Hiccup sat near the fire, bundling himself in the sheepskin blanket which he kept for cool winter nights. His shivers gradually dissolved and he was left staring at the fire with dreamy eyes and rosy cheeks. Until: He felt a jolt as cool hands suddenly rested on Hiccup's shoulders from behind him. Hiccup winced at the cool touch and readjusted his blanket to cover his shoulders. "Jack, s-stop doing that." Hiccup murmured, dull green eyes traveling to those oh-so familiar icy blue ones. "You're so irrisistable, though!" Jack chuckled and his lips curved into a sly smirk. The fire was a great excuse to hide Hiccup's extensive blushing, but Jack seemed to pick up on it anyways. "Ever think you could give Berk... Atleast one day free from your snow?" Hiccup asked, giving Jack the most inappreciative frown he could in the situation. Jack paused for a moment before replying, "Well I suppose I could, but why? That just means I'd have to be away from you." Jack's hands slowly eased from Hiccup's shoulders down to his chest before locking in a sort of hug. "I think you could manage." Hiccup muttered sarcastically, then finding his words trailing off as he instinctively found himself sinking into Jack's hoodie. "I think this would be better if we weren't next to the fire." Jack murmured into Hiccup's ear. "Please, the fire is the only thing keeping me sane." Hiccup replied with an affectionate nudge. "Yeah, like that time in the woods. You certainly turn into a wild animal when you're cold." Jack chuckled, and Hiccup rolled his eyes despite the smile which he always seemed to wear when Jack was with him. "You're the only one who can turn me into that animal." Hiccup said, practically choking out the last words as they tumbled out of his mouth. Hiccup was never one to be flirty, and he still didn't feel quite right saying such things. Hiccup's eyelids started to grow heavy. The warm glow of the fire mixed with Jack's touch would seem uncomfortable, but Hiccup used to it. It was a sense of safety in his mind, and he generally savored every moment. Jack's legs crossed over Hiccup's waist as Hiccup eventually curled into a ball against Jack's chest. Jack blinked fondly at the small viking in his arms and resisted the urge to run his fingers though Hiccup's brunette hair. Just when Jack thought Hiccup had fallen asleep, he opened his eyes sleepily and twisted around to face Jack. Jack gently placed two fingers under Hiccup's chin and tilted the viking's head closer to his own. Hiccup's eyes were filled with a distant passion that was slowly beginning to be consumed by sleep. No words were exchanged as Jack slowly leaned in and gave Hiccup a light peck on the lips. Nothing too dramatic, but simply to say, 'I love you.' Jack felt Hiccup shiver slightly, which oddly broadened Jack's smile. "Come on, Hic." Jack chuckled as he gazed at Hiccup, who was already beginning to doze off once again in his arms. Jack carefully picked up Hiccup, as if he were carrying a tired child and started climbing the stairs to Hiccup's room. Once they were inside, Jack quietly pushed the door closed win his elbow and waked over to Hiccup's bed. Toothless hadn't returned which was a silent relief to Jack. He always seemed to watch every move the winter spirit made incase he tried anything that could "harm" Hiccup. Hiccup moaned as if to protest when he distantly realized Jack had brought him into his room, away from the warm fire. Once he covered Hiccup with the sheepskin blanket, Jack crawled next to him to say his goodbyes. "I'll see you in the morning." Jack smiled warmly, and Hiccup's eyes opened slightly before reaching out his hand to grab Jack's. The winter spirit chuckled as Hiccup let out a noise which seemed to be a mix between a sigh and a purr. "G'night, Jack." Hiccup whispered with closed eyes, and Jack leaned closer before giving him a light kiss on the nose, "Sweet dreams, Hic."