They were eating dinner together now. Jack seemed to still be dizzy from their earlier activities, but Pitch didn't really mind. He liked knowing he was the reason Jack was like this.

A soft chuckle left his lips as a thought crossed his mind.

"Didn't you say you were the smartest in your group of friends?"

Jack blinked up at him and his cheeks quickly darkened. "Well," he started, fidgeting awkwardly, "That was… back home… here's different. I'm not used to how this guy teaches yet… He's really confusing…"

Pitch laughed. "And here I thought this was just your excuse to come by and have sex." Jack's cheeks got darker.

"Well, that's a good bonus," he muttered, poking at his food shyly, avoiding all eye contact. Pitch laughed again.

"You're precious," he teased, reaching his hand across the table and rubbing circles into the back of Jack's hand. Just like the first time. Jack's unhappy pout melted once Pitch began touching him. Jack was Pitch's every time their skin met. Gosh, now Pitch was even thinking in poetic phrases that he could put into books.

Lifting Jack's hand to his lips, Pitch placed a soft kiss there and whispered, "You really should take another test…"

Jack chewed his lower lip. "With the vibrator again?" he asked sheepishly.

Pitch paused. "I have a better idea," he whispered, walking Jack up to the second floor where his bedroom was. (He made sure to grab the papers before they went up.) He stripped Jack of his pants and stood behind him, wrapping his arms around his smaller frame.

He sat himself down on the bed, pulling Jack down with him. Jack kept trying to look over his shoulder at him, but it wasn't really working. Pitch made sure it wasn't. He stayed just out of Jack's sight.

Carefully, Pitch eased his length into Jack's body and slid the test into his hands. "I think you know what you'll get if you answer correctly," he purred, watching Jack fidget on his dick. "Nervous?"

Jack swallowed audibly. "J-just a little…" Pitch rubbed his shoulders gently and the test began.

It ended with Jack lying on his stomach on the bed while Pitch pounded him senseless. Pitch wouldn't have it any other way.

Hey guys. Sorry I've been offline on everything so terribly long. I don't have many excuses aside from time constraints. There was an entire day I was forced to stay awake for nearly 20 hours. I need my sleep. I don't function well without it. Needless to say, I was half-dead the next morning.

Sorry this is so short too. Wow. It seemed longer…