I had thought I'd finished this story, but it kept coming back to me and feeling slightly incomplete, so I decided to finish it some more! I hope you like it :D

One month later

Severus groaned softly as Hermione pressed into him, his back against the wall of the restaurant they had just had dinner in. Her arms clung to his waist, her breasts were pushed against his chest and her curls were wrapped around his fingers. Heaven. She nipped him lightly on his lower lip and he gasped in surprise, allowing her tongue entry into his mouth. His body felt as if it were consumed by flames, his heart pounding as he passionately returned her kiss, rubbing his tongue against hers and hearing her moan in response, "Severus".

Severus groaned again before grasping her waist and spinning her around, pressing her into the wall where he had just been. His lips descended on hers again, more fiercely this time, his tongue sweeping around her mouth eliciting a whimper of desire from Hermione. She grasped his waist again, pulling him even closer against her, and one of her hands moved down to his arse, jerking it forward and bucking her hips up to meet his erection. Severus ground himself into her, his lips descending to her neck to alternately suck and kiss at the flesh he found there. Hermione arched into him, mewling, her hands grappling at his back, trying to pull him ever closer into her. Severus was almost mindless with need, thrusting against her, panting harshly into her neck, one hand slowly moving up her body to find her breast...

When suddenly he stepped back away from her, releasing her, causing her sag against the wall.

"Sorry" he apologised, one hand pushing his hair back out of his face in a gesture demonstrating his frustration. "I shouldn't have-"

"No, Severus, please" Hermione almost whined, her eyes dark and her face flushed, need radiating from her in waves. "Don't stop, not now, please!"

Severus stared at her for a moment, the longing clear in his eyes. But then he shook himself and seemed to straighten a bit, though his face was still tense with the effort it took to control himself, the bulge in his trousers an obvious testimony to his need. "Come, Hermione, I'll take you home" he said gruffly, before taking her arm and apparating away.

They landed on her doorstep a moment later. Hermione's knees must still have been weak from their encounter outside the restaurant, as she seemed to stumble when she landed, almost falling over before Severus caught her. She was once more pressed against his chest, her mouth inches away from his. She steadily looked into his eyes before leaning forward and slowly, calculatingly, slid her tongue over his lips.

"Hermione" he groaned, barely able to contain himself as another wave of desire smashed into him, his abdomen clenching tightly and his erection harder than it had ever been before. "No, no, we can't" he panted against her mouth, his eyes closed as if he could no longer take in the sight of her.

He didn't see her face fall in disappointment and confusion. "I need you" she whispered. "You've hardly touched me since the battle. I can't take it." And suddenly she started to cry, burying her face into his chest. "I can't sleep because I need you so much, my body needs you." She looked up, her face suddenly pale, afraid, her eyes glistening with tears. "Why don't you want me?"

"Hermione" Severus groaned, his eyes open again, full of regret at her sorrow. "I've wanted you so much, I need you so much it hurts. I just, I can't bear ruining things between us again, I was so awful to you the first time, I wanted to take things slowly, I didn't want to rush. I'm sorry." He sighed, taking her hand. "Let's go inside and we can talk."

Hermione nodded, her eyes big. Her tears were gone and there was a soft, frustrated smile on her face. She took out her keys and opened her front door.

Severus led her to her sofa and they sat down. He pulled her against his side and started playing with a strand of her hair. "I'm not good at this, Hermione" he started, sounding unsure of himself and his words. "I've never done this before, with anyone. A relationship, I mean, I've never had one. And I want this to work, so badly. The thought of losing you... It's like nothing I've felt before, not even with Lily." He paused. "I held on to the memory of her for so long, the fantasy I'd made up of her, I never even considered a relationship with anyone else. Not that anyone was ever interested, until you came along. And I was so far gone, I didn't realise how wonderful you were until I'd almost completely fucked it up. The memory of how I treated you, it still tortures me-"

"Severus, stop blaming yourself for the past- I was the one who came to you and offered you sex with no strings attached. You simply took what I offered, something I wanted very, very much. You don't have anything to blame yourself for, really!" She took his hand between hers and started tracing the lines on his palm.

"Oh but Hermione, I do" Severus sighed, taking control of her hand and stroking his thumb along the back of it. "I remember how often I rejected you, ignored you, hurt you. I was a bastard. And I couldn't let that happen again. I wanted to start over with you, take you out, I wanted to get to know you properly before we, you know..."

"And you have! We've done all that! You've taken me on at least twenty dates in the last month and, believe me, they've been wonderful, I've never been this happy, ever. Just, please, make love to me! I can't bear it anymore, I need you so so much" and she twisted around and straddled his lap, taking his head in her hands and pressing her lips against his. "Please" she whispered into his mouth before her tongue found his and her body exploded into desperate need once again.

Severus was faring no better, he ground his hips up against Hermione's strategically placed core, his hands tracing her back, her stomach, her breasts, drinking her in with his mouth. He found the hem of her jumper and pulled it over her head, breaking their kiss. Just when she was about to latch onto him once more, he paused her again-

"Stop, stop-"

"No, Severus, no!" Hermione cried, desperately afraid that he was going to reject her again.

"No, just for a second, I promise- I needed to tell you, I wanted to tell you before we did this-" Severus paused, suddenly looking afraid. He continued quietly- "I love you Hermione, you are everything, I-"

Her mouth was on his again, devouring, she was undoing his buttons, pulling his robe off his shoulders, lifting his jumper and pulling it up and when she had to remove her lips again to pull the jumper over his head, she said in a tone so full of joy and desire he thought he would never hear anything so wonderful ever again, "Severus, Severus, I love you too, so much, I always will, love me Severus, please, now-"

He lifted her from his lap and laid her onto the couch, swiftly covering her with his body before kissing her again. His kiss was hungry, determined, there was no stopping now.

Hermione moved her hands under his shirt, feeling the scarred, otherwise soft skin of his back, moaning at the feel of it under her fingers. Severus shuddered into her, amazed at the intense sensation the caress caused. His hands found the buttons of her trousers and undid them quickly. He slipped one of his hands down, seeking out her warmth, trailing over her bundle of nerves, making her gasp and jerk her hips up into his. His fingers searched lower, finding her wetness- God's she was so wet- and swept the moisture back up to where she needed him most. He massaged her clit as she moaned into his mouth, thrusting into his hand. He had never felt so alive, so aroused, he thrust against her thigh, trying to relieve the unbearable pressure in his cock, gasping as she bit his lower lip and dug her nails into his back in pleasure. He hadn't been touching her for a whole minute and yet she was clearly on the cusp of orgasm, writhing beneath him, crying out into his mouth, clutching at his back, trying to seek purchase to something that would steady her.

Severus stroked her faster and harder, plunging a finger into her while simultaneously recapturing her lips, which she'd torn from his in order to cry out his name. She convulsed beneath him, wailing in ecstasy, tears leaking from her eyes as she came harder than she ever had before, and he hadn't even been inside her yet.

Suddenly she was grappling with his belt, his buttons, she was pulling him out of his trousers, stroking him, making him groan aloud- "I need you inside me, now, Severus, now!"

He pulled her top over her head as he thrust into her hand, and latched onto a nipple through her thin lace bra- "Hermione, Gods, Hermione" he groaned in need, switching to her other nipple, already hard, waiting for him. She pulled his head back up to her mouth and captured his tongue, sucking on it hard and sending a jolt straight to his cock.

He pulled away from her roughly, panting and looking into her dazed eyes. "Bed" he gasped out, trying to find words in his frazzled brain, "I want you in a bed, the first time, the first real time-"

He stood up and pulled her from the sofa, intending to lead her to the bedroom, but when he saw her standing up, looking so thoroughly debauched- her hair wild, her lips red and swollen, her bra askew and her jeans undone- he couldn't help but pull her to him again, one hand splayed across her bare back, one hand on her bum, once again devouring her mouth, his bare cock heavy against the soft skin of her stomach.

Hermione let out a noise, almost inhuman in the intensity of her desire, and grabbed the lapels of his shirt, ripping it open, before releasing his lips and lowering her mouth to his chest. Her tongue traced his nipples and his scars as she pulled his shirt from his shoulders, letting her hands trace his back. Severus moaned aloud, continuously, no woman had ever touched him so thoroughly before, had never kissed and caressed him as Hermione was now doing. He was so sensitive to her touch, every caress left his skin burning where it had been touched, left his cock throbbing, leaking onto her stomach.

The sensation soon became almost unbearable- he had to be inside her. He lifted her hips and she wrapped her legs around his waist, enabling him to carry her towards the bedroom, but then she lowered her mouth to his neck, and sucked, hard, and he slammed her against the wall next to the door of her bedroom, took her head in his hands and thrust his tongue into her mouth, making her mewl. His lips left hers again as he looked into her eyes, no longer hazel brown but almost as black as his- "you make me crazy, witch, I can't think-"

She kept his eyes locked with his and whispered a spell which made the rest of their clothes vanish. They both cried out at the sensation of flesh against flesh, Hermione's wet core against Severus' stomach, his cock wedged between her arse cheeks. Severus reached for the door handle and opened the door leading to her bedroom. He gave her one hard kiss before striding into the room and throwing her on the bed.

Hermione spread her legs and opened her arms, inviting him to her with her body and the pleading look in her eyes. Severus couldn't help himself- he'd been craving her for a month, had tortured himself by taking it slowly, and seeing her open before him, wanting, craving, caused the last of his control to snap. In one stride he was at the foot of the bed, and then he was over her, positioning himself and – finally – he thrust inside her, crying out in pleasure at the feel of her, warm and wet, surrounding him. And this time he could see her, could see her face, could see her eyes widen in surprised pleasure, could see her mouth gape open in silent ecstasy.

"Hermione!" he moaned, before capturing her mouth again, sucking on her lower lip before his tongue entered her mouth, simultaneously thrusting into her again. This time she cried out. He pulled out slowly, one hand on the luscious curve of her hip, the other cupping her face, and pushed into her again, harder, feeling her clench around every inch of him as he hit her cervix. She gasped into his mouth, her hands burying themselves in his hair as he pulled out again. The next thrust, she lifted her hips to meet him and as his pelvis pressed into her clitoris, she shuddered and came suddenly, moaning his name in a way that made him fight not to come as well.

He stilled in her, trying to regain his self control. He was not ready for it to end. He didn't think he ever would be. She was gasping into his neck, coming down from her sudden high, when she noticed he had stopped moving. "Severus" she started, lifting her hips slightly, "Severus, more, please". He lay still, his cock twitching at the continued need in her voice despite having had come for the second time. She started kissing his neck, caressing his arse. "Severus, darling, fuck me."

As if he could deny her. He groaned and started moving again, slowly pulling out and thrusting back in again, her hips meeting his every time. She was so wet. He could smell her and it only served to make him need her more. "Faster" she groaned, and he sped up, rocking into her, once again covering her mouth with his, needing to be connected to her in every possible way, but too far gone to kiss her properly. Instead they panted into each other's mouths, biting down onto each other's lips as they rocked closer and closer to oblivion.

"Harder!" she cried and he acquiesced, using all his force as he drove into her again and again, driving her up the bed as if he was trying to climb into her body. "Hermione" he groaned, "Hermione Hermione Hermione Hermione" he couldn't stop mindlessly chanting her name, it was a prayer, a cry for absolution and she was responding, absorbing him into herself and in turn trying to become a part of him.

He could feel her walls fluttering around him, her abdomen clenching, she was on the brink again- her eyes were glazed, she was completely gone, her breaths were just uneven rasps as pleasure gripped her body. Severus was faring no better, his face torn into an expression of agonised bliss as he fell into her over and over again. He grasped her hands in his, their fingers entwining as he lifted their hands over her head and drove into her one last time hitting her so deeply he felt he'd never be able to leave her body ever again when she shattered around him, screaming out her pleasure to the heavens as he pulsed inside her, giving her his life source, emptying everything he was into her as he collapsed, his face wet with tears of love he hadn't realised he'd been shedding.

He lay on top of her, limbs entangled in hers, both of them gasping into each other, hearts pounding against their chests. He rolled onto his back, taking her with him, without leaving her body. He grabbed the duvet and covered them, feeling the chill as their sweat cooled. Hermione sleepily sighed into his chest as he stroked her hair, a smile curling his lips as his eyes drooped in fatigue. Soon they were both fast asleep, clasped in each other's arms as if they were never going to let go.


One week later, Severus and Hermione had finally managed to leave the apartment to go on a short trip to Flourish and Blotts. They'd managed to get somewhat... distracted, however, between the magical creatures and the arithmancy sections. The distraction had evolved into Hermione with her arms around Severus' neck and her back against the bookshelves when suddenly they heard someone clearing their throat.

Harry Potter stood there with his parents, his cheeks red and his mouth hanging slightly open. Lily and James Potter stood behind him holding hands, equal looks of surprise and disbelief on their faces. Hermione and Severus jumped apart, their cheeks tinged with pink and both with guilty expressions on their faces. Severus guessed they'd gotten a bit carried away...

"Harry! Mr. and Mrs. Potter!" Hermione exclaimed, before stepping forward to give Harry a small hug. They'd only seen each other a few times in the last month, Harry having been busy getting to know his parents. "How are you?"

"Fine, thanks" Harry replied, awkwardness written all over his face. Hermione had told him that she'd been seeing Severus but he hadn't expected it to be so... physical. "Erm, so, how are you?"

Severus saw a slightly pinched look on Lily Potter's face and was pleased, but not surprised, to notice that seeing her evoked no feelings of any kind in him whatsoever. He stepped forward and put his arm around Hermione.

Hermione looked up at him and smiled, leaning into his body as she replied to Harry: "I'm great, thank you, very happy. Actually, Harry, Severus and I are moving in together!" Hermione exclaimed. Much to Severus' delight, Lily Potter's jaw dropped noticeably and James Potter just looked very confused.

"Erm, right, er, congratulations Hermione" Harry managed to say, clearly at a complete loss as to how he should respond. "We'll, erm, catch up soon, right?"

"Sure Harry" Hermione smiled, before taking Severus' hand. "We should be off actually, things to do. But I'll see you soon!" They left the store together, hand in hand, leaving the Potters speechless behind them.

As soon as they had apparated back to their apartment, Severus gathered Hermione in his arms. "I love you, Hermione" he murmured into her hair and she smiled and leaned up to kiss him gently on the lips.

"I love you too" she replied softly, "I always will". And Severus knew it was true.