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Month two of Kaitlyn's pregnancy started. She was sick everyday and this worried Sheamus. She spent all her time convincing him that it was normal and that pregnant women were supposed to get sick. They had taken time off from the WWE, and were staying in Sheamus' Florida home. They stopped fighting, but they still had fear deep down in their hearts. Even though he was scared, Sheamus was there for Kaitlyn every step of the way.

Month three approached quickly, and Kaitlyn was starting to show. It wasn't a real noticeable baby bump, but she was gaining weight. This was also when she was able to get her first ultrasound. They knew it probably wouldn't look like anything, or anybody, yet for that particular matter. But the couple were still scared at seeing the baby for the very first time.

Kaitlyn didn't cry at the ultrasound or anything, but she did when she got home, because Sheamus had left her to go get a couple of drinks at a local bar. The hybrid diva was so afraid that if the baby didn't belong to Sheamus, he would leave her, and if he left her, she would be a mess.

He came home a couple hours later, and Kaitlyn was already in bed. But she wasn't asleep, she was crying as she hugged a pillow. Sheamus crawled into bed too, and she could smell beer on him. "Sheamus?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Yeah, love?" He asked as he pulled the diva close to him.

"Don't leave me, okay?" She begged, and you could almost hear the need in her voice. The Irishman wanted to question her as to why she was feeling this way, but decided it wouldn't be a good idea. All he did was kiss her, and hopefully that would wash away her doubt.

He didn't want her to feel like she was alone throughout this, because she wasn't. He was going to be there the whole time for her, he wanted Kaitlyn to feel like she could depend on him and confide in him like husband and wife were supposed to. Sheamus was pretty sure that he was having the same feelings of doubt, fear, and regret that she was.

"We're married, remember? We're gonna go all the way." He mumbled to her.

Soon it was month four, and Kaitlyn's belly stuck out just a little more. It was weird for her to look pregnant. She was going to the doctor regularly now, and soon she would be able to tell the gender of the baby. Although, a part of her wanted it to be a surprise, Sheamus wanted to know whether they were going to have a daughter or a son.

They were walking on eggshells the whole pregnancy; fear practically consuming them. Finally, it was month five, and they were going to find the sex of the baby. Throughout the whole examination, Kaitlyn's hands were shaking because they could actually see the baby's face now with the 3D ultrasound technology.

"I don't want to look... I don't..." She said on the verge of tears as Sheamus squeezed her hand.

"Kaitie, just look. That's your baby either way..." Sheamus said and the hybrid diva looked at the little monitor with the baby on it.

"Are you ready for the gender?" The doctor asked.

"Sure." Sheamus nodded.

"It's a girl!" The doctor announced but how could the couple be happy? Kaitlyn knew she should be, but she felt empty inside as she stared at the little screen. She kept trying to tell herself that the baby looked like Sheamus, but honestly, she couldn't tell. Maybe she was lying to herself to give herself some kind of false hope.

"Hear that Kaitie?" The Irishman asked. "We're gonna have a little lass. A baby girl." He said as he kissed his wife on the forehead.

"Yeah..." Kaitlyn said.

Suddenly, month six came, and that's when Kaitlyn gained the most weight. Her baby bump was sticking out so that she couldn't see her feet, and the baby had even started to kick. Sheamus made sure that she stayed in bed all the time, because he wanted a safe pregnancy, and he wanted Kaitlyn to be healthy. He cooked for her, cleaned for her, and made sure that she got everything she needed. The ginger even started working on a nursery for the unborn baby.

The walls were pastel pink, and he had secretly been buying baby furniture to surprise Kaitlyn. Maybe the nursery would make her feel better. There was a little white crib and a changing table, and some toys, and a rocking chair. Everything seemed to match perfectly, and finally it was done, and Sheamus was ready to show his wife.

"Kaitie..." Sheamus said as he walked back into their big bedroom. She sighed and looked over at him.


"Come on, I got something to show ya." He replied as he grabbed her small hand to help her out of bed.

"What is it?" She asked.

"It's a surprise, just come on." The Irishman said as he held her hand and led her down the hall in their Florida home. "Ta da!" He fan fared as he opened the door.

"Oh my gosh..." The hybrid diva covered up her mouth in awe as she went to stand in the middle of her little girl's nursery.

"I've been working on it for a while now." Sheamus told her. Suddenly, this was like a wake up call for Kaitlyn. Sheamus really did want to be with her, and he really did want to raise the baby even if it wasn't his. She couldn't help but to tear up at this beautiful realization.

"You bought clothes too? And diapers?" She asked as she opened up the dresser drawers.

"I think we'll have everything we need when our little lass comes home." Sheamus said as he joined his wife in the middle of the room. Kaitlyn noticed that he said our, when he spoke of the baby. Were things turning around? Deep in his heart, did he really think the baby was his?

"You really do care..." She concluded as she looked up at him with her teary eyes.


"You really want to raise this baby... Even if it's not-"

"I meant what I said Kaitie, I wouldn't lie to ya." Sheamus concluded, and Kaitlyn hugged him and cried. It seemed like she had been doing that a lot lately, but she couldn't help it. This was the most beautiful thing he had ever done, he was just a beautiful person, and maybe that's why she fell in love with him in the first place.

The rest of the pregnancy went by quickly, and Kaitlyn felt herself getting more and more excited for the baby. She was at eight and a half months when she her stomach began to drop and she felt herself getting stomach pains. The hybrid diva thought she was even starting to get contractions, but she wasn't sure, and she did not want to scare Sheamus.

However, Kaitlyn was right about them because one night while she and Sheamus were laying in bed getting ready to sleep, her water broke, and she was scared.

"Sheamus..." She whispered.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"It's time." She said as calmly as she could.

"What?" The ginger replied as he sat up in bed.

"My water just broke. Get the diaper bag and let's go to the hospital." Kaitlyn said with a smile as she tried to sit up in bed.

"Don't get up, I'll help you." Sheamus said as he went over to Kaitlyn's side of the bed and supported her back so she could get out of bed. "Are you having contractions?" He asked. Kaitlyn nodded.

"Yeah, but they're not so bad yet. I think we still have a lot of time." She said and he nodded and ran to get the diaper bad.

"Alright, be careful." He warned as he helped the diva to the car. The two were then off to the hospital. "Are ya scared?" He asked as they drove.

"I am a little." She admitted.

"Whatever happens, I love you, and I will raise this baby as my own." Sheamus said as he pulled into the hospital parking lot.

"I love you too." Kaitlyn replied as she kissed him on the forehead. "Now, let's go have a baby." She smiled and Sheamus helped her out of the car.

The two were immediately put into a delivery room, and Kaitlyn was in pain for hours with some harsh contractions. She got an epidural, and Sheamus rubbed her back, but the pain was still unbearable. Six hours after she and Sheamus' arrival at the hospital she was allowed to start pushing.

"Alright, Kaitlyn, we're going to take things nice and easy here." The doctor said. "Sheamus, hold her hand and encourage your wife. Kaitlyn, now I'm going to count to ten, and I need you to push. Are you ready?" The doctor asked. Kaitlyn nodded, and her heart was racing.

"You can do this Kaitie." Sheamus encourage as he squeezed her hand.

"Okay, and push." The doctor commanded, then counted to ten. "And breathe." Kaitlyn gasped as she caught her breath. "Push." The doctor said again and Kaitlyn obliged.

"God..." Kaitlyn grunted as she squeezed Sheamus' hand hard.

"You can do it..." He encouraged. "Keep going."

"And push..." The doctor said again. "The head is out. Keep going." Kaitlyn only stared up at the big white ceiling, being blinded by the lights as she gave it her all and tried to push her little girl out. Suddenly, she heard the cries of her baby, and she shut her eyes tight. Appearance was everything.

"Kaitie, you did it!" Sheamus encouraged.

"I know... Just, I don't want to see..." Kaitlyn said as she tried not to cry. Sheamus looked over at the doctor who was holding the baby, weighing her, and cleaning her up, and his heart stopped. The baby had red hair. That's all he saw sticking out of the little bundle.

"Kaitie... Kaitie..."

"What?" She answered with her eyes still closed, by now she was already crying.

"The baby-" He choked up as he kissed Kaitlyn. "She has red hair... She has red hair!" The Irishman practically yelled as he hugged his wife tight and kissed her all over her face. He was crying by now, because he just couldn't believe it. "Open your eyes." He said and Kaitlyn obliged.

"Oh my gosh..." She said as the doctor handed her the little girl wrapped in the blanket. "She looks just like you." She cried as she ran her fingers through the tufts of ginger hair on the baby's hair.

"What are we going to call her?" Sheamus asked.

"I want to name her Patience..." Kaitlyn mumbled as she couldn't take her eyes off the baby that looked so much like her husband. She wanted that name, because their baby had made them wait so long to determine their fate, and somehow Sheamus understood that.

"That's a beautiful..." He said. "Do you like the name Patience?" He cooed to the baby, who was now sleeping. "I love you Kaitie, and our baby, Patience." He said as he kissed Kaitlyn on the forehead.

"I love you too." Kaitlyn smiled and she wiped away her tears. And she really did love him, he was the love of her life. Sheamus had saved her. From loneliness, from heartbreak, from fear, and most importantly, from herself. He was her savior.


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