket and cracked open the wooden bars on the windows, slipping out past two of the other guards they travelled with – a werewolf called Sia and a ghost called Sykes. She crept by them as Sykes lit a cigarette for Sia and she was out onto the streets.

Tom and Annie had taken her back to Barry, in hopes that Lord Hal and his girlfriend Lady Alexandra would never think to look for them there. But they didn't go back to the original house; that was said to have been destroyed in a fire, though they had never told Eve the details.

The streets were deadly silent. There were no street lights anymore, cars were everywhere, in broken pieces and some still had the lifeless skeletons of the drained sitting in the seats. Moss and weeds and cracked pavements were all that lay under Eve's feet as she moved amongst the decay.

It was nothing shocking. London was worse. There, vampires actively fed on people in broad daylight and there was no order, only chaos. It was where; after all, vampires had made themselves public. Live on television killing the Prime Minister.

Eve wandered around the streets, staring at long lost homes and scared shelters where humans slept because of the curfew. She saw an old park and wondered if Annie had ever taken her there when she couldn't stop crying. Eve was often one for wandering away, even though she knew it was dangerous. She rarely slept anymore, insomnia, paranoia and fear all seeping into her nightmares making it difficult do lay her head on her pillow. Maybe she wanted the danger. Maybe she hoped, or at least a secret part of her hoped, that she'd get captured by the vampires and they'd end it all. End this stupid prophecy. End humanity.

She was the War Child. She was meant to stop this from happening.

Why couldn't she stop it?

She sat down miserable, her head resting in her palms and she kicked the stones.

"OI! YOU!"

Eve looked up and saw a man approach her, tanned skin colour and thick deep scars down the side of his face. She started up, ready to run, fight, kick her way out of what was going to happen, but he had already grabbed her arm keeping her steady. She tried pushing him away, wanting to scream for Tom and Annie but knowing that would just kill her quicker and put them in danger.

"Where's your papers?" Snarled the man. "You shouldn't be out past curfew."

"I don't have them," Eve trembled.

"Don't have them?" The man leaned closer to her face and she could smell his putrid breath. But he wasn't a vampire. No, he smelled like Uncle Tom. He was a werewolf.

"I only wanted a bit of fresh air." Eve said. "Mum and dad were fighting and I got scared and upset. I just needed some fresh air, I promise you."

"Who are your mum and dad?" The man asked. He shook her. "ANSWER ME!"

Eve hesitated, lies unable to form in her throat. "John," She said finally. "And Allison."

"Last names," The man insisted. "SPEAK YOU LITTLE BRAT!"

Eve pushed him away. "I am not a brat!" She cried.

"You sure look like one to me."

"I'm 15 years old, I don't need a fucking escort,"

The man stopped in his tracks. "Fifteen." Eve's eyes widened as he stepped even further forward. "When were you born?"

She gulped. "6th November 2011. 7 months before Mr Snow killed the Prime Minister live on television." She lied.

The man smiled and seemed to see right through her. "We found you," He said. "OI DEWY!"

A shorter, skinnier man with pale skin and a large nose poked around, carrying a packet of chips. "A'right, keep the hairs of your chest on. Y'know, chips ain't ever been the same since we stopped them producing proper vegetables. God I miss mashed potatoes. Mam used to make them with little sausages and pea armies and-"

"Oh for fucks sake, do you ever shut up?"

Dewy stopped and stared at the other man. "I'm your superior." He said. "So I won't."

The man growled and Dewy gave a small shriek before hiding behind his packet of chips. He grabbed Eve's arm and presented it to the vampire.

"Start the car; we're heading to the offices."

Eve was fighting with all her might, but stopped dead in fear.

"Oh but I don't want to. You know how he gets when he's given meaningless stuff to do." Dewy complained.

"He'll be interested in this,"

"Doubt it Milo," Dewy shrugged.

"For fucks sake Dewy, you think I'd want to bother him with nothing?" Milo asked. "This is the War Child!"

Dewy dropped his chips.

"TOM!" Annie screamed tearing into his room. He was sitting whittling stakes, humming "Puppy Love". He glanced up, looking concerned.

"Annie – what the-"

"SHE'S GONE!" Annie screamed. "EVE'S GONE!"

Tom shot up and pushed past Annie hurtling to the back door and flinging it open, pining Sykes to the wall.


"What?" The old army ghost asked.

"What's up?" Sia asked.

"Eve is gone!" Annie cried.

"YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO KEEP WATCH!" Tom roared. "THEY'VE TAKEN HER BECAUSE OF YOU!" He slammed Sykes' head against the wall. Sykes disappeared and reappeared again beside Annie.

"NO ONE CAME IN OR OUT!" He said trying to diffuse the situation, though shouting was probably not helping.

"We have to find her," Sia said. "Annie, you go with Sykes, I'll go with Tom, we meet here at sunrise. If we don't find her we have to assume…" She dropped her gaze and looked at Tom sadly.

"That Lord Hal and Lady Alexandra have her," Tom said, not breaking his gaze from Sykes.

Their search would be fruitless, since Eve was already in the backseat of Dewy's Vauxhall and driving their way out of Barry. Eve had never been in a car before, or at least one that worked, since Tom and Annie had limited themselves to transporting her through other means that would detract attention. Milo and Dewy sat in front, making phone calls on odd little devices. Milo had put a zip-tie around her wrists but she figured if she could open the door, she could make a roll out and hide somewhere.

Quietly she shifted towards the door behind the driver's seat, knowing that it would take more time for Milo to get around the car to catch up with her. She leaned forward and grabbed the handle, trying to yank it open, but it wouldn't budge. She tried again with no avail.

"Won't work," Milo said, not looking around. "Ever heard of a child lock?"

Eve slumped defeated. "Are you taking me to Mr Snow?"

Milo chuckled. "Mr Snow doesn't actually care about you." He scratched his ear. "But someone else does. And he is very interested in seeing you again."

"Again?" Eve lifted her head. "What do you mean again?"

"Do I take a right here or a left?" Dewy asked.

Milo let out a loud groan. "Left you fucking idiot. Christ, you think a vampire would know how to get to their head offices."

"I have a very short attention span." Dewy shrugged, turning left and picking up speed.

"I've noticed." Milo grunted.

"You're a werewolf," Eve said. "Why are you following the vampires?" Milo was silent for a moment. Dewy blinked and glanced over towards the man next to him. "I need to know!" Eve cried. "How you could do this?"

"There's nothing honourable about being on the losing side," Milo said.

"I bet you support Manchester United too," Eve said.

Milo chuckled. "You don't know who Manchester United are."

"No," Eve admitted. "But I've heard Uncle Tom say it. I thought it was funny,"

She saw Milo smirk. "Get some sleep," He said to her. "We'll be there by morning."

Eve propped herself up on the seat, lying down across the seats and curling up. She didn't want to sleep, but she felt herself drifting. She wasn't sure why. She then pondered if it was the fact that maybe, finally, the vampire she was going to meet would put an end to her life. An end to the suffering and an end to the fear. That seemed peaceful to Eve.

Her dreams were nothing of peace. As often she dreamt of fiery halls, screaming and crying, she also dreamt of blood. Waking up covered in blood, smelling blood, feeling it ooze and cover her and sitting in the middle of it was every vampire she had encountered. Their feet would crush the skeletons and skulls of her loved ones. "EVE RUN AWAY!" Annie's voice. "EVE!" She was disappearing. Her hands faded away as she screamed and cried and tried to save her. Then Annie was gone. The flames reaching up and engulfing Eve, she raised her hands and screamed. The flames licking at her patterned green dress and at her yellow cardigan, Eve screamed and screamed and screamed.

"Do you often have nightmares?" Dewy asked as she woke.

Eve blinked and stretched as the morning light broke across the sky. Dewy looked obviously shaken and was gripping the steering wheel tightly. Milo was asleep too, his head against the window, snoring slightly. Eve sat up and rubbed her eyes tiredly.

"Yeah," She muttered.

"How long have you had them?" Dewy asked.

"Since I was 9 years old," She replied sadly. "Annie thinks I suffer from some sort of PTSD or anxiety disorder. Don't worry about being scared. Annie and Tom don't know how to deal with it either."

"I'm not scared," Dewy said, shoving Milo awake. "It may surprise you to know, but I wasn't always the handsome vampire of a man that I am now."

Eve snorted before glancing up at the rear view mirror, seeing her own reflection but not his. "Sorry." She muttered.

Dewy continued as if he had not heard her. "I was a loner and a freak and no one liked me. I had asthma and spots and couldn't talk to women without pissing my pants. The only person I could talk to was my mum and she hated it and used to sit with pillow over her head." He gulped sadly. "I killed her and drank her dry. Never had nightmares quite like it." Eve stared at the back of his head then glanced down at her feet. Dewy shook his head and slapped Milo awake. "Wake up lazy bones." He said. "We're here."

Milo jolted and blinked before climbing out of the car. Dewy switched off the ignition and picked up some important looking things from the floor of the car before getting out. Instead of opening the door to take Eve out they went to the boot and clicked it open. Eve arched her head to see what they were doing and then realised that they were changing into suits. She turned away very pointedly and pursed her lips. Milo opened the door for her as Dewy sorted his tie and together they walked calmly towards the large white stone building.

Milo and Dewy clipped on badges and pinned a visitors badge onto Eve's jacket. She frowned, slightly confused, but went along with it as they walked through the halls. She noticed that everything was very neat and clean. Organised even. Milo led her to the elevator and Dewy ducked away for a moment only to reappear with a man who was wearing a black suit and yellow shirt with a greying tie.

"This better be important," He said, his voice echoing a slight lisp as he texted on a mobile phone. "Hello dog,"

"Cutler," Milo said curtly.

"I hope you realise that he's in a mood. He's been listening to Gilbert and Sullivan for the last three days straight," Cutler said.

"I'm sure this will pick him up." Milo replied.

"Doubt it," Cutler replied, not looking up. "He can get his food from any source. The fact that she's a virgin won't change anything."

Eve looked appalled. "I am not a-"

"Honey I can smell it on you like I can smell Dewy's aftershave," Cutler said. Dewy leaned forward and whispered into Cutler's ear as a few other vampires boarded the elevator. Cutler raised an eyebrow and looked down at Eve. "Really?" He asked. "Well fuck me sideways and call me Sally."

"How's Brazil, Sally?" Milo asked.

"Doing better than your kennel dog," Cutler snapped.

"Are all of you so fucking obnoxious?" Eve said, finally breaking her silence.

"I like her," Milo said. "She's got spunk."

"No one says spunk anymore," Cutler said, returning to his phone as the elevator doors slid open and some of the vampires left.

"No 'cause you killed all the ones that did," Milo said.

"They were fucking ridiculous. They had to go. I mean, Pauls Boutique? Makes me want to barf." Cutler said as the doors opened once more. He stepped out and Dewy pushed Eve out after him. Milo followed suit and together they walked up the long corridor towards the door at the end. A woman with extremely short hair and wearing a black leather pair of trousers and heavy boots turned to see them. She put her hands to her hips and narrowed her eyes.

"Virgins, really Cutler?" She said, a thick Scottish accent pulsing from her voice. "You think that'll get him back on your side then you are dead wrong,"

"Already dead sweetheart," Cutler replied. "He'll like this one."

She narrowed her eyes and stepped towards Eve and reached out to touch her face. "Why? I can't see nothing special about her."

"It's not appearance based," Milo said.

"No one asked you to speak," The woman snapped. She turned back to Eve. "Who are you?"


"I'm the War Child." Eve said finding some confidence. She was feeling remarkably calm for someone who was standing in the presence of one of the high ranking vampires.

"The War Child?" The woman repeated. "Oh, well Cutler, maybe you will get your lucky break."

"I found her!" Milo said defiantly.

"Sure you did Dog," The woman replied. "Dewy, Cutler, with me. Milo, you are dismissed."

Milo stared at her before giving a curt nod and leaving.

"Fucking werewolves," The woman said. She knelt down so that she could see eye to eye with Eve. "Do you know who I am?"

Eve avoided her gaze. "Lady Alexandra." She whispered.

"She's smart," Alex said straightening up. "Okay boys, be warned, it's not pretty in there." With that she opened the door and Eve held her breath. "Hal, baby?"

"You just left," Drawled a voice from the opposite end of the room. "Surely you haven't got my request so soon."

"Better baby," Alex replied, bouncing over to the silhouette that stood gazing out of the window. Dewy and Cutler pushed Eve further into the room.

"Get off me," She snapped.

Lord Hal turned. He was incredibly handsome, dressed in a three-piece suit and red tie. His eyes narrowed as he saw Eve.

"It's… The War Child," Alex said proudly.

"I know who it is," Hal replied sourly. "Leave. All of you."

"Hal…" Alex frowned.

"NOW!" Hal bellowed.

Alex stared at him for a second before kissing him and pushing Dewy and Cutler out with her. Eve felt her heartbeat quicken as the door clicked shut. She was now alone with the most dangerous man in the world. She was going to die here.

Hal stared at her and then his face broke into a sad smile. "It is… So good to see you Eve." He whispered, his eyes glazing. He took her wrists in his hands and lifted them. "Here," He flicked a pocket knife open and cut the zip tie before flinging it aside. "Sit, please,"

"You're not going to kill me?" Eve asked.

Hal stared at her and then shook his head. "Not at all." He said. He retrieved a small glass of water from a pitcher and handed it to her. "Here, drink. You must be thirsty."

Eve held the glass. "You've poisoned this, haven't you?"

"No," Hal replied. "I wouldn't dream of it. Please sit." He held out a chair to her and she sat tentatively. "Tom and Annie must be looking for you frantically," He said.

"I suppose," Eve said.

"They told you about me?" Hal asked.

"I knew you from before," Eve replied. "I only found out that you cleaned my arse when I was a month old about 8 hours ago?"

"Quite a shock I imagine," Hal said, taking a seat as he unbuttoned his suit jacket.

"Could say that," Eve said. "Why are you being so nice?"

"You are a guest here," Hal said.

"I'm a human,"

"You're the War Child," Hal corrected.

"Which brings me back to my first question, why are you being so nice? You should have killed me and drank my blood four minutes ago."

Hal chuckled. "You remind me of Allison,"

"I never met Allison."

Hal stopped and his face turned solemn. "No?"

"She died during the first wave of dog fights," Eve said. "Your invention I believe."

Hal's jaw twitched. He closed his eyes and began to hum, tapping his fingers. "Not an invention," He said. "But yes, I brought them back." He pursed his lips and looked away for a second then smiled. "You're wondering if there's anything in here you can kill me with, aren't you?"

"The thought crossed my mind, but you just offered me a seat and a glass of water," Eve shrugged. "I figured it might come off as a little rude."

"I hear Annie's influence in there too," Hal pointed.

Eve felt uncomfortable. On one hand, this creature was responsible for millions of deaths, terror and fear. He had made her life – all 15 years – a living hell. But Tom said that he was once a kind man. That he once changed her looked after her and so forth with Uncle Tom and Annie. And he was being nice to her now. Unless it was a clever manipulation, which Eve considered the possibility of; there was perhaps something else at work.

Hal seemed to sense her discomfort. He sighed. "Maybe some explanation will help aid you," He said.

Eve frowned. "Milo said something about you wanting me," She said suddenly. "What did he mean by that?"

Hal stood and turned, staring at the wood of his desk. "I…" He sighed. "I wanted…"

"Tom and Annie too?" Eve asked.

"I wanted to explain to them. Apologise even."

"It may be a little late for that." Eve replied. "Tom has a stake with your name carved into it."

"He was a good whittler." Hal said. "I do not doubt it." His fingers began to tremble as they reached for a decanter full of scotch. He poured himself a glass and raised it to his lips. He placed the glass to one side and loosened his tie. "Did they tell you what I suffer from?"

"Aside from the narcissistic bullying piece of you?" Eve raises her eyebrow. "No, they didn't actually. They were too busy figuring out ways to keep me safe and bring your armies down." She saw Hal's lips turn into a smile. She let out a sigh. "Are you going to tell me that you're really not a bad guy, just misunderstood? That's like Hannibal Lecter telling me he's actually a vegetarian whilst stuffing his latest victims lungs into his mouth,"

"Annie made you read those books didn't she?" He smirked.

"Mum wanted me to be well read." Eve replied.

Hal smirked and turned leaning against the frame of the window. He licked his teeth, glancing down at his shoes before nodding. "Eve, you are right," He said.

She looked at him startled and narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "What?"

"Oh stop with the suspicion already," Hal cried. "I wouldn't eat you even if I wanted to. You have the blood of werewolves coursing through your veins. It'll be like drinking acid."

"Shouldn't have told me that," Eve said.

Hal paused. "Perhaps not," He admitted. "But at least let it fill you with some ease."

Eve didn't like to admit it, but perhaps being the daughter of two werewolves was actually a benefit. Hal picked up his drink again and swirled it before taking a long sip.

"Did anyone ever tell you that the enigma thing only works in movies and Mills & Boon novels?" Eve said. "Not in real life."

Hal lowered his eyes sadly.

"Are you going to kill me?" Eve said with sudden realisation. Hal may not want to drink her blood, or commit any other sort of atrocities to her body since he seemed very distant. That wouldn't stop him from taking her life and ending this futile war. Hal blinked, his brown eyes looking sad and tearful.

"No," He said. "Eve, no you have to believe me when I say I would never hurt you. I never want to hurt you,"

"But you're okay with having other people suffer?" Eve said.

Hal moved towards her and took the glass of water from her. "I will not kill you," He said. "I cannot kill you. But you must understand, I cannot allow you to leave."

"Because it'll ruin your image poster boy? Eve spat.

"Because vampires are stupid," Hal snapped. "No matter how many times you tell them not to kill the fucking War Child, they always go out to find you and kill you. So shut the fuck up you arrogant child and do as I say as I try to save your life."

And there he was. Lord Hal Yorke in all his glory, fury enraged behind his eyes and standing tall, this man was different from the one she had spoken to previously and now Eve felt truly threatened. She dug her fingernails into her palms and stared up at the malicious cruel man with hatred burning in her chest. Hal grabbed her arm and pulled her up, yanking her towards the door. He opened it and threw her at Alex who had obviously been listening in. Dewy took Eve from Alex as Hal spoke orders.

"Take her to room 21C," Hal hissed.

"But, Lord Hal," Dewy replied.

"NOW!" Hal roared. "And make sure she's guarded!"

Dewy gulped nervously and manhandled Eve. "Come on," He muttered, putting a pair of handcuffs around her wrists. He glanced back nervously at Hal and then pushed her down the corridor where Milo stood with his hands folded over themselves. Eve saw out of the corner of her eye Alex reaching out to calm Hal, but the vampire rejected her touch and went back into the office. Alex shot a glance at her and Eve felt her cheeks go red with fear. Dewy nodded at Milo and the werewolf took to the other side of Eve and they walked silently across the corridors and then towards a large door.

Dewy found a key after a bit of fumbling and clicked the door open to reveal a set of stone stairs. Solemnly they walked up these stairs to what Eve assumed was some sort of secret torture chamber or something like that. Vampires liked to play games with their food and Lord Hal could be no exception.

There was another door at the top of the stairs and Dewy pulled out the same key and clicked it open. Milo turned Eve to face the vampire as he fumbled to take off the handcuffs.

"We'll bring you food in a few hours," Milo said.

"What?" Eve blinked as Dewy pushed her into the bright decorated and in honesty quite aesthetically pleasing room. There was a large bed, ready made with a pink pattern on the sheets with a night stand and lamp, a book case covering one wall with classic novels all ordered and neatly presented, a white desk with stationary that would make calligraphy artists weep with envy, a row of stuffed toys on a white dresser with a pink flower design on the side. The floors were hard wood but covered with a comfortable sheepskin rug. There was a rail of coats and jackets and amongst them the softest looking dressing gown. Eve ducked her head and looked to her right and she saw another room conjoined with it, supplementing a shower, a bath, a toilet and sink. She blinked completely confused. "Woah. Are you sure you've brought me to the right room?"

"Lord Hal's orders," Dewy shrugged. Eve stepped inside as he closed the door and locked it. She turned quickly at the sound of the keys and sighed. She knew it was too good to be true.

She gazed around the room for a moment and then suddenly she burst into tears, falling to the floor, her arms crossed and holding herself like it would make all the bad go away.

Alex closed the door, watching Dewy and Milo take Eve away. She was confused and angry but she decided to reason with her lover instead of getting them into a fight. She clicked the door lock, making sure they'd have privacy as Hal poured himself another drink. She grabbed a chair and sat on it, folding her arms and legs.

"You want to tell me what this is about?" She asked.

Hal avoided eye contact with her as he moved around and sat down at his desk. "Not really."

"Hal," Alex leaned forward. "Eve is the destruction of all vampires. Keeping her alive is only going to lead to us dying."

"Not keeping her alive would be far worse," Hal murmured.

"What the fuck does that mean?" Alex snapped growing frustrated.

"It means what it means," He looked away pointedly, his eyes flickering sadly.

"Oh you fucking arsehole," Alex said jumping up. Hal looked at her and shook his head.

"Must you resort everything to-" He was cut short as she went into a full scale rage. If he had blood in his cheeks they would be burning as he watched her once again cascade into her violent tantrums.

"Why didn't you kill her? She was in your fucking office, why didn't you kill her?" Alex screamed.

"Because it would do nothing for our cause," Hal replied, rubbing his head. Alex was known for her temper, it seemed to have been exasperated when she became a vampire, along with everything else. She was easily the scariest out of him and Mr Snow, but since she was so young she didn't get much coverage by vampire media. "There is a reason Mr Snow wants to keep her alive." He said calmly.

"Mr Snow couldn't give a rats ass-"

"If we kill Eve, we destroy the foolish notion that one person alone can stop us." Hal said. "With Eve dead, they'd rally themselves to firstly avenge her and secondly to show that her death was not in vain. We'd be wiped out before the month was out,"

Alex's bottom lip twitched, her hands found her hips and she took a power stance. "You did it to save us?" She asked sarcastically.

"Believe it or not," Hal said, exhausted and taking a long drink and reaching for the decanter again. "I did."

"Did you save me?" Alex said.

Hal glanced up and saw that she was tearful. "Alex…"

"Did you do what you did to save me?" She whispered. "Or did you do it to save yourself from loneliness? Who are you really saving here?"


"Do you remember what the first thing you made me do when I became a vampire Hal?" Alex said. "You took me back to that fucking caravan park and you made me kill my dad. My brothers. Christ I can still see their faces. You ripped my humanity away from me and you keep doing it for fifteen fucking years. Now you want to patch it back together? They were right, you are a monster."

"I didn't kill you!" Hal stood up angrily.

"You damn well might have," Alex screamed. "Cutler just got there before you did!"

"I SAVED YOUR LIFE!" Hal shouted.

"NO!" Alex cried. "You feed me the same bullshit over and over and over again. You didn't. You think you saved me because your ideas of morality are so fucked up you don't have a line to cross. You just do it when you can, to suit whatever personality you seem to fit."

Hal stared at Alex and she stared at him.

"You're a fucking cunt Hal," She spat before unlocking the door. "Make up your mind. Are you a vampire, or are you food?" With that she was gone. Hal stared after her and was about to follow her when he got a phone call. He sighed, picking it up and sat down again. "No, the rumours are not true sir. We have not found her."

Alex stormed off, muttering furiously under her breath. She had to put up with a look of bullshit from Hal, but this was the last straw. What was so special about this child anyway? "OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY!" She bellowed at Dewy. "OR I'LL TEAR YOUR FUCKING THROAT OUT AND FEED IT TO THE DOG NEXT FULL MOON!"

Dewy ducked and hid as Alex marched up to the door of room 21C, opening it with her master key and flinging the wood open before stomping up the stairs. As she was about to open the second door, she heard crying. Gentle sobs rolling off this girls face and she was spilling her heart out. Tentative, but still in need of answers, Alex pushed open the door.

Eve glanced around, blinking miserably. She stood to her feet and wiped her tears away as much as she could.

"Hal thinks your fucking made of diamonds," Alex said crossing her arms. "He's changed in the last few days and it's scaring me. So you're going to tell me, what the hell is the deal with you?"

"He didn't tell you?" Eve asked, gulping trying to steady her pulse, knowing that Alex could hear it and would likely pounce. Yes, Eve's blood would kill her, but Hal loved Alex, and when he found out, humanity would suffer for it.

"Oh I know you're the fucking War Child." Alex snapped. "I know that bloody stupid prophecy about the end of the vampires and all that other bullshit. You apparently dying will cause the end of us. But I don't see how. What's one more dead body?"

"I'm the daughter of two werewolves," Eve said tiredly. "You can't kill me without injuring yourself in the process."

Alex made a face, moving towards the girl. "I could just snap your next," She said.

Eve stared at Alex. "No. You wouldn't."

"Don't assume what I would and would not do,"

"You won't kill me. Lord Hal says that you can't."

"Fuck him," Alex replied haughtily. "And fuck you too." She turned and slammed the door behind her, leaving Eve on her own once more.