A/N- Ok, so I decided this fic needed an Epilogue. I hope that you find it brings a better sense of closure to the piece :)


"Why are we doing this again?" Emma asked her son as he flipped through the very large (and very expensive) pack of craft paper.

"Because this is what families do." He asserted in his no-nonsense voice that Emma found sounded very much like his other mother's. The blonde winced slightly.

"Look kid, I don't want you to get the wrong idea about your mom and me-" She began, but he cut her off.

"You like her."

"Well…yeah, I guess I do."

"And she likes you."

Emma's mind flashed to their most recent night together and a slight smile crept over her face. It had been gentle and loving and strangely beautiful. It had also made them awkward as hell around one another for the next few days. However, Regina had agreed to come over and help Henry with the little scrapbooking project that he had gotten into his head. "Yeah, I suppose she does."

"Then why is this so complicated?" He screwed up his eyes. "You like each other. I know it, everyone else knows it, you two seem like the only ones that can't get with the program."

Emma opened her mouth to reply but a knock came at the door and she stood abruptly to walk off the blush she was sporting. She turned the knob and swung open the door to find Regina on her threshold. "Miss Swan."

"Madam Mayor."

Henry sighed loudly from the kitchen. "First names, remember?"

Regina smirked slightly at her son's cheekiness then looked back at the blonde that was still tinged pink. "Flushed already, Miss Swan?" She said so that Henry could not hear her. But the blonde just glared daggers at her.

"You just wait and see what all he wants us to do." She grumbled and led the woman into the loft.

Regina sat down on the stool next to her son and gave him a kiss on the head to which he smiled warmly and pushed the stack of pictures toward her. "Here, Mom. You can look through the pictures."

"What sort of pictures do you want, Henry?"

"Different sorts." He said flippantly as Emma downed a beer. She imagined she was going to need more alcohol in her system to get through the evening. "We need some with just us individually, but we also need ones with me and you, me and Emma, and you and Emma."

Regina raised her eyebrows and cleared her throat. "Miss Sw-" Henry cut her a look and she cleared her throat again. "Emma and I? Why do we need pictures with just us in them?"

"Because you're my moms."

Emma gave the brunette a look that read See! I told you! But Regina ignored her. "Of course, Henry. Unfortunately, I don't think that we have any-"

"Oh, we don't." He cut her off again. "That's why we're going to take some tonight."

This shocked the brunette into silence. She looked up at the blonde again who found it her turn to smirk. "We are, huh, kid?"


"I don't have a camera."

"Your phone has a camera on it, Mom."

"Oh, right." Emma made a face as if trying to think of another reason this situation could be avoided. However, she was drawing a blank.

"So, if you'll hand me the phone." He held out his small palm. "And Mom, you get over there with her." he nodded to Regina who, against her will, found herself rising. "We can take a few pictures." Regina rounded the corner and looked at the blonde before standing stiffly by her side. Emma shoved her hands into her jean pockets and scowled at the little boy with the phone raised. "Scootch in." He commanded and the two women shuffled awkwardly together. He frowned at them. "Come on, you can sleep in the same bed but you can't stand next to each other?" He asked, once again displaying his annoying ability to know things he shouldn't.

"How do you know we-?" Emma began but received a stomp to her toes with one of Regina's wicked heels.

"Because one night you slept over at the mayor's house," he began, pinning Emma with a sharp eye, "I woke up and wanted to tell you something, but when I went to the guest room you weren't there. So I went to Mom's room to let her know you had left and I saw you in there with her, sleeping." Silence rang through the kitchen as both women looked anywhere but their son or each other. "Right, so slide closer to each other."

Throwing caution to the winds, Emma wrapped an arm around Regina's waist and pulled her close. The woman stiffened for a moment but relaxed slowly and did the same; resting her fingers on the blonde's hip comfortably. "This better, kid?"

"Much!" he laughed and started clicking away. He forced them into a few other poses before sending all of the pictures to Emma's email so that he could edit them later.

"How did you learn to do all of this, Henry?" Emma mused.

"Sydney showed me a long time ago." He shrugged.

The blonde cut a sly glance to the brunette who was suddenly interested in her nails. "Yes, I suppose those skills would have been useful for the newspaper, don't you think, Regina?"

"Yes, I suppose." The woman said indifferently. "Almost as useful as your bugging skills."

Emma smirked broadly then turned to Henry who was watching the closely. "Alright, kid. What now?"

He passed out small flip books to each of them. "We're going to answer these questions for each person."

"This isn't a test is it?" Emma flipped through the pages and was relieved to find that they required subjective answers.

"No." He laughed. "Look, for example, this question: 'What was your first impression of this person?'"

"So I do this for you?" She asked and took up a pen.

"And Mom." He nodded and Regina smirked.

"Keep it kid friendly, Emma." The brunette warned.

"I'll have to come back to that one then." The blonde returned the grin as she flipped through the book; thumbing the pages. "Let's see…'most memorable moment'." The blonde read and then looked at Henry. "When you came knocking on my door on my birthday." She said and smiled. "Regina?"

The brunette paused. "When you desecrated my apple tree." She pursed her lips. Emma felt a wicked smile on her face and arched a brow.

"Oh? I thought you would have mentioned the time I pulled you over."

"You pulled her over?" Henry yelped and Regina blushed. "For what?"


"Did you get a ticket?" He asked Regina.


"We were able to work something out." Emma said deadpan. "Next question." She flipped through again. "Hmmm… 'The thing that annoys me most about you'." She looked at her son. "Henry?"

"That you never let me stay up past nine." He grumbled to the blonde and caused both women to chuckle. Then he looked at Regina and the brunette held her breath; wary of what the boy would say. "That you can't let people be nice to you." There was a silence in which Regina let out a breath but felt her eyes prickle somewhat. "What about you, Emma?" Henry pressed.

The blonde tore her eyes from the face of the brunette to allow her a moment to collect herself. "What annoys me most about you is that you always seem to know things you shouldn't." She reached across the counter and ruffled his hair before turning her gaze back to Regina. "And you," She arched a brow, "What annoys me most about you is that you can hold twice the liquor that I can."

The brunette smiled appreciatively. She knew Emma could have said a hundred things but chose something humorous to allow the brunette to collect herself by leaning on the familiar banter. "Well, Henry, what I find most annoying about you is that you, like Emma, find it impossible to put your shoes where they belong. And you-" She rounded on the blonde, but Emma held up a hand.

"Nope, you just pointed out something annoying about me. You don't get another one." She smirked proudly.

"I didn't say that was the most annoying thing about you." Regina clarified and smirked when the blonde's face fell. "Wasn't that the question?"

"She got you there." Henry nodded.

"Damn, she did, kid."

Regina smiled; she so loved to best the blonde nuisance. "What annoys me most about you, Emma Swan, is that you cannot take a compliment."

Emma blinked; that she had not been expecting. "What do you mean?"

Henry laughed at the bewildered expression on his blonde mother's face. Regina smiled broadly. "Just that. You refuse to take a compliment without casually shrugging it off. Wait, can I change my answer?" she asked suddenly. "Perhaps it's just your shrug that I dislike."

"Nope, can't change your mind." Henry dictated, though the women knew he had simply made the rule up. "Gotta stick with your first answer."

Emma took another swig of beer. "So what now?" She asked. "We have pictures, we have memories, we have quotes….what is the next step?"

"The next step, is to put it all together so that it shows what we're like by ourselves but also what we're like as a family."

"This is gonna be one fucked up book." Emma said quietly and received and reproachful glare from the brunette.

Henry shrugged in the same way that annoyed his adopted mother so much. "Maybe, but it can't be any worse than the other book that shows our history." Emma shrugged and pulled on her beer as Regina bit back a smile and flicked her hair from her face. "I think this is sort of like writing our own history, ya know?" He frowned in concentration. "I mean, yeah, that stuff happened and we can't undo it…but we can build good things on it." Both women looked at him with pride. "What? Does that not make sense?"

"It makes perfect sense, Henry." Regina said smiling.

"Yeah, let's do this." Emma ruffled his hair again and pulled the craft paper to her as Regina resumed her picture hunt. The boy smiled at both of his mothers and felt that perhaps, this could work afterall.