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The air was cool and crisp as hybrid diva Kaitlyn and Dolph Ziggler walked outside the arena together. Another slow, yet somewhat exciting Monday Night Raw had come to an end, and the couple were headed back to some five-star hotel that Vince McMahon picked for the WWE roster. It had been a long night, and Kaitlyn wanted nothing but to rest.

Kaitlyn and Dolph had been dating for maybe a year now, and you could say that things were getting pretty serious between the two; although to some observers, it might have always been serious. However, one might say that their relationship had many faults, flaws if you will.

For one, Dolph always cheated on Kaitlyn. He always bragged about how he could get any woman he wanted at any time. Yeah, Kaitlyn knew about it, but she didn't want to say anything. She was happy, and so was he, although he did make her feel insecure about herself. She felt like she wasn't good enough for him, that's why he had to cheat. Kaitlyn was always blaming everything on herself, yet she didn't want to lose Dolph.

Secondly, Dolph sometimes abused Kaitlyn. It started off subtle at first; just little pushes or maybe some hair pulling. But over time, it progressed. From pushing and hair pulling to slaps and grabs. She would come to shows with bruises up and down her arms; on her face, and always had to think of some lame excuse or lie to tell all her friends and co-workers. One time, Dolph even went as far as blacking her eye.

But again, Kaitlyn blamed everything on herself, like most would in this type of dysfunctional relationship. She didn't want to be alone, and Dolph manipulated her into thinking that no one else would love her like he did. It was a complete and utter mess.

Tonight, however, seemed pretty decent, okay even. Kaitlyn hadn't done anything to make Dolph mad, but that could change in a heart beat. He was always so moody, and could change with the snap of your fingers. They drove back to the hotel in silence, then checked into their room that they were going to share. Kaitlyn just wanted to shower and get to bed as quickly as possible. Was she avoiding Dolph? Probably so.

After her shower, she put on some baggy pajamas and crawled into bed. Shortly after she got into bed and was almost asleep, Dolph abruptly turned on the light in the room and Kaitlyn squinted from the light.

"What is it Dolph?" She asked as she sat up in bed. Dolph said nothing and just paced around the room. "Dolph?" Kaitlyn asked again. This time he answered.

"I heard you talking to Natalya earlier." He said darkly and Kaitlyn was confused.

"Yeah?" The hybrid diva asked.

"I heard you talking to her about me." Dolph replied and this time Kaitlyn was silent because she knew that she had made Dolph angry, and she did not feel like arguing at all tonight. She knew she did something wrong. "Did you tell her that I hit you?" He asked, getting angrier by the second as he continued to pace the carpeted hotel floors. Kaitlyn didn't say a word. "Did you?" He snarled as he stopped pacing and his icy blue eyes pierced through her.


"Did you, tell Natalya, that I hit you?"

"Yes..." Kaitlyn said ashamed. This was their game, a routine if you will. Kaitlyn didn't used to be like this. She was a strong, confident woman.

"Why?" Dolph asked simply, yet still angry.

"Because it's the truth!" Kaitlyn couldn't help but to yell, her hazel eyes filling with salty tears. "You hit me all the time! And for what? Because I make you mad? There are other ways to solve problems, Dolph!" She yelled as a single tear crawled down her flushed cheek.

"I don't want you to talk to Natalya anymore. She's bad for you." Dolph said. Kaitlyn couldn't believe what she was hearing!

"Are you serious?" She yelled. "Nattie is like one of best friends, you can just tell me not to-"

"Kaitlyn..." Dolph spoke. It was that tone of voice where you could tell he was about to snap at any moment. Kaitlyn flinched, she knew what was coming next, and it wasn't good.


"Did you just yell at me?" He asked, voice wavering as he stepped closer and closer to Kaitlyn as she was still sitting in bed.

"I'm s-sorry." She spoke quietly. "Dolph, we can just talk about this can't we? No need to get all worked up... Please? Just listen to me. Hitting me won't solve anything." She could barely get out. Kaitlyn was scared to death right now. Sure, she may be able to fight in the ring, but after everything she and Dolph had been through? He knew her weak spots, and he knew just what to do. It was Hell.

"You're right." Dolph nodded, and Kaitlyn exhaled a sigh of relief. But it was an exhale too soon. "Just get out." He said simply. Kaitlyn sighed.

"You don't mean that..."

"Get. Out!" He yelled louder, Kaitlyn flinched.

"But, I don't have anywhere to go." She explained.

"You think I give two shits?" Dolph yelled angrily. "Get the fuck out!" He screamed and grabbed Kaitlyn by her forearms yanking her out of the king size bed. Her tears wouldn't stop coming as he drug her body across the floor, probably giving her rugburn, to the door.

"Dolph, wait... Please?" She asked on her knees in front of the door. Dolph didn't want to hear a single word of it. He slammed the room door right in front of her face, hitting her with it. Kaitlyn was dizzy for a few moments, then the hybrid diva passed out.

All she remembered after that, was being lifted up bridal style, and being carried down the hallway unconscious. Was she dead? She thought she was, but then, being snapped out of her heaven-like vision, she heard a rough yet beautiful sounding Irish accent.

"Don't worry Kaitie, I've got you, you'll be fine..."

Author's Note: To be continued...?