To Die or to Kill

The Victor: President Snow

"So what you're telling me is that the Gamemakers were outsmarted by a twelve year old?" I ask calmly.

The fidgety old man squirms, while trying to think of an appropriate response that pleases me. But it doesn't matter. By the end of this conversation, he will be dead, and a new Head Gamemaker will be chosen to replace him. "Sir, we tried to…"

"Clearly not hard enough," I cut in. "Otherwise how could a simple child survive to the finish, without the need to kill any of his opponents?" The old man tries to come up with an answer, but I'm already bored with him. Plus his excuses only seem to agitate me further.

"Sir we've already killed the mutt. We just need to…"

"Well I should certainly hope so," I interject. "The thing was obviously defective. For good measure, have the rest of those beasts scrapped as well."

Without missing a second he agrees, taking it all down. Not that he needs to write any of it. I've already had the order carried out hours ago. Still the senseless halfwit persists with his excuses and apologies.

I motion him to stop his incessant ramblings. Then I smile and offer him a drink. My Avox pours the wine. White for me. And red for him.

The old fool relaxes slightly, as he takes his first sip. "Thank you, sir. Again, I apologize for these unfortunate circumstances. We will be more prepared next year."

"Yes, I believe we will. In fact, I'm preparing as we speak." I wait for his eyes to meet mine. A look of panic crosses his face. Then he collapses to floor.

"It's a shame really. Seventeen Games and he just throws it all away." I turn to the Avox. "Clean this mess up. Will you?"

Now I just have to decide on an appropriate punishment for the child. Killing him would be too simple. Being an orphan he's already too familiar with death as it is.

No, death is not what he's afraid of. What he's afraid of is being the one to cause it. The reason the Districts praise him is the same reason he can be defeated. The boy would rather die than kill. That is his true weakness.

Well if killing is what he's afraid of, then killing is what he will do. From now on he will be the only mentor for District 9. From now on, the fate of every District 9 tribute will be in his hands. Their blood will be on his hands. It's the perfect fate for a boy who doesn't want to kill.

The End

End Notes:

Henley Townsend Will Return