WOW: dip. The boys are talking six-packs; and I don't mean the drinkable kind.

Amazingly, this will be my 300th post, so I decided to celebrate with a story in three 100-word drabbles, named after a certain movie that the boys are watching in this story; a movie called '300' strangely enough.

I'm also dedicating this story to my fandom partner in crime Amberdreams for her birthday. Happy birthday my lovely; here are some boys getting their abs out for you!

Disclaimer: If this is my 300th post, then I have informed you 300 times that I don't own them. Depressing, isn't it?

Chapter 1


King Leonidas raised his sword to the heavens, the gesture cheered by the three hundred Spartan warriors assembled behind him.

Hiccupping into his beer bottle, Dean watched transfixed as the movie played on their room's TV screen; "wow, those actors must've worked like a bitch to get those six-packs."

"Dude, they're not real," Sam grinned, shovelling a wad of tortilla chips and salsa dip into his mouth; "they're CG."

Dean shrugged; "whatever man, I could totally be in this film; I'm an awesome warrior and I've got a killer six-pack; a real one."

Sam laughed so hard he almost choked.