To celebrate the arrival of BTR's new album, 24/Seven, I have written this story. Please read on and let me know what you think, thank you and enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Big Time Rush.

Chapter 1

"Okay, so you boys have been working really hard on this third album, twenty-four/ seven, and I decided that you deserve a reward." Griffin, Gustavo's boss, began.

"Oooh, are we having a party?" Carlos butted in.

"No Carlos. You're not having a party, you're having…" Griffin continued.

"I bet we're getting a monkey!" Carlos squealed excitedly.

"No you're not getting a monkey! You're going to be able…" Griffin tried again. Carlos was about to take another guess, he raised one finger into the air and took a deep breath but before he could say whatever weird idea was on his mind, he was cut off.

"Carlos!" James, Logan and Kendall chorused.

"Let Griffin finish!" Kendall added, making chopping actions in the air with his hands both sides of his body as he said each word.

"Like I was saying, I have decided to give you boys a reward. Now, I now that you guys like to goof off and "hang" with your girls," Griffin stated, making air-apostrophes around the word hang. "So, I have decided that you can go on your world tour and you can take your girls with you!" Griffin finally ended, clasping him hands together. "Well now that I have got that sorted, I need to go and bathe in some freshly squeezed orange juice! I've got to keep those pesky goblins away!" He added as he walked down the corridor, away from Gustavo, Kelly, Logan, James, Carlos and Kendall's confused faces. Then Gustavo shook his head and stepped in front of the boys, snapping them out of their confusion too.

"Dogs! In case Griffin didn't make that clear enough, you can bring one girl each! No bringing any more than that!" Gustavo yelled then Kelly walked around to stand next to Gustavo.

"Oh, and boys, you can have the rest of the day off but only because me and Gustavo have gotta plan this tour out!" Kelly added before sending them off down the corridor.

"Yes! I can't believe Griffin is actually letting us bring a girl each!" Kendall exclaimed as he fist pumped the air.

"I know! I can finally do something nice for Camille!" Logan added.

"Yeah, and now I am finally going out with Lucy, I can bring her to make out with in between concerts!" James said with a dreamy expression before whipping his lucky comb out of nowhere and running it through his already perfect hair.

"James!" Logan and Kendall yelled, "No details please!" Logan added.

"I want a party though! It's not fair!" Carlos whined childishly.

"Yeah but Carlos this is better because we get to bring our girlfriends with us! Now we can fully enjoy the experience of a lifetime!" Logan lectured as they stepped outside into the warm Californian air.

"That's easy for you to say! You three have all got girlfriends! It's not fair; I haven't ever even had one proper girlfriend!" Carlos sounded really upset; he looked down at the pale pavement as he walked.

"Oh…" Logan sighed.

"Well we could always help you find a potential girlfriend!" Kendall tried to comfort him.

"Yeah like that'll work! Last time we tried that we failed! Remember that speed-dating thing that you came up with Kendall?" Carlos asked with a scowl on his face, "Well look at how well that worked! I'm still alone! There must be something wrong with me." Carlos' voice trailed off.

"Hey, Carlos don't say that about yourself. There is nothing wrong with you! You're perfectly fine!" James told his smaller friend.

"But James, you're like a girl magnet! Girls are always attracted to you and Logan and Kendall!" Carlos stated.

"Hey, buddy if you want us to help you we will!" Kendall said as he rubbed Carlos' shoulder. Carlos shrugged him off then pushed through the Palm Woods doors before storming off to the apartment. On the way he passed Jo, this only made his situation worse, reminding him of his problem; he wasn't that bad was he?

"Woah! What's up with Carlos? I haven't seen him mad like that since the Jennifer's took his corn dog, stomped on it then threw the remains into the trash!" Jo exclaimed, waving her arms around madly.

"Girl trouble." Kendall, James and Logan chorused together.

"Oh, well I'll see you guys later then, I'm not getting involved!" Jo told them before kissing Kendall's cheek and skipping off towards her apartment.

"I am so taking Jo with me on the tour!" Kendall sighed dreamily.

"I kinda feel bad for Carlos now, we all have girlfriends, and he deserves one too!" James started, Kendall and Logan nodding in agreement.

"I mean he's a nice guy! I know he may not have gorgeous hair like mine, or…" James was cut off by Logan before he could finish,

"James!" Logan yelled both he and Kendall knew where James' conversation was going. James opened his mouth, about to continue, when Kendall jumped in before he could even start whatever it was he was going to say,

"Enough! Let's just go back to the apartment to cheer Carlos up!" Kendall spoke up quickly, not wanting to hear the rest of James' rant.

"Yeah, let's order a pizza or something. Carlos loves pizza, although I will never understand…" Logan started, about to lecture them about some weird science thing probably involving pizza, since that was the subject that they were on.

"Logan!" Kendall yelled, turning to face his rambling friend.

"Okay, let's just go back to the apartment." Logan muttered. Suddenly realising they had been standing in the entrance to the lobby for the past five minutes; they began casually walking towards the apartment.