From Behind The Glass

From Behind The Glass

Part One

The day was perfect. There was no need to picture a more serene sight. The sky was clear with the sun shining brightly in the background. The wind was clam and cool as it blew through the tall trees and the damp grass. The leaves of the trees were rustling as if summoning the birds back to their haven. The birds, in turn, answered their call, chirping gleefully as if in praise to the morning sky. What completed the scene was the presence of the calm lake that reflected all that was present, just like a mirror or glass catching whatever may appear before it. The sky, the trees, the grass, and the birds all appeared in it like a portrait depicting the lovely sight.

The only foreign sounds were that of two pairs of running shoes moving against the pavement beneath it. The owners of those running shoes belonged to two figures, one a bit smaller than the other. The taller one had thick brown hair covering half his face, only showing one beautiful green eye. The other had short blonde hair falling gracefully, accenting large, magnificent blue green eyes. Both were running at their own pace, but it seemed that the smaller figure was trying to catch up with his companion who was a greater distance ahead.

"Hey, (pant) this is supposed to be our morning jog, not run! (pant) I need a break." The said figure then gracefully slid down the tree, sitting on the soft, cool grass.

It was then that the other figure decided to stop, giving his companion some time to rest. After all, the smaller figure was trying to catch his breath, occasionally coughing and panting.

"Honestly Quatre, you're so slow today. You usually run even faster than I do. I think that you're getting out of shape after spending too much time in that office." proclaimed the other.

"Trowa, (pant), you know I have to work. (cough) My sisters are relying on me (pant) to take care of the business. (deep breath)"

"I know (sigh), but you better start taking better care of yourself. If you don't come out every once in a while, I just might blow up your office one of these days."

"I will." The one named Quatre replied with a sweet smile in gratitude for the concern. He then accepted the extended arm offered in assistance.

After some stretching, Trowa and Quatre decided to jog in the direction of a modest sized house located just around the corner.

The house they lived in was neither small nor large. Although it did not compare to the other luxurious homes the one named Quatre owned, it was spacious enough for different activities but small enough not to attract unneeded attention. It was just like any other home. It had a simple yet elegant style that seemed to fit the two that were occupying it.

The voices of the two could be heard from the kitchen. They were currently having a conversation.

"You're rushing off again without even touching your breakfast. You know, I made this for you while you were in the shower."

"I'm really sorry but I have to go. I didn't think that our morning jog would take that long."

" That break *did* take up quite some time."

"Again, I'm sorry. It seems that I've been breathless lately. Anyway, it's time for me to go. I'll see you later. Tell the others that I'll be home for dinner." With a smack on the cheek to Trowa, Quatre half -walked, half-ran to the direction of the car.

From what had been said in the conversation, it seemed that today was the day the two were having some guests over. It had been quite some time since these two have seen their three good friends. Although two weeks didn't seem like a very big amount of time, to the five, it did. Seeing each other brought back both good and bad memories. Quatre knew that they needed each other and so he decided that that they should see each other regularly. He was the brain behind everything, effortlessly planning everything for their 'get-togethers.' He tried to make sure everything was perfect even if today, he wouldn't be able to come home in time.

"... and to think that he was the one who planned all this." Trowa muttered.

Not wanting to voice out his opinions to himself, Trowa began a long, reflective string of thoughts inside his head. "This has got to stop. It seems like he's starting to live in that room. Skipping meals and loosing sleep does *not* help the body. Hmm, he should really get a vacation. I know I won't be able to convince him. Then, who? ... Ah, I think I know someone who can. It's going to be convenient since he's coming over anyway."

Satisfied with his plan, Trowa began eating his breakfast, as well as Quatre's while still continuing with his silent thoughts. After a quick shower, he decided to sit on the porch with a large mug of coffee while waiting for his friends when he was suddenly attacked from behind. Within seconds, he realized that there was a hand on his mouth, a gun on his head, and a sword by his throat. His large mug dropped to the ground, shattering it into tiny pieces, with the remnants of the coffee staining the beautiful wooden floor