Cold as Ice


100 Theme Challenge: Theme Nine: Cold


During that short time when he was human, even if it wasn't entirely real, Prowl had loved it.

He was able to feel things. He was able to enjoy nature more as well as experience things in a human's point of view.

The ninja-bot had especially loved the snow, the ice, the cold. Winter was beautiful for wonderful, even if it was really cold for his human body.

He decided that it was his favorite season, out of the four. He found it amazing how some animals went into what human's called 'Hibernation', away from the cold.

Prowl guessed that was why he was currently standing outside the base, in the cold right now.

Their little battle with Soundwave and the other Decepticons had passed not too long ago, and he was back in his big bot body, as well as the others.

He had to say he missed being in a human body, for that short while, but he knew he didn't belong like that.

Prowl extended his servo, watching in minor awe as the small snowflakes landed on his open palm, only to melt quickly into a tiny little drop. It slide down his servo slowly and landed on the ground, causing a ripple in one of the small puddles.

His calculation blue gaze went skyward as he continued to watch in silence as all the frozen flakes danced in the light breeze.

Prowl let a deep sigh rumble out of him, his servo dropping to his side. He turned away, and walked back inside the base with a frown clear on his face plate.

The thing he hated most about his robot body was that he could barely feel the cold.


Prowl, you make me feel depressed. ; u;

Any who, just wanted to write something about Prowl, for the first time, I think. I thought that this theme was perfect for him, in a strange way xD

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