From Behind The Glass

Part Ten

The day was perfect. There was no need to picture a more serene sight. The sky was clear with the sun shining brightly in the background. The wind was clam and cool as it blew through the tall trees and the damp grass. The leaves of the trees were rustling as if summoning the birds back to their haven. The birds, in turn, answered their call, chirping gleefully as if in praise to the morning sky. What completed the scene was the presence of the calm lake that reflected all that was present, just like a mirror or glass catching whatever may appear before it. The sky, the trees, the grass, and the birds all appeared in it like a portrait depicting the lovely sight. This was the way it had been in the beginning and this is the way it will remain until the end.

Not far from the lake stood the tall, still figure of Trowa Barton. His head was bowed and his hands folded as if in reverence to an invisible figure. The wind blew unobtrusively through his hair as he lifted his head and closed his eyes. It seems highly doubtful that anyone would know what exactly he was thinking for no one could truly read Trowa Barton.

This was, of course, true before he had met the small figure he had spent the most fruitful years of his life with. Now it all remains a memory, hidden in the labyrinth of thoughts, but never lost in the depths of the soul.

Ah, yes, the magnificence of love. I have seen it before expressed in so many different ways and yet, I have never seen the uniqueness of this bond that I am grateful to have witnessed.

"Hey, Trowa, are you coming?"

The silence in the atmosphere was suddenly broken by a loud, annoying voice. Trowa looked towards the direction of the voice to find his three friends waiting. His expression remained the same as he looked up into the sky to send his message.

"I won't forget what you said." he whispered. "... Funny, it really feels like you're still somewhere around here. For now, I shall mourn but I now that someday, we shall be together again."

With that said, he quickly ran over to his friends and grabbed a hold of a braid that he quickly yanked.

He simply said "You're too loud, Duo."

"Hey, it's past lunch time. You know that my appetite has to be satisfied for me to be quiet!" the other reasoned out, starting to complain.

"I agree with him, Barton. How long does it take you to daydream anyway?"

Trowa, looking irritated at the remarks, wasted no time as he picked up a sharp, fallen branch and charged for the two. The soon to be victims ran as fast as they could, taking quick glances at the one with the sharp object.

"Trowa, you know Duo and Wufei are just teasing you!" Heero, the one left behind, shouted.

"I know! So am I! Grab a stick. Let's go!"

Smirking as he picked up a branch, Heero ran as fast as he could to catch up with Trowa.

For the next hour or so, the only foreign sounds that could be heard against the calm surroundings were those of four figures playfully running after each other.

My eyebrows went straight up as I pondered the events that just took place below me. I look over to my side to see my companion snickering. It is quite obvious that though I have watched the figures so many times before, I still do not truly understand them.

All of a sudden, the expression of my companion changed. He looked thoughtfully below and smiled sadly.

"Yes, I *am* somewhere close. I also know that we shall be together again. For now, enjoy your life and I promise to watch over you always."

Again, I become fascinated by the power of their bond. I see Trowa smiling brightly as he said between tired breaths "I understand, Quatre."

Those few, simple words amazed me and now, I understand too. I feel contented as I watched my companion. He smiled again, this time happily, as he rested his chin on two open palms.

For now, we shall both watch from behind the glass sky, so easy to see through, but so hard to cross over.