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Summary: Sequel to the Second Heir. With the War of the Ring over, what remains for Maethriel and the Fellowship? Life, Love, and Loss, things Mae is all too familiar with. Many Choices and Trials lie ahead for our Favorite Elves. I never said they lived Happily Ever After. Established Legomance. Post Trilogy.

A tiny recap…

The war is over, and Middle Earth is restored to peace. Aragorn was crowned king and Maethriel took her rightful place as a Lady of the Court.

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Forever Yours

There was a great feast that night following the coronation, adding to the chaos of the citadel. It was a beautiful celebration though. I teared up again as Aragorn officially announced his betrothal to Arwen which touched my heart and they were to be married within a fortnight. They had spent years waiting for this occasion; they were not waiting any longer. Once the excitement settled, the city fell back into reconstruction stages.

Aragorn seamlessly achieved his authority as king. I took on my role as lady of the court smoothly, I would hope. Sadly, this was mainly talking with Aragorn as he did paper work and dealt with legal affairs. It bored me some days, since I had little knowledge as to what went into running a kingdom. So I was very thankful when Faramir volunteered to help on most days. I saw Legolas more than before, often spending lunch and dinner together. However, I still missed our nights sitting under the stars talking letting the world pass us by.

This is how my routine started. I would be with Aragorn in the morning before retiring to the great city's library to read of history and cultural of Middle Earth in general after a brief lunch with Legolas.

This is how Arwen found me as she entered all smiles as the future queen normally held herself.
"Good afternoon Maethriel."
"Arwen, please call me Mae."
"Of course, Mae." she said nodding softly. She gracefully picked up a random book and pretended to read it but I could see she came for a reason, not just to browse a book.
"I come to ask favor of you." finally she asked after about ten minutes.
"Anything, you are practically family."
"Would you be my maid in the wedding? I know we have not known each other long but I have no female friends or family left in Middle Earth. I know it would mean the world to Aragorn."
"It would be an honor." I said standing to hug the elf. She was so beautiful and kind, I see why my cousin loves her. She just smiled and started rambling on about so much to do. Before I realized it, she was pulling me into her waiting room and was bringing out sheets of paper with writing and drawings all over them.

"What have I got myself into?" I said under my breath, with a smile on my face.

The wedding day was quickly upon the city. Roses of many colors were everywhere in sight, since it was one of Arwen's favorite flowers. White banners hung throughout the halls. I walked into her chambers to see her sitting at her vanity looking nervous for the first time ever.
"Two thousand years I have walked on Middle Earth facing danger and evil without blinking an eye thanks to my father's training and support. But the day I am to marry the man I have loved for over half a century, I have lost my strength." She said pulling her knees up to her chest.
"None of this." I said kneeling before her.
"I may not know you very well but I know my cousin. He loves you. He was willing to give this all up to be with you. He risked his life to give you happiness and hope. There is no being, elf or mortal, who loves you more than Aragorn. If you ask me, in these days that is all you need. I can see you feel the same about him, if not more. You two were destined to be together. So let's get you ready for the best day of your life" she looked up at me and smiled.
"Thank you Mae." she said hugging me. I helped her with her hair and while the maids did her makeup. She walked into her closet to retrieve her gown before slipping it on. It was white satin with silver threading outlining her bust and led into a swirling pattern on the skirt. It was beautiful. I helped her put on her circlet. She was truly gorgeous and she was ready. I quickly pulled on my own gown, a soft blue with only a silver chord acting as an accent. I placed my tiara and let my hair flow naturally in its waves. As we did our finishing touches, there was a knock on the door. I opened it, ready to shoo any one pushing us along but there stood Lord Elrond dawned in his royal garb.
"We are awaiting the bride whenever she is ready." he said. I nodded and turned to Arwen. To say she was beautiful would be shameful. Arwen was truly the Evenstar of our people. I stepped out to give father and daughter a moment.
When they stepped out, she had her veil on I saw tears in Elrond's eyes.
"Come" he said as he led us to the central room. Aragorn stood at the front, with Legolas and Gimili beside him. Gandalf stood waiting to start the ceremony. The procession started. I walked up smiling at Legolas the locking gazes with Aragorn. He was in all black robes and never looked happier. As I reached the front, Arwen started forward with her father by her side.

It was an awe-striking event, to hear their accounts of love and vows to each other. I had to keep myself from crying. As Gandalf pronounced them husband and wife and they kissed, the small crowd gathered cheered and I heard a couple whistles, most likely from the mischievous hobbits or Arwen's twin brothers.

(A/N: I'm not even trying to do their wedding vows, because there is no way I could ever do it enough justice!)

The feast that night was filled with food and dancing. Aragorn and Arwen took their first dance together and ended it with a chaste kiss as others joined them in the middle. I danced with Aragorn once, both of Arwen's brothers, and all four hobbits. Legolas didn't look to happy that I wasn't dancing with him. So the next dance, I pulled him from his seat. It was a more complicated dance but he took the time to review the steps with me gracefully.

Sadly, as the evening went on, politics started to pick up. I quickly tired of listening to the upper class lords and their arguments and ventured outside.

This left me time to think about my own situation. Legolas and I have known each other for well over a year and have been together for almost a year. What is our next step? I have responsibilities here in Minas Tirith with Aragorn, while he must soon return to Mirkwood. He has been gone for almost two years by now. I looked down at the ring on my finger and smiled, he loves me and I him that is all that matters. I will go where my heart leads.

I heard soft footsteps leave the hall and turned to see the object of my thoughts walking towards me.

"Why do you stand out here by yourself? It is quiet the celebration inside." Legolas asked.

"I am happy for Aragorn and Arwen. I really am." I said looking down.

"Mae, what's wrong?" he asked putting a finger under my chin to make me look at him.

"Nothing, I was just thinking."

"About what?"

"Where do we go from here? I know you can't stay in Gondor forever. You said we would talk about it when the time came. Well, sadly it is upon us now."

"I leave for Mirkwood in two weeks' time. It's been nearly two years since I've seen my home."

"Legolas, what about us?" I looked down, unable to look him in the eyes, fearing his answer.

"What do you want to do Mae?"

"I love you Legolas, more than anything. That is all I know anymore"

"Then come with me."

"What?" I looked up with confusion.

"Come with me. Come to Mirkwood with me"

"I…" I didn't know what to say. I feared his answer, but wasn't expecting this!

"Mae, I cannot leave here without you. My heart will not allow it. I know I've been neglectful of our relationship lately, but I always knew you would be down the hall. Being miles away is too much." he said caressing my cheek.

"What would your father think? What would your people think? To bring home a foreign woman after two years of being at war? I can almost hear the rumors now"

"My father already knows my intentions and so does his advisors. The only person who does not is you." he said before reaching into his pocket and dropping to one knee.

"Maethriel, I love you more than all the stars in the sky. You are my star, bright shining in my life. I want you to be my star for all eternity. I do not wish to go a day longer, without you by my side. Will you marry me?" I looked down at him. I didn't have to think twice

"Yes" I said leaning down to kiss him.

He took back his Mirkwood ring and placing it on his right middle finger before sliding a new one onto my finger. The band was mithril with engraved vines that curved ever so slightly to meet a leaf shaped emerald.

"It was my mother's before she sailed. She told me to give it to the woman who meant more to me than her. I didn't understand her words at the time; she even wrote them down for me. But now I know what she meant. Through everything we've been through in the last two years, I've learned the one thing I can't live without, you." I fought the tears as I kissed him gently on the lips. His words were so sincere, so heart felt. How do you respond to that?

"I thought my world had ended when my village was destroyed, but I couldn't be more wrong. It brought me to the fellowship, to you. I now get to spend all eternity by your side."
He took me into his arms and I laid my head against his shoulder, playing with his silvery locks. That is how many found us that night, just staring out at the moon and stars. I couldn't help but be the happiest elleth there, besides Arwen of course.

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