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This is not really a chapter story but it's not really a one shot. I thought about the idea of it and when I started imagining complete scenes I wrote it down and thought I would share. It's a fun romp in a different fandom than I usually write in while I puzzle my way through Vala of Changing Light and a Supernatural crossover. Enjoy, I know I did. ^_^

Jokul Frosti

Chapter One

The Past Reaches The Present

It was funny; Jack was sitting in on a meeting with the other Guardians when the note arrived. Bunny and North were again bickering about whose holiday was better while Tooth was sending out orders through her fairies and Sandy was drifting off a couple feet in the air, dangerously close to going out the window and Jack, Jack was resisting the urge to hop on top of his staff and start spinning to relieve the boredom. These meetings could drag and it sometimes almost made him wish he were out somewhere people couldn't see him because then at least he could do something interesting. Don't get him wrong, he was greatly fond of the Guardians. They were becoming his family and Sandy had always been his friend, from the moment they met when he was still new to being an immortal; but the Guardians were ages old and very stuck in their ways, North and Bunny would always argue the same points and Tooth would forever be flitting around like a whip crack attention in a hundred different directions at once. It left little room for Jack himself which he knew very well. It would take time for him to get his own niche and until then, he would be near tears with boredom while Easter and Christmas fought over bragging rights and he couldn't barely stand it.

The urge to play spinning top was winning when the Wind carried in something he hadn't felt in centuries, hitting him in the face and forcing him to his feet with a gasp, drawing the attention of the others. Ice surged in his veins and he nearly glowed with energy as his grip tightened on his staff, feet leaving the floor as he unconsciously hovered inches from the ground. A wild laugh escaped him as Tooth's voice registered.

"Jack! Jack what is it?" She flitted over to North and Bunny when the sense of cold around Jack expanded into a nimbus of frigid air, keeping all away from him. Sandy was halfway out the window when he came to at the sharp notes in Tooth's voice and he floated to her side, his face a mask of curiosity.

"What is happening?" North asked the Spirit of Winter, shivering a bit at the sub-zero temperature Jack was radiating. Jack looked at them with a startled kind of joy.

"They're back!" He crowed, eyes shooting to the open window. An inexplicable sense of dread welled in North's stomach at the sudden look of impatience that split Jacks face. The Guardian of Fun was leaving. For where, no one knew. "Christmas and Easter are equally important so North stop working Bunny up and Bunny take a chill pill okay meeting adjourned! Bye!" And out he went, taking the cold and Wind with him in so sudden a movement that it felt like someone had tried to suck the air out of the room.

"What the bloody hell was that about?" Bunny asked North, fur ruffling as he tried to work out the chill Jack's sudden burst of power had left him with. All four Guardians were concerned about their fifth who had just lit out without a reason. Tooth zipped to the window that had served as Jack's exit, looking around for Jack.

"He's gone! I can't see him anywhere!" She looked back at them, her jewel eyes glittering with worry. "What do we do?"

North looked out the window, hoping he could see the boy but could not, and hmm'd thoughtfully before shaking his head.

"Without clue to which direction he took we cannot hope to follow Jack. Only wait until he comes back to tell us what happened." He met Tooth's and Bunny's eyes and smiled. "No worries. Jack did not look scared. Happy if anything, so it could not be anything bad. Benefit of the doubt, no?" But inside, despite his words, North too was worried. He did not know anything that could affect another spirit so, let alone one he cared so much about.

Sandy watched the three of them fret over the abrupt departure of Jack Frost and made a token effort to attract their attention. It was ignored, as usual. He huffed but didn't feel put out, they got like that from time to time, he was well used to it. It wasn't like he had anything much to add anyway; long ago Sandy had seen Jack this way, this happy, once and only once, but he had never known the reason why.


Tony Stark was puttering around his tower (though he would deny he was 'puttering') and just about to head back to R&D to see what Bruce was up to when he spotted Thor out on the deck doing something he hadn't even begun to think the Asgardian would do.

He was dancing. And it was weird.

Sure though, the big guy was going for graceful and he almost managed it at points -when both feet were on the ground- but he was a big guy and his bulk did not help him at all. Tony snorted and let out a guffaw. He looked like a dancing bear on crack.

Oh, I can't let this slide. He thought to himself as he changed gears and headed for the deck.

"Hey Point Break," he called, interrupting 'Salutation to Stumbling Drunk', "what'cha doin'?"

Thor grinned but kept moving, looking for all the world like he was doing the cha-cha.

"Friend Tony! It is winter and the snow falls! I pay homage to Jokul Frosti for his blessed gift!"

Tony stared at the Norse God as he continued to jive, boots stomping patterns into the white on the ground. "You mean Jack Frost? How do you know Jack Frost? He's not even a well known myth!"

Thor looked offended and finally paused before he could break out in the Lindy.

"Blasphemy. Jokul Frosti is no myth. He is a god of ice and snow and the heart of winter season. Long have my people celebrated his reign over winter's domain with feasts and merry making. Now I have returned to Midgard and with the falling of snow I recognize his rule and celebrate it."

Tony could feel his jaw swinging in the breeze as Thor seemed to curse and mumble about starting all over again. The god of thunder had a god of his own? Where the hell did that come from?

There was a sudden burst of icy air, enough to make Tony shiver, and a sudden deluge of snow that seemed to whirl around the deck like a cyclone that Thor greeted with (what Tony felt was) unreasonable glee.

"All hail Jokul Frosti!"

"Dude, what the hell?!" Tony yelped. What craziness was this; he should have gone to R&D like he'd meant. Bruce would have been just as fun.

He heard a crackle like ice splintering followed by a laugh that reminded Tony of mirth and mischief with the slightest touch of deviance. He looked up as Thor did.

There, suspended in the wind, hair buffeted by his own power, hung who Tony could only accept was Jokul Frosti. Jack Frost.

Jack couldn't believe it. He stared down at the blond haired warrior he hadn't seen in a stone's age, looking just as he did all those centuries ago. Thor. Jack used to enjoy seeing Thor and his brother Loki when they used to come to this world to scare the 'savages' (as Hogun used to call them until Jack has filled his mouth with ice shaped down to his very incisors muting him until he learned his lesson. Uppity god, Jack would huff.) along with the Warriors Three. Sif was always trying to prove herself just as tough as the men and wasn't as much fun but Jack hoped she had lost some of that in the last few hundred years. Thor and Loki were his favorites though and he always tried to stop by wherever they were making a mess to cajole them into a game, something they had always been game for thankfully. He smiled widely at the man, dropping lower like he weighed the same as a snowflake which was nothing, drifting a bit before he made his feet hit the ground. His laugh, bubbling with joy, escaped him and he couldn't help it when he immediately left the ground again to zip to Thor's side.

"You don't call, you don't write? You should be ashamed of yourself!" He laughed, throwing his arms wide in the universal sign of 'hug me you ass!'

Thor look chagrined and bowed his head.

"Jokul Frosti, I offer my most sincere apologies. I have been remiss in paying you your rightful respect," Jack wouldn't have it. In a gesture as old as their friendship, he swung his staff forward and bopped Thor on the head. In the background Tony couldn't hold in his, 'ha!'

"Save it Thor. No hard feelings. Come greet me properly." He said with a gesture of his free hand.

Thor grinned and swept the boy up in a bone crushing hug, releasing a booming laugh. Jack returned it as best he could with his manliest effort before the two broke apart. He looked the Asgardian up and down.

"You look good man. The years have been kind to you."

"As they have to you Jokul Frosti. It is wonderful to see you again after so long." Jack agreed.

"Good to be seen." Jack responded, the way he had everytime he saw Thor.

Jack didn't know it but Thor kept to himself that Jack's return always dampened his mood no matter how bright the response was. Jack was a lonely god, he always had been, going about his duties and seeing to the world without fail even though none saw him or believed. Only Thor and his people saw him, something Jack strongly believed kept him going through decades where no one did. Someone had seen him before, someone would again.

Thor's hand brushed across the shoulders of Jack's hoodie and the large man's brow crinkled in confusion.

"Jokul Frosti, where is your mantle? This does not suit you." Once again, in the background, Tony made a noise that frankly agreed that someone Thor would worship should be better dressed.

Jack remembered what Thor was talking about in a flash of insight. The Asgardian's had gifted Jack with a beauty of a cloak shortly after they had met him the first time. It was a symbol of status and great respect for one they kept calling a winter god no matter what Jack said to the contrary, and he'd worn it for many years after they were gone until circumstances relieved him of it. He remembered it was dark like the night sky with a collar and hem covered in shimmering blue frost. They'd also replaced his clothing with something that matched but also respected his wishes to leave his feet bare. Blue top, black vest, grey leggings. They were ruined the same time his cloak was.

"The clothes you gave me were destroyed in a firestorm some hundred and fifty years ago. I had to make do." Jack shrugged, dismissing it as old news.

Thor did not agree.

"We must get you new garments. One who rules a domain as vast as winter's reach deserves more than these," he gave Jack's clothes a look bordering on snooty.

"If you say rags I'm going to hit you again." Jack promised.

"peasant's livery." Thor finished. Jack studied him with a sour look but eased off, figuring he could let that go.

"If you say so." Jack agreed, leaning on his staff. "But I'm not changing out of these until you've got something on hand that will actually fit me. No offense big guy but I would drown in anything that you wear."

"If you must," Thor sighed, bemoaning that Jokul Frosti would be stuck in those dregs for a bit longer. The suffering this god had to go through. "I will send word to Asgard. My friends will see to it that something befitting you will be made. Until then," now he looked behind him, "friend Tony! Jokul Frosti requires clothing immediately. Send for some to be brought to the tower!"

Jack looked beyond Thor to the human man in surprise. He was so busy with Thor that he hadn't paid any mind to the man, not realizing that he could see Jack. He looked the guy over and could see the spark of trouble that was just as much in himself as it was in this man. He grinned at him and waved. The man blinked a couple times while he waved back.

"All hail Jack Frost." the man blurted out, mimicking Thor's exultation. Jack burst out laughing.