Chapter 3


"Now, THIS is a six-pack," announced Sam.

Lifting his shirt, he proudly revealed a bowstring-tight brick wall of a stomach, heavily ridged with granite-hard muscles.

Dipping his head in defeat, Dean's face fell into a sulky frown that would have had King Xerxes and his mighty Persian army running for cover. Glumly lowering his T shirt to hide away his grievously insulted belly, he ingraciously snagged a handful of chips, pointedly ignoring Sam's smug grin.

He returned his attention to the TV just as King Leonidas and his six-pack charged into battle.

"Mine's still better than his," he grumbled.



A/N: Wifey McWiferson wanted to know how we came by our pen names. I'm afraid mine is a very dull story … Dizzo (or Diz depending on who you are talking to) is simply a nickname based on my surname that has been with me for years, long before I started writing fanfic!