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Due to this fic being set in the Marineford Arc, events will be as Canon as possible. However Sabo is "alive" in this fic, so there'll obviously be a Non-Canon setting.

Title: Decision decided

By reading it again, he tries to disconnect the link, 'Gol D. Roger's son, Second Division Commander, Whitebeard's elite crew member, Portgas D. Ace, Ace...Ace the scowling-faced ten-year old, my bro-.' but it still connects. The pirate to be executed is indeed his sworn sibling.

His mind becomes blank for a moment - possibly numb. The numbness spreads throughout his head, leaving him unable to make any more coherent thoughts. The said sensation leaves him number than a dead fish and as apathetic as comatose patient. His hands lessen their grip on the newspaper, letting it float down to the floor.

The blankness in his mind fades when common sense emerges. 'What is the World Government thinking this time?' he wonders. Are the Marines truly prepared to adhere to their 'justice' and reap what they're sowing? The World Government is sorely mistaken if they think they've gained a large chip against the Yonko Whitebeard. To engage in war with the Whitebeard crew which certainly will enrage the Whitebeard man himself is generally unheard of (and INSANE!). To boot, the white-bearded captain is claimed to have been the only man in the world who could match the late Pirate King; Gol D. Roger.

Frankly, what makes matters worse is that the formidable man is worldly renowned to never forgive the death of a crew member - which is why the people in the Grandline believe without a doubt that war will be declared and depicted. The concept of Navy HQ vs the Whitebeard Pirates is incredibly thought provoking.

The era will change once more.

The blonde-haired man frowns. His eye brows knit together when his intuition tells him that lineage is possibly a partial reason into Portgas D. Ace's public execution other than affiliation. It's crystal clear, blatantly so to him who knows the truth on his brother's parentage. He closes his eyes in thoughtful understanding. He bets that Ace has figured this out too. Damn, it wasn't as if Ace didn't despise his biological father enough. He still remembers the night his brother had mercilessly thrashed him and Luffy around their tree house when the younger one of the trio had causally (and carelessly enough) named-dropped Roger, when Sabo had specifically told him not to.

A sigh comes out the young man's mouth. He admits that it's enjoyable to stroll back into the past of simpler days, where: training, hunting, rescuing Luffy with Ace, stealing and sneaking away from Dadan was his life. However, the resurfacing memories remind him that he hasn't seen his brothers (but kept tabs and bounties of them) in ten years. Ten years is 120 months - Sabo won't dare calculate how many days it has been.

He knows that Luffy should be 17, whilst he and Ace are 20. 'Twenty-one in three months.' he thinks in his mind about Ace, until a morbid thought questions his brother's longevity to that age. With the impending war today, Ace, a prominent person in his memories could bite the dust and be permanently erased. Sabo's eyes darken, 'As if I'd let it happen.' His decision is decided there and then.

Despite the world's strongest man that will surely be present to fight for his crew member, he himself asserts, 'I've gotta save Ace!' he eases himself off the bed.'I've got to do something! Anything, everything if possible.'

. . . .

"I'm just doing my job." states the man standing in front of the door, purposely blocking Sabo's way with a stabilizer gun - ready and prepared. Patients in the revolutionary army could be as restless as a pirate sometimes.

"I know," the blond-haired man replies. "and I'm going out to fulfill mine." he declares, placing his trademark black top hat atop his head.

"You, idiot try to think it over! You ain't fully healed yet! " he shouts. "Can't ya see the bandages wrapped around your torso and arms? Forget the doctors, Dragon sure as hell won't be pleased bout this." he reasons to the young man who is strapping a steel bo-staff (he rarely uses) behind his back. "Marineford is gonna be up in chaos. That war will be epic and one for the record books, but it'll be full of elites."

The door-blocker shakes his head when seeing the all-business facial features on the young man. "Look, I know you wanna go out since you're feeling restless and all, but once your healed, I'll even vouch on your behalf for you to go exploring again. You're condition at the moment ain't too great."

"I don't care! I honestly don't. That war is an execution for my brother!" he spits out in disgust. "My brother is going to die because of his damn heritage! No way in hell will I be able to live with myself if I did nothing." Despite the tremble in his last words, the truth still remains.

"Fire Fist Ace? You're brother?" he questions, looking at him in disbelief. "Okay, now you've really lost it. Don't you-"

"-Sorry, but I don't wanna hear it." apologies the young man, walking over closer to the door-blocker. With his top hat slightly tipped down, his face is cast in a shadow. "You're an awesome guy with the best type of liquor I've ever drank, but either you move or I'll move you." he calmly warns, still keeping his voice flattering, polite and cold.

The door-blocker doesn't think twice and drops the gun, clamming up. He barely acknowledges the friendly squeeze on his right shoulder. All he can remember is the brief piercing look in the man's blue eyes: deep and dangerous with a hidden desperate plea he'll never comprehend.

. . . .

"Oi, Top Hat!" calls out a comrade, when seeing the owner of goggles in her pocket. "Aren't you supposed to be in the infirmary?" she asks knowingly. "Heard you're injuries were pretty serious."

The blond-haired man stops walking, glancing at the woman behind him. "True, but I've got pressing matters to attend to."

The woman tilts her head to the side, fingers on her chin. Something definitely isn't right. "Hmm...you owe me one Sabo, since I'll let whatever's going on slide. Okay, I won't stop ya." she says, on her way to the conference room to discuss the slavery issue of Tequila Wolf until she remembers. "Heads up!"

Arcing his head up, Sabo stretches his arm to catch his valued goggles that should be attached to his hat.

"Thanks, Satoko. By the way, how many of our ships are still at the harbour?"

Her fingers rest on her chin again. "Should be four now, since most our ships already sailed out to East Blue in the last six hours and two are at Saboady Archipelago, undercover of course."

"Of course. Is the small one there by any chance?"

"It always is, never really used, but why you asking? Wait, don't answer."

The young man nods his head instead.

"Well your out of luck, buddy. I'm telling you in advance that no one's setting sail this particular hour, since there's no strong breezes or gusts in the air. You'd have to be aerokinetic to..." the woman face-palms himself, knowing he's smirking at her mistake. "I take my words back. You're in plenty of luck, plus you're a decent navigator." she grudgingly admits. "See ya later or soon."

His mouth sets itself in a thin line at her words. "Wait, Satoko I...I dunno if I'll be back later, or at all." the brunette whips her head back, her squinting eyes: searching and suspecting him. "Hey! I'm not ditichin' the revolutionary army, you of all people should know that." he says, raising his hands in surrender. I've just gotta fulfill important duties. There's an important thing that needs to be saved and protected."

Living up to her name, she questions, "Is this important thing an important person?"

He offers her his infamous grin where one tooth has gone AWOL. "Dragon'll understand but not agree with my reasons. If I don't come back, tell him thanks for everything." he walks away, chuckling at his next words. "Also, it wouldn't hurt to tell him that I'll say hello for him to his kind of adopted son."

Satoko the brunette raises a brow at the leaving Top Hat wearing man, wondering who could possibly be the leader Dragon's son apart from Monkey D. Luffy. 'No doubt about it. I bet he's another pirate.' she presupposes.

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