I honestly can't believe how long it has been since I updated. I feel horrible about it, but I just can't seem to get any inspiration for anything Harry Potter right now. It didn't help that I got a review telling me that my Harry was stupid. It specifically asked if I could at least make him have average intelligence, that I didn't have to make him a genius. I read over my other chapters and kept second guessing the way I was writing him in this one too... I have been trying and I have started this chapter many times, but I just never finished. I finally did though, so I hope you may be able to forgive me for the nearly 5 month wait! Those of you who read this before I started re-writing it, you may recognize the end of this chapter as similar to what the original was like! Happy Reading!

Harry stared at the man in front of him, not believing what he had just heard. This man came up to him from the middle of nowhere, introduced himself, and then asked for him go back to his house? What kind of person did that? Sure, it wasn't as bad for Harry, considering that he knew the man – Remus, no, Lupin – was telling the truth because of his dreams but still! Harry didn't particularly care what the man had to say, he knew it all, including the truth about the wards. He was not going to go with this man! He looked at the man, a cold expression on his face.

"No." His voice was sharp, unforgiving. It told Lupin that he didn't care, that he did not have any respect or curiosity for what he had said, or will say. He flinched back as if the word had been a physical blow as Harry turned on his heel and began walking back to the Hut. He could feel Lupin's eyes on his back, pleading for him to turn around and go with him, but Harry didn't humour him. He just continued walking, quickly becoming lost in thought. If this man had managed to find him, and now knew that he was in the area, he wouldn't give up. He would just keep asking until he did it. Not only that, but he also felt that him time was done here, that it was time to move on. He remembered what the man in the dream had told him. 'You will know what you have to do when the time comes for you to find me.' He was right. Harry knew what he had to do. It was time for him to go.

Harry smiled at them as he gathered the last of his things. He was sad to have to leave them, as he had made some good friends in the month and a half he had been there, and he had learned many things he would never forget.

"Do you have to go?" He looked over to his side, then had to step back and look up to see John standing by his side. He was a bit surprised that it had been him to ask, but he was also happy as he had grown to see the older and much larger boy as a good friend. He gave the boy another smile and nodded. He considered his words carefully.

"I knew I'd leave eventually. It's time for me to move on." His words were simple, spoken in a soft voice that few ever heard. John was a bit surprised at first to hear him say so much at once, but he simply smiled back at Harry and patted the boy on his head, much to his annoyance. He gestured for Harry to follow him to the open area by the main entrance to the hut.

"We have something to give you. A gift." Said John, much to Harry's surprise. A gift? Why would they get him a gift. It was while he was thinking about that that he realized something. This was going to be the first time he would get a true gift from someone. He let a soft smile steal across his face as that thought crossed his mind.

When they reached the main area, nearly everyone was waiting for them. Jason made his way forwards, a bag in his hands.

"Harry, we have all enjoyed having you here. I hope you have luck in your future. I speak for all of us when I say that we want you to have this." He held out the bag to me. I was now curious. I took it and lifted out a very familiar case. It was the violin! I couldn't believe that they were giving this to me. I looked up at Jason, my eyes slightly wider than usual. I asked him silently, are you sure? He just smiled, eyes crinkling at the corners. I slowly stood back up, the violin once more in the bag.

"Thank you." I said sincerely. They all smiled back at me and waved as I turned and walked out the door. I knew that I was now ready. I had learned what I was supposed to learn there, and now it was time for me to continue my journey, learning and exploring what the world had to offer. I smiled to myself as I walked, to where I had no idea. I went the direction I felt was the right one, knowing that I would end up in the right place.

It was around half an hour later when Harry finally stopped walking. He looked up to see that he was in front of an old, worn looking building, apparently called the Leaky Cauldron. I felt that this was the place, even if it didn't look like much. I opened the door and walked in, making sure to be as inconspicuous as possible so I didn't stick out. When I walked in, one of the first things he thought was that he was glad he had chosen today to wear is wrap, as it looked quite a bit like the cloaks the rest of the people were wearing. He looked around him taking in the fact that all around him was a feeling that surrounded him, embraced him. His eyes slipped closed as he took in the feeling of this, this MAGIC in the air around him. He smiled then, a true smile, before continuing to where this feeling was guiding him, his face once more closed off, not revealing his feelings.

He quickly strode through the room unnoticed by it's other occupants, following the feeling that had been guiding him this entire way. He ended up in front of an old looking door, which he opened up to reveal an alleyway. It was not remarkable in any way, grungy and dirty with trash piled in one of the corners. He felt the feeling tug him to the end of the alley, where there was a plain brick wall. He looked at it carefully, examining it for any clues on what to do. He soon saw that one of the bricks was worn and looked like it had been hit or tapped many times. He reached out his senses, and felt that that brick was full of magic, so he tapped it with his finger after channelling his own magic in to his hand.

Harry watched amazed as the formerly solid and seamless brick wall opened in front of his eyes, The bricks folding back and disappearing in to themselves. He stepped through the archway that formed, taking the first step in to the street that marked the beginning of his new life. It was filled with magic, everything he could have imagined. There were many shops lining the streets, each one very different from it's neighbours. Most of them had some sort of moving image or object showing what it sold. Farther back at the end of the alley was an elegant yet imposing building made of shining white marble, almost glowing against the dim and dull colours of the rest of the street. He also noticed several other streets going of the main street, which he decided to follow later. The other thing he noticed was the sheer amount of people filling every foot of the alley. There were many of them, though he could sense that nearly all of the had that same aura of power.

He was soon done with his observations when he felt that same feeling that had led him here guide him forwards to one of the shops lining the alley. When he reached it's front he looked at the sign to see that it said 'Ollivanders Wand Shop, makers of fine wands since 382 B.C.'. 'Hmm... a wand shop. Interesting.' He thought. He looked in the shop's window to see an old looking wand sitting on a red velvet pillow. He looked back at the door and stepped through, hearing the tinkling of a small bell. He looked around curiously, feeling the power tingling in the air. His eyes slid closed as he inhaled, relishing in the tingling he felt as the magic rushed across his skin. He opened his eyes once more, looking around. There was a nice, sturdy looking oak desk which held the register and a few thick books, which he realized were stock records after a closer look. In the room in front of the desk there were a couple chairs and benches, all sturdy oak. The floors looked to be polished cherry, and all the walls were painted an elegant grey, almost black. Behind the desk was a rather narrow hall whose walls were lined with shelves of narrow rectangular boxes, each pulsing with slightly different magic which was what was causing the tingling in the air. He assumed that each of these contained a different wand. Beyond the hallway was a room, much like the hallway it was filled with shelves of wands and a few low tables. In the room was a solid oak door that he could not see past.

He had just finished his inspection of the shop when a very familiar figure walked out from where he was hidden in the shelves of the back room. He stepped out in to the main area and walked around the desk so he was standing right in front of Harry.

"Hello Harry."

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