Arnold walked around a few minutes until he found Helga lying against a tree with her knees to her chest. She seemed to be deep thinking. He sighed.

"Here goes nothing."

He sat right next to her without saying a word.

"A-a-arnold?! What are you like stalking me or something?"

He chuckled. "I guess you could say that."

Although Helga would have swooned any other time, she just wasn't having it that day.

"What do you want?"

Arnold frowned at the tone of her voice.

"I came to cheer you up, since you seem to be having such a crummy day!"

"Just leave me alone football head, I don't feel like playing games today!"

"Games? All right spill it Pataki! What's wrong? You've been a pain all day," Arnold demanded.

"Me? Are you kidding? Maybe it's you that's wrong with me," she blurted, regretting she said that.

"You really are crazy! I've been nothing but nice to you all day. Maybe Sid was right!"

"Sid? What has Sid got anything do with this?" she yelled.

"Never mind that," Arnold said avoiding the question because he had found out accusing a girl on being on her "time of the month" only made them even more mad. "So how am I making your day all wrong?"

"You just are! Now if you won't scram than I will!" Helga couldn't handle this. She hated arguing with Arnold. She needed to leave and fast before things got way out of hand.

As Helga stood up, so did Arnold. Right as he was about to say a witty response Helga seemed to trip over a tree root and was about to fall until he quickly grabbed her waist trying to stop her fall but was ended up being pulled down with her, him landing first with Helga on top. They fell with a thud.

Helga was surprised when she didn't feel her face planted to the ground. She opened her eyes and saw Arnold underneath her.

As they looked at each other, they both couldn't help but be hypnotized by each other's eyes.

"Are you okay football head?" Helga said as she snapped out of the trance.

"Uh huh," Arnold murmured.

Helga tried to get off of Arnold, but his arms were still tightly wrapped around her not allowing her to move.

"Um, Arnold can you…?"


"Excuse me?"

"You heard me."

"I heard you, but I was giving you a chance to change to what you said," Helga snapped.

"Well my answer is still no," Arnold replied.

"Criminy football head, someone is going to see us!"

"I'll only let you go if you tell me what's bothering you" he smirked.

"Or I can just punch you with Old Betsey or how about the Five Avengers? Which one do you prefer?" Helga challenged him and raised her fist over his head.

Arnold rolled his eyes. "That would sound really intimidating… if I were Harold, but I know you would never hit me."

Helga was speechless. He was right; she would never hurt him. She lowered her fist back to the ground. Right when she was about to speak, both Helga and Arnold heard footsteps. Arnold quickly stood up making Helga stand up too.

"Arnold!" Lila yelled not spotting them behind the tree. She aimlessly walked around trying to find Arnold.

"We're right ckvmvm," Helga's mouth was covered by Arnold's hand.

"Shhh she'll find us," Arnold whispered.

Helga felt her cheeks warm up by how close she was to Arnold. Her head against his strong chest while his hand was over her mouth. She swore she could hear Arnold's heartbeat beating fast. Or was that hers? And god did he smell good. She would never get tired of the way he smelled. She tilted her head up to look at Arnold. His beautiful green jellybean eyes were focused on Lila.

"Of course, when aren't they?"

His yellow hair swayed back and forth with the wind. She loved how his hair was never tamed. Only he could pull it off.

"Gosh where ever could he be!?" Lila growled finally walking away from seeing distance.

Arnold sighed with relief and let go of Helga.

"Sorry about that Helga, Lila has been really clingy lately and I don't know… I guess I'm trying to avoid her."

"Yeah whatever but don't you ever touch me like that again hairboy. You got it? And you avoid little Miss Perfect. Haaa, I find that hard to believe," Helga scoffed.


"Because I just do football head!"


"Alright! Because you like her!" She accused angrily.

"Like her? Is that what's been bothering you? Because you "think" I like her!"

"What don't be ridiculous Arnoldo! Why would I care who you liked? Its not like I loovv…"

Helga felt the softest pair of lips meet hers. They were sweet and gentle and more then she had expected. She felt her own lips melt onto his. Their 4th grade kisses were nothing compared to this. Arnold's arms were around her waist rubbing up and down playing with her curves, as Helga softly tugged on his hair. She moaned softly as he kept on kissing her passionately. Their kiss was becoming urgent by the minute as they expressed their unspoken love. Finally after they were both out of breath, their lips parted.

Nose to nose they held each other in a warm embrace as they tried to catch their breathe.

"Helga I like you. Scratch that. I really like like you! I'm stupid for not realizing that sooner and being to shy to tell you. You're the girl for me. You've always been the girl for me. You also mean so much to me, and I couldn't bear to see you in someone else's arms. Will you be my girlfriend?"

"….yes…. a million times yes, Arnold!" Helga jumped and wrapped her legs onto Arnold's waist and kissed him passionately.

"You have no idea, how many times I've dreamed of this moment football head," Helga sweetly whispered into Arnold's ear.

"Arnold?... Helga?.."

Both snapped their heads around to find a red headed girl with a fishtail braid wearing a green dress looking at them shocked.

"What ever is going on here?"

"We can explain!" both Arnold and Helga yelled in unison.

Helga looked down to find her legs still wrapped around Arnold, so she let go, letting her feet touch the ground, but not without Arnold reaching for one of her hands.

Lila focused her sight on the two hands holding each other. She tried not to smile….

"It's none of my business; I'll be on my way," Lila giggled and walked off.

"What just happened?" Helga asked confusingly

Arnold shrugged. "I don't know… but up for some delicious dessert? We still have some time before lunch is over."

"Are we thinking of the same type of dessert?" Helga winked.

"I think so…" Arnold smirked and pulled Helga in for another kissing session, which will probably be the first of many more to come.

Meanwhile Lila, Gerald, and Phoebe where at nearby tree watching Helga and Arnold. All of them bumped fist and cheered silently for the new couple.

"Who would have thought the plan would have actually worked?" Phoebe whispered happily.

"I know and by the way you sure are a good actress Lila!" Gerald praised

"Why thank you Gerald. Arnold and Helga needed a little push in the right direction, so me and Phoebe came up with an idea that seems to work perfectly. A little jealously never hurts anyone," Lila smiled as she glanced back at Arnold and Helga.

"Who would've thought my man actually liked Helga G. Pataki. For him to actually lean in for a kiss and really go for it!" Gerald laughed.

"Arnold, my brother, you sure are a bold kid… a bold kid."


Hope you guys enjoyed my first fanfic! I'm really excited about writing more stories in the future since I will be having a lot of free time because school is now over! yayyy aha (: Well thanks for reading and hope you guys are having a great day! Reviews would be appreciated!