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Sam sighed contently, leaning his head back to better feel the sun on his face. Things were really turning around for him and Dean. John had been arrested and sent to a prison three states over from South Dakota for life on charges of severe fraud, credit card scams, breaking and entering, possession of illegal weapons, and trespassing. Afterwards, Sam had been determined to tell Bobby and Jim about his relationship with Dean only to discover that Dean had beaten him to it.

Bobby's reaction was basically what you boys do is your business, though he said it with less words and more chuckles and exaggerated eyebrow movements. Jim had offered a small hug and an ear to talk to, like it had always been. Sam was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. He'd hesitantly questioned Dean about it, confused to the easy acceptance to something so frowned upon by society. Dean had held him close for a long time, managing to point out to Sam that Bobby and Jim were family and they didn't care, so long as the brother's loved and took care of each other.

Jim had left a month or so after John was arrested, heading back to Blue Earth. He had been gone from his church to long, he said. Leaving behind many pies and other baked goods, Jim made the boys promise to visit before heading to Minnesota. Dean and Sam spent another two months with Bobby, helping him with research and going on short hunts. About a month ago, the boys had left to travel on their own.

Dean had mentioned retiring from hunting, maybe getting a place in Palo Alto near Stanford after finding the acceptance letters in the bottom of Sam's duffle. Sam had shaken him off, throwing the letters in the trash. College had been an escape from John. Now that he was gone and Sam had Dean, the man couldn't imagine pulling Dean from the hunting world to essentially become a house wife. Sam wanted to travel with Dean, continue the family business ganking monsters.

Sam's birthday had passed somewhere in the last four months, officially making him 18 and thus an adult. For the past month on the road, the boys had been getting a single bed in hotels. They rarely did more than sleep in the same bed, though Sam had managed to rope Dean into a few hand jobs and, on one memorable occasion, mutual blowjobs in the shower. Dean showered him with all the affection he could ever need but even with the kisses, hugs, and nights spent cuddling Sam wanted more. Dean had been nothing but patient and a saint, only taking the initiative if Sam started the confrontations.

Sam understood that his brother wanted to make sure he was ready, wanted to make things easy for him. It was in Dean's nature, something he had been doing since Sam was born; he was taking care of his little brother. And while Sam appreciated the love and affection, he was ready for the next step. So here he was, currently sitting in the hotel room alone, waiting for Dean to get back with lunch. The second his brother walked through that do- Sam's thoughts were cut off by the sound of the Impala. With a small smile, he stood and drew the curtains shut and turned to face the door.

The door to the hotel room opened and Dean's head popped in, key card held between his teeth. He had just managed to shut the door and set the to-go bag on the table when Sam pushed him firmly against the door. Dean's jaw loosened, allowing the key card to fall out and onto the floor. Sam's tongue promptly took its place, ferociously licking the inside of Dean's mouth.

The man didn't complain, eagerly returning the wet, frantic kiss as he moved his arms to rest around Sam's neck. The younger brother had finally stopped growing and was now almost a head taller than Dean, shy only a few centimeters. Sam pulled away only enough to whisper a greeting, his lips catching on Dean's as they were so close. Dean grinned.

"Well hello to you too, Sammy. What's got you so happy?"

Sam smiled; shuffling closer to his brother so there was no space between them. One of Sam's giant, warm hands crawled up Dean's shirt, tracing his hip bone to his back and then up his spine. Dean shuddered lightly, arching into Sam's chest as though trying to get away from the hand. While he was distracted by the warm hand now tracing firm patterns onto his shoulders, Sam used his free hand to grasp the front of the shirt and slide it smoothly off Dean. The shirt got stuck on his arms as they were resting on Sam's shoulders. Dean allowed the shirt to be tugged completely off his arms, though he watched it happen with something akin to apprehension and wonder.



Sam leaned down, capturing his brother's lips in another kiss. Sam himself was dressed only in a pair of loose jeans, so he felt it only fair that Dean lose more clothing. The taller man lifted his lover by the waist and set him on the kitchen table, Dean reaching behind him to brush the to-go bag aside. As Sam kissed his way down Dean's chest, he reached with one hand to tug off Dean's boots and socks. Dean sat up on his elbows, watching with pupils blown wide but a frown tugging on his lips. Sam's fingers reached for his elder brother's jeans and the man's jaw clenched. Dean grabbed Sam's hands, holding them in his own.

"Sam, stop. Look at me. You don't have to…"

Sam stood, pressing himself closer to Dean as he stood so Dean's clothed erection rubbed against Sam's bare chest. This caused the man sitting on the table to shudder, hips gently cantering forward without his permission. Sam raised a brow and smiled coyly.

"You don't look like you want me to stop."

Dean's mouth opened and closed a few times before he released one of Sam's hands to run a hand through his hair.

"Sam, please. This isn't about me. I just don't want you doing something you're not ready for. 'Specially if it's because you think I want to. I can wait."

Sam pursed his lips in exasperation.

"You've been waiting Dean. Besides…"

The brunette leaned forward, bowing his head so he could lick a strip up Dean's neck to end at his ear, giving the lobe a light tug with his teeth. Dean's Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed heavily. Sam turned his lips to press against Dean's cheek.

"I've wanted you, De', for so, so long."

Dean groaned, burying a hand in Sam's shaggy hair and pulling him up to kiss him soundly.

"You drive me crazy, Sammy."

Sam barley managed a smirk before his mouth was being pillaged by Dean's tongue. The elder pulled away slightly, nodding his head towards the bed. Sam wrapped his arms around Dean's waist, pulling his brother backwards. Dean slipped one hand into Sam's pants, reaching to gently cup his ass. The younger groaned, arching into Dean and grinding his hips against his brother's. The back of Sam's knees hit the edge of the bed, allowing him to confidently fall backwards and drag Dean with him.

For a long moment, Dean simply rested on his elbows and gazed at his little brother's flushed face. He couldn't help but smile at the feeling of happiness that was welling inside of him. He'd never loved another so much and he didn't think he ever would. Sam was his one and only, his forever and after. Sam smiled, reaching to tangle his fingers in Dean's short hair.

"I love you."

Accompanied with the words was a soul-bearing kiss. They separated with a deep breath, desperate for air. Dean stroked gentle fingers down the side of Sam's face, moving to bury them in Sam's hair. With soft, petal lips, Dean began to kiss his brother's face. His forehead, his eyelids, his nose, his lips, his chin. He moved lower, peppering Sam's long, slender neck with soft kisses, harder bits, and a deep sucking that promised a beautiful blossoming of color the next morning. Sam released the softest of whimpers and moans, fingers gently racking Dean's back.

Still the older brother moved lower, drawing a heart on Sam's chest with his tongue, finally coming to rest on a nipple. He gently sucked it into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue and scrapping over it with his teeth. Sam gasped, unable to stop himself from arching into his brother's mouth. Dean smiled, repeating the action on the other nipple with just as much concentration.



By now, Dean was pressing kisses along Sam's stomach, lips causing vibrations to tickle Sam's bellybutton. The younger brother giggled lightly, running teasing fingers over the ticklish spot on the back of Dean's neck in retaliation. Dean pulled from his worship of Sam's body to laugh lightly, smiling at Sam.

"This is about you, Sam. Let me worship my beautiful boy."

Sam blushed in synch with his shiver, loving the smooth gravel of Dean's voice. He nodded, giving his assent for Dean to continue. The older brother didn't pause, moving his lips back to Sam's stomach. He quickly worked his way to Sam's hips, lovely handles that peaked over the top of his low-slung jeans. Dean nipped the bone lightly while he worked open the button and zipper of Sam's jeans, looking through his eyelashes at his brother. Sam's hazy eyes were fixed on his brother and a flush was spreading delightfully across his cheeks.

Dean quickly yanked Sam's pants off, stopping on his way back up his body to admire the toned legs and powerful thighs. Sam shivered as Dean's fingers and tongue worked in tandem to trace imaginary words on his thighs, fingers creeping up Sam's boxers. The elder brunette had barley slid his fingers under his brother's boxers to take them off when Sam sat up slightly. The man backed off, sitting up slightly and leaning up to kiss his brother, eager to reassure him. Sam kissed him back, laughing as he pulled away.

"Your pants, De'."

Dean smirked. He quickly shucked his own pants and, after glancing at the enthralled Sam, pulled off his own boxers. Though he wanted their first time to be all about Sam (partly for his own selfish want to worship his brother, but largely so Sam remained comfortable) he did allow Sam to sit up and reach with hesitant hands to trace along his thighs. With a shy glance up at Dean, Sam began to gently run a finger up Dean's hardening length.

Dean groaned, muscles shaking with the strain of keeping his body still. Sam smiled, kissing Dean thoroughly for a moment before laying back. Dean remained standing at the side of the bed, watching as Sam spread himself comfortably on the bed, looking completely comfortable in the submissive position. Dean's already solid length began to border on painful in want but he ignored it, moving to kneel between his brother's long, spread legs.

While he couldn't say he'd sucked dick before, he could say he was very eager to taste Sam. Blowing lightly on his brother's weeping tip in warning, he barley hesitated before sucking the engorged dick into his mouth. Sam arched off the bed, his back tight as a bowstring and mouth open in silent shock. Dean gently pushed his hips back onto the bed, working slowly as he learned the territory. Sam pulled at his hair insistently after only a few minutes, unable to speak. Dean pulled off, saliva connecting him to his brother's dick. Sam groaned, gently petting Dean's hair to rid it of the ache his yanking had caused.

"I-if you keep at it…I'm going to cum before we get started."

Dean chuckled, moving up his brother and kissing him firmly. Their bodies rubbed together at all points, the delicious friction causing them to lose themselves in rutting for a few minutes. At some point, their lips had separated and now only their breath mingled.

"I want you, Dean. Now. Please."

Dean nodded, kissing his brother again; he just couldn't resist the soft, cherry-flavored lips. God, he'd never tease Sam for his chapstick use again! Dean leaned to the side of the bed, reaching blindly with his hand for something. Sam grabbed his wrist, stopping his movement.

"You won't find the condoms, Dean. I threw them out."

He framed his elder brother's beautiful face with his large, warm hands and pulled their faces closely together.

"I want you, Dean. Just you."

Dean paused but then acquiesced with a small smile and a deep kiss. Sam grinned, pushing Dean back onto the bed. The green-eyed man raised a brow at the change in position. The younger brother merely smiled coyly, resting a hand on his brother's hip and lowering his head in one swift motion. Dean's eyes slammed shut in bliss as his brother's cool tongue swirled on his dick, coating the entire engorged asset in saliva. Once the deed was done, Sam pulled off and then leaned back, not bothering to wipe the drop of Dean's precum off his lip. Dean kissed it away, loving the debauched look Sam wore.

Catching one of Sam's hands in his own, he tangled their fingers and rested their joined heads above Sam's head. Dean quickly coated his own fingers in saliva, sliding one into Sam quickly. The younger brother smiled, spurring Dean to add another finger. Sam's breath hitched and he gentle rotated his hips, prompting Dean into adding a third finger. At this intrusion, Sam hissed lightly, eyes shut. Dean spent a few minutes stretching and twirling his fingers in his brother, enjoying the way the younger man was becoming undone.

"N-now De'!"

The older brother obliged, removing his fingers and using his hand to guide himself to his brother's well-prepped entrance. He leaned forward, catching his brother's mouth in a fierce kiss, tongues tangling as he slid into the warm heat that was his brother in one smooth motion. Sam pulled away with a shaky breath that was part stinging pain and part pleasure. Dean groaned, dropping his head to Sam's neck. He nuzzled the moist skin in the crook of his neck, licking and nipping as he began a gentle pace of slow, deep thrusts.

Sam detangled their hands, moving one hand to the back of Dean's neck and the other to his hip, blunt fingernails digging in lightly. Dean sighed in pleasure, using one arm to prop himself up and the other to grasp Sam's hips. They continued the slow, loving pace for quite awhile, simply enjoying being joined so intimately after so long of a wait. Finally Sam tugged lightly on Dean's hair, urging him to go faster with a whispered groan.

There was no hesitance. Dean moved both hands to grasp Sam's waist, holding him for stability. Sam wrapped both arms around Dean's neck, succeeding in getting the two closer together, so their chests brushed with every thrust. The soft, deep thrusts picked up in pace and intensity, causing the bed to rock. Sam's head fell back from where he was licking and biting at Dean's neck, his mouth open as a wave of pleasure washed over him. Dean grinned, shifting on his knees to better nail his younger brother's pleasure spot.

Sam's nails racked down his back, causing a fuzzy sense of pleasure-pain to wash over Dean. It took only a few minutes of the intense pleasure caused by Dean's skilled aiming to send Sam over the edge without a touch. He came with loud moan that bordered on a shout, the sound mixing perfectly with the syllables of Dean's name. His brother followed him over the edge within moments, sinking deep into Sam's twitching hole.

They rode out the aftershocks of their overwhelming orgasms in the silence of their hotel room, the only sound their harsh breathing and Sam's airy whimpers. Dean carefully lowered himself to lie onto of Sam, moving to pull out. He was stopped by Sam, who pulled him further up his body, forcing his flaccid dick further into his brother. They kissed softly, completely relaxed. Dean was twirling Sam's hair around his fingers while Sam traced patterns on Dean's shoulder. They continued to kiss for an indeterminable time, until Sam pulled away to press his forehead to Dean's.

"I love you. More than anything."

Dean smiled softly, kissing the tip of Sam's nose.

"I love you too, Sam."

The older brother leaned forward, letting his lips brush Sam's ear.

"More than the Impala, to tell the truth."

Sam laughed, a pleasant sound that created a slap-happy grin to cross Dean's face.

"Don't tell her that, she'd get sad."

Dean chuckled, kissing Sam's collarbone, where a small bite mark was beginning to blossom purple. He then pulled out of his brother, revealing in the whimper of loss.

"Come on, Sammy. Shower time."

He turned on his heel and sauntered to the bathroom, throwing open the door and flipping on the light switch. He looked over his shoulder, his green-eyes bright and laughing as he watched Sam lounge on the bed and check him out.

"You coming?"

Sam slid off the bed, stalking towards him. He backed Dean into the door, framing his face with his warm hands. Their lips came together harshly, biting and bruising with the force. Sam was doing this thing with his tongue and Dean melted against the door. By the time he opened his eyes, Sam was in the shower, steam already rising. The younger brother raised a brow, smirk on his lips.

"Are you going to join me, Dean?"

Dean growled, a smile pulling at his lips.

"Always, Sammy. Always."


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