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[1] the words in italics.


Suddenly, someone interrupted his thoughts by stepping before him. "Naruto..." The person spoke, making the said blonde immediately lift his head up. Naruto stared with wide eyes, paralyzed from the shock that coursed through him.

Naruto's mouth quivered open to difficultly choke out, "G-Gaara?"


"You son of a bitch!" Naruto yelled. He and Gaara were conversing in the kitchen of the blonde's house while Gaara's siblings, son, and Yori were all in the living room sipping some tea Naruto had served them. Hey, he had no grudge against Gaara's siblings, just the man himself.

You see, after Gaara confronted Naruto on the streets, the blonde blew up in his face, all the while giving it a good uppercut. Temari, seeing the villagers staring at the scene, quickly suggested to the blonde that they head to his home where they could settle this little...botheration. The blonde begrudgingly showed them to his home.

So now we come to the present time, where Naruto is now exploding in the poor redheaded man's face.

"Do you even know how hard it is taking care of a child at the age sixteen!? And I was alone doing it because someone had to go and accuse me of cheating!" The blonde yelled, poking a finger on Gaara's chest everytime he slowed a word down.[1] Gaara just stood there taking whatever the blonde said to him, and staring at the blonde's red face with an apathetic expression.


In the other room, Temari turned to her brother and asked him, "Hey do you think we should inform Tsunade that we've come into contact with Naruto? I have a blank scroll in my pack."

Kankuro gave her an odd look, then glanced towards the kitchen where he could see the seething blonde. He looked back at his sister.

"Maybe, but there's one thing I never got. Why do we have to send her a scroll and not just call her?"

Temari giggled a bit. "You know how old people don't quite get the new technology right away?"

"Don't tell me she doesn't know how to use a phone!?" Kankuro laughed, then slowly calmed himself. He took a sip of his tea, but then quickly pulled the cup of hot liquid away from his mouth. "Hot! Hot! HOT!"


"-When you were the one who cheated on me! And with a fucking slut no doubt!" As Naruto ranted, the redhead stared at him more, not really paying much attention to what he was saying. Gaara was more focused on his kitsune's red face and pale-pink lips moving a mile a minute.

Finally, Gaara had enough listening to the blonde and decided to speak up before Naruto could rant on even more.

"Naruto," Gaara moved his hands up to his kit's face, rubbing one thumb over his whiskered cheek, "I understand you're angry with me, I would be too, but I came here to get you back. I've been searching for you for six years, never giving up until I found you. And finally, I did, and I'm not going to be losing you this time. What I did and said to you years ago was uncalled for and highly unacceptable. I want you back and I want to make it up to you."

Naruto glared up at the redhead, thoughts in his head swarming. He looked into Gaara's eyes, they were truly sincere and held so much love. Naruto's glare faltered a bit. Shit, what should I say?! What should I do?! He's truly sorry for what he did but if I forgive him now, would I be going too easy on him? I really want to forgive him, but there are still my doubts...should I have him really prove to me he loves me? Hey! Kurama, what do you think about all this?

I think maybe you should give the twerp one more chance, but honestly it's your decision not mine.

Well aren't you a big help.

Shut up Ruru, just have him prove it, that ways easier.

But how? I can't think of any way he could possibly prove it to me other than raunchy sex. But I don't think that's good enough. Sure sex with him is fucking awesome but I don't think it's a really good way of showing someone you love them, I mean you could have sex with anyone and it wouldn't mean a thing!

Well sex is totally an option, but I think there should be one more thing he should do.

What's that?

He should not only prove his love for you is real, but also prove he can be a suitable father for your son.

Naruto agreed with Kurama and came out of his inner conversation to see Gaara was seemingly having his own inner conversation. He pulled his head away from Gaara's hands, catching the attention of said Kazekage.

"Naru-." The blonde interrupted him by pushing his index finger to Gaara's lips, successfully ceasing the redhead from speaking. He then crossed his arms and stared up at the man with a halfhearted glare.

"You have to prove your love to me. And you have to show me you'll be a good father to our son, as well." Gaara smiled at his kitsune and wrapped his left arm around Naruto's waist, tugging the blonde's body against his own. His other arm grabbed a hold of Naruto's left thigh, bringing it up against his hip. Gaara leaned his head down, going for a kiss, when Naruto, who had already predicted what the redhead was going to do, quickly leaned his head back, making Gaara miss his lips and instead kiss his neck.

Gaara smirked and went with it, kissing up and down Naruto's neck, nipping once every few seconds. The blonde gasped when Gaara nibbled on a spot right below his chin. Gaara smiled and pulled back a bit.

"I see your sweet spots are still as I remember them." He spoke. Naruto pouted almost playfully at him and weakly tried to struggle away. As much as he really enjoyed what Gaara had been doing to him, he wanted to be a little feisty, as to not seem too easy to catch.

"And I see you're still as perverted as I remember." Naruto shot back, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. The two then heard Kankuro from the other room.

"Well I think we better leave, it looks like they're about to get it on." Naruto's cheeks tinted pink and he gently moved out of Gaara's grip. He walked into the living room, Gaara following close behind.

"Heh I assure you, Kankuro, we were not about to "get it on."" Naruto said with an embarrassed smile. Kankuro smirked at him.

"Yeah, just looked that way."

"Ugh, shut up or I'll throw you out, and you won't have anywhere to sleep." Kankuro immediately shut up and continued to sip on his tea with a burnt tongue. "That reminds me, it's getting kinda late, I'll show you where you guys will sleep. Hey Temari, do you think you can sleep in Shizuko's room, he has a trundle bed."

Temari agreed to room with her nephew, wanting to get to know the child she was going to spoil with loads of gifts. Yori and Kankuro ended up sleeping in the spare room, there was another trundle bed in there too. That only left Gaara without a room.

"So, will I be sleeping with you in your bed then?" Gaara asked cockily with a smirk. Naruto gave him a bored look and gave him an answer that made Gaara a bit disappointed.

He told him that, no, he would be sleeping in his room...on the cold, hard floor.

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