Weakness. Darkness. Exhaustion.

Was it weak of him to want to curl up and die right now?
He already had the curling up part down.

But no. He promised Kensi.

Strength. Sunshine.
He laughed inwardly. Gunpowder.

God, he was going crazy. He needed to get out of here.

He needed to see the light. The sunshine. His sunshine.

The door to his room opened.
Due to his over turned chair, Deeks has been staring at the ceiling for the last couple hours. The terrorist stared down at him with a twisted smile and put a heavy foot on his stomach.

They were questioning him again.
He'd been tied to this chair for 2 days? 3 days? A week?

Hell if he knew.
Same questions. Over and over again.
Getting really annoying.

Every time Deeks didn't respond to his question, extra pressure was applied to his stomach from this man's combat boot. There was a loud crack and pain whipped through Deeks' body. He tried not to show this bastard how much pain he was in, but he couldn't help but let out a hiss of agony.

His captor pulled his chair back up to its upright position and punched him in the face.

Every movement Deeks tried to make, or was made for him, sent more shocks of pain through him. Every part of him throbbing. He imagined his face a big, bloody, black and blue mess. He couldn't even open his eyes from the swelling.

Sometimes the pain was so severe, he'd just pass out.

Was he passed out now?
Was he now just dreaming of this torture?
Wouldn't be the first time.

Over the time he'd been here, he'd had multiple dreams of being beaten. His dad even made a couple appearances in those nightmares.

But then, there were also the dreams of being rescued. In his opinion, those were worse than the torture dreams because he'd awaken, expecting to be in a hospital room, but instead he'd still be in this shit cellar.
They seemed so real, Kensi and the rest of the team bursting in, guns a-blazing. His favorite was when Hetty just walked in with a grenade launcher and blasted these guys to Timbuktu.

His captors were talking again. But not to him. To each other.
"They're useless," one said. "Even if they wanted to talk, they wouldn't be able to."

Unfortunately, that was very true. Deeks doesn't know what they did with his mouth in his first couple hours of being tortured, but now it felt like a raw mess. He was sure he was missing a couple teeth too.

"Kill him," the other said. Who was him? Sam? Or him? "We may still be able to get information out of the other."

Who was 'him?' Deeks was panicking. He promised her. He couldn't. He said-

"My pleasure." A barrel of a gun was pressed against Deek's chest.

He was 'him.'
He took a deep breath and couldn't help but think Kensi was going to kill him for getting himself killed. Even at a time like this his brain was still making jokes. If Kensi could hear his thoughts right now she'd probably smack him for being so ridiculous. He wished that they could-
The trigger was pulled.

He wanted to scream but his body just didn't have the energy. His throat constricted, making it harder to breathe with each passing second.

A door burst open.
"N-C-I-S!" He heard someone yell. A woman. Kensi.

Oh, so this was another dream, he thought as his brain started to get fuzzier. One of the rescue ones. He felt a little relieved even though he knew he'd just wake up to more torture eventually. At least he wasn't really going to die. At least, not right now.

More gunshots and yelling.

He could feel his warm blood starting to pool in his lap and drip on the floor.

He felt someone untying the binds at his wrist and feet. He wanted to respond, to see her, even if it was just a dream, but his lungs seemed to be refusing to cooperate.

"Deeks." Kensi whispered in a frightened tone.

He wished he'd wake up now. He didn't like to hear her hurt.
He, also, was in excruciating pain that he wished to leave behind in dreamland.

Wake up, he thought,hoping pure will was enough to make it happen.

"Eric, where are the medics?! He needs help!" she sounded hysterical.

Wake up!


A/N: Being an engineering major now, this was somewhat difficult to write, haha, but I really wanted to write this little story that just would not get out of my head after I saw the finale. More of a drabble than an actual story though, but whatever. And I'm not sure if I'll continue it or not, I guess it depends on the response I get. I hope you enjoyed it!