Chapter 14

Logan and Gwen both burst into tears, the majority of the crowd dispersed so that the boys' girlfriends' could get to them. Gwen turned to hug Carlos, embarrassed because she burst into tears. Carlos shushed her and tried to comfort her but that wasn't working, he took his suitcase and her duffle bag and quickly lead her up to 2J, leaving everyone else with a crying Logan. James pulled Logan in for a hug, seeing that he wasn't calming down, James released him and signalled for Camille. Kendall unexpectedly ran to Jo and hugged her tightly, Kendall himself didn't know why he did that, maybe it was all the stress of what was supposed to be the greatest tour of their lives.

"Logan what wrong?" Camille asked as she held a sobbing Logan in her arms.

"M-my Dad-d!" Logan gasped out, he released his girlfriend and fumbled to find the video on his phone, he showed Camille and she looked like she was about to pass out; pulling him in for another hug, she tucked his phone into his back pocket. Logan cried into Camille's shoulder no longer caring what people where thinking about him. Camille sat the poor boy down on one of the cushioned seats and began crying with him. Kendall and James took all the bags and with the help of Jo and Lucy, managed to get them back to 2J. Logan and Camille stood up and slowly followed behind.

"What is going on?" Mrs Knight asked, referring to the crying teens. Logan showed the video yet another time and Mrs Knight took Logan in for a hug, whispering things in his ear. Gwen was no longer crying but had fallen asleep in Carlos' arms, he looked down at her and smiled, happy that she was getting some rest. Mrs Knight tried her best to keep calm, she released Logan but kept her arm around his shoulder, she turned to look at Gwen questionably.

"Oh, this is my girlfriend, Gwen, we took her on tour with us and her mum died whilst we were touring, she had no other family to go to so we brought her back here." Carlos whispered, not wanting to disturb her.

"Okay, poor thing." Mrs Knight cooed, "James, Kendall could you go and unpack your bags?"

"We'll help!" Jo offered as she, Lucy, James and Kendall made their ways to the bedrooms.

"Logan, honey, do you wanna sit down?" Logan nodded sadly and went to sit next to Carlos. Mrs Knight sighed before going to sit down on the far end of the couch, she rested her head in her hands before engulfing Logan into another hug. Camille has slipped out of the apartment unnoticed, not wanted to disturb any family moments. Kendall and James returned, Jo and Lucy also exited the apartment. The two boys sat on the other side of the L-shaped couch, an awkward silence filled the room as nobody quite knew what to do until Gwen woke up, she slowly sat up right; she wrapped her arms around Carlos neck, Carlos responded by wrapping his own arms around her. Logan and Mrs Knight released each other and Logan shakily stood up,

"I'm going to the bedroom." He muttered, shaking his head.

"Okay, honey," Mrs Knight whispered, "Gwen, you can stay here if you'd like to, there's a spare bed in Katie's bedroom, I'm sure she wouldn't mind."

"Okay, thank you so much, you're so similar to my mom!" Gwen burst into tears again, she covered her face with her hands and Mrs Knight was quick to hug the poor girl, she motioned for the boys to go away over Gwen's shoulder.

"This has been the worst tour ever!" James exclaimed, running a hand through his hair.

"I know, I can't believe that all this has happened to us! What have any of us ever done to deserve this?" Carlos almost yelled in frustration.

"Let's just go and check on Logan, he's really upset." Kendall suggested turning to face his friends; James and Carlos stopped walking and nodded at Kendall, letting him know that there were with him. They all took a deep breath as Kendall lightly tapped his knuckle upon the wood of their bedroom door.

"Can we come in?" Carlos called through the door,

"Yeah." Logan's muffled reply came back a few seconds later, James stepped forwards and twisted the door handle. As the three boys stepped inside the room, their eyes adjusted to the darkness shrouding the room, the curtains were closed and the light was switched off. Logan lay curled in a ball on his right-side, facing the wall, he lay perfectly still and the only noise he made was when he hiccupped.

"Logan…" Kendall started taking a few steps towards his friend, not knowing what to say, he simply placed a gentle hand on Logan's shoulder. James and Carlos somehow squashed up onto the bed too; they sat at the end of the bed whereas Kendall sat right up by Logan's feet.

"Are you okay buddy?" James asked, not knowing what else to say.

"No." Logan whispered, still staring at the wall.

"Is there anything we can do for you?" Carlos asked quietly,

"Please, just go away and leave me alone." Logan told them in an unemotional voice. The boys did as he said and left the room, sighing.

The following days were pretty much the same, Logan wouldn't talk, Gwen wouldn't smile, neither of them would eat very much or move around. Once they were sat down, they pretty much just stayed were they were unless it was to use the bathroom. Logan and Gwen seemed to have also gained a higher level of understanding, mostly because they knew exactly how the other were feeling, they were both going through the same crises. After a week of moping around, Carlos, Kendall and Carlos decided that they'd had enough, they two of them were going to make themselves sick if they kept on the way that they were, Carlos decided to take Gwen out shopping and Logan went to the pool with Kendall and James.

"Hey Logan, buddy, please just talk to us," Kendall started whilst the three of them were standing in the elevator,

"Yeah, we're your best friends and right now we just wanna help you!" James joined in, Logan didn't even turn to look at them, instead he stood silently until the doors opened. James, Kendall and Logan walked outside and sat in a line on the chairs surrounding a small table away from the pool, there weren't many people out today at the pool because it was prime audition day and the majority of the residents were looking to book acting parts. "Logan, please!" James pleaded, hoping to get some sort of reaction.

"Logan, please let us in, we want to help you get through this! We are here for you to talk to, were practically your brothers, please Logan!" Kendall put his head in his hands, jumping slightly out of shock when Logan took a shaky breath and began talking to them for the first time in a week.

"You don't know what it feels like." Logan started, staring blankly at the table, "You don't know what it's like to have lived your whole life with mixed emotions of anger, fear and guilt about your own father then have his live taken away from him in a car crash. You don't know how it feels when he finally apologized, you don't know how I felt when I first started watching the video, I was sort of, in a way happy. I always dreamed my father would come back into my life, and when he finally made that decision, HE WAS KILLED!" Logan yelled the last part, a single tear falling from his eye, Kendall and James stayed silent watching and listening, not feeling that it was right to talk at the moment.

"You have NO IDEA! What this feels like! It feels like… I can't even describe it, the pain is so real. I NEVER EVEN KNEW I CARED FOR HIM UNTIL NOW! I HATE THIS! And I hate that I had to see it!" Logan's yelling started quietening down. "He told me he love me for the first time in years, he was coming to be a part of my life again, we could have been a family! So why did he deserve to die? Why, for god's sake, why?!" Logan looked up at Kendall and James, "Why?" He whispered. By now, all three of the boys were crying, it wasn't right for Logan to be keeping everything inside, but Kendall had a feeling that now Logan had let everything out, things were going to get better.

"Gwen, do you wanna go back to the Palm Woods?" Carlos asked gently,

"Yeah, we've been out for three hours." Gwen muttered, Carlos grabbed her wrist before she could walk out of the mall though, she turned to look at him.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"No, it hurts so bad, Carlos!" Gwen croaked out, a tear slipping from her eye. Carlos engulfed her into a hug before placing his helmet on her head; he tapped it twice before taking her hand and leading her away. Once the couple were back in the apartment, Gwen broke down again, she felt like her whole life was spiralling out of control, her mother had meant the world to her and now she was gone. Sitting on the sofa, Carlos gave Gwen another hug and kissed the top of her head. They hugged as if some unknown force was going to rip them apart, in some ways there was.

"I'm always here for you Gwen, never forget that. But please, let people in, your scaring me the way that you're going days easting nothing but a biscuit or two and you're not talking, it's really scaring me." Carlos spoke softly into her ear. Pulling out of the hug, Carlos tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear and strapped the helmet on her head, "To protect you." He whispered. Carlos stood up and walked into the kitchen, he brought back a plate of four corndogs, "Two for me, two for you."

"Okay, I suppose I should eat something." Gwen smiled slightly, it may have only been small, but that smile meant everything to that boy. Without even realising, Carlos have eaten his corndogs within a matter of minutes whereas Gwen was still only halfway through her first one. Suddenly, the door opened and Kendall, James and Logan walked in, something looked different about them. They all looked sad and tired but Logan looked a little relieved at something.

"I'm sorry." Logan stated, looking at Carlos,

"What for?" Carlos questioned, smiling slightly; happy that he was actually talking to him.

"For blocking you all out, it was stupid and I should've spoke to you about everything that was going on, I won't do it again, I promise." Logan smiling, rubbing the back of his neck. Gwen finished her corndogs and stood up next to Carlos.

"And I'm sorry for blocking you all out too, I shouldn't have done that. And I'm sorry for scaring you all, I really am. In future I'll let you in; I'm done with being alone. I have you guys now, and your all the help I need." Gwen smiled a genuine smile, Logan copied her actions and before long, the group were hugging each other, enjoying the comfort it brought. It seems the worst was over.

"DOGS!" Gustavo yelled in his usual fashion, "Today I want you to go over some songs, old and new! Your one month break is over so get to it!"

"Yes, Gustavo." The boys groaned as they slowly walked into the recording booth and placed their headphones over their ears. Gwen sat next to Kelly, and Kelly sat next to Gustavo, they were looking through the glass at the boys. The music to 24/ Seven came on and the boys began to sing, enjoying every minute of it. Fromm singing the song, Logan and Gwen grasped a new meaning of it, enjoy life all the time, live like it's a holiday, you never know what's going to happen. Gwen couldn't help but sing along, she enjoyed singing quite a lot.

"Ok, dogs, not bad. NOW DO SOME MORE SONGS!" Gustavo yelled, jamming a finger into the button and waiting for the music to start. Gwen sang along quietly to all of the songs, she couldn't help herself, little did she know she was being listened to.

"How… was that?" James asked, trying to catch his breath after all the singing, he quickly guzzled down half a bottle of flavoured fruit water.

"That was okay, not get your BUTTS to the DANCE STUDIO so Mrs X can go over some basics!" The boys opened the door and hi-fived each other quickly running to the studio, eager to get this over with so they could go home. Kelly grabbed Gwen's wrist before she could go anywhere,

"You stay here, just go inside the booth and put the headphone on. We wanna try something if that's okay." Kelly told the confused girl. She nodded and made her way into the booth, following the instructions given.

"We're gonna play 24/Seven for you and we just want you to sing it for us, just and experiment." Gustavo muttered, fiddling with switches.

"Okay, cool!" Gwen smiled, adjusting the microphone stand. The music began playing and Gwen began singing, very quickly Kendall, James, Logan and Carlos had barged through the door and were watching Gwen intently, having heard her from the studio. The music finished and Gwen looked very happy with herself, Gustavo was about to praise her when he realised his 'dogs' were behind him.

"What are you doing?" Gustavo and Kelly asked at the same time.

"Mr X told us we couldn't dance," Kendall started,

"Then he said a load of words beginning with X," James carried on,

"Then he banged his head against a wall," Logan picked it up,

"Then he told us to get out, so we did, and we heard singing and came here." Carlos finished, looking pleased with himself.

"Just get in the booth with Gwen, Carlos take and extra mic in with you!" Gustavo sighed, amazed at the lack of back chatting. "I want you to sing 24/ Seven together like you normally would and see how it sounds, okay?"

"Got it!" "Okay" "Cool" "Yeah" "Yes" The responses were all mingled into one as the boys made sure their headphones were definitely on right and the microphones were in the right positions. After finishing the song, everyone leaned in closer to Gustavo, waiting for the response.

"That was AMAZING!" He laughed, throwing his hands into the air, very uncharacteristic of him.

"Yes I agree! That was amazing!" Griffin agreed as he entered the room from seemingly nowhere, "I was coming to argue about new songs when I heard this, and it was indeed amazing! Gwen, your voice if wonderful with the boys', you're going to be the next big thing." Griffin stated,

"What do you mean?" Gwen asked laughing slightly, she was quite nervous.

"Gwendolynn Brookes, how would you like a record deal with Roque Records?" Gustavo asked, her face lit up, the boys all turned to look at her.

"Hell yeah, I would! Thank you so much!" Gwen squealed, she could feel her life changing. Everything in her life seemed to be straightening out, after her mother's death, she thought nothing would ever be the same, but here she was accepting a record deal. Carlos lifted Gwen off her feet and swung her around, congratulating her, everyone was happy. Kendall, Logan and James were happy, despite the happenings in the last few months, Gwen was over the moon, and Carlos was happy. His first proper girlfriend turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him, and for that he was grate full, nothing was ever going to be the same. Carlos and Gwen leaned in for a kiss, cheering broke out in the studio, everything was perfect, and that's how they wanted it to stay.

"All day every day is a holiday, life your life 24/Seven!"

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