Ch. 1: Muir's Plan

In a worn-down, abandoned warehouse in the Tenderloin, Muir is in the lab Tchang Zu set up for him. He is putting in the final touch to a formula he's been working on when Tchang Zu walked in.

"Have you perfected your own formula yet, Muir?" Tchang Zu gruffly asks.

"Almost, Master Tchang Zu," Muir assures him, "Be patient. Once I perfect this formula, that reptilian brat won't have a prayer. I have already injected the six other "participants" with their respected Demon DNA. We just have to wait until their powers are activated."

"Very well. Just make sure the J-Teens have dwindled in power, and you can make the one called Colleen your queen."

"I can't wait to show Colleen I'm a better man than Drago. There is one thing I want to know, Master Tchang Zu. Not to sound ungrateful, but why are you going through all this to betray and destroy your own family?"

"All you need to know is my father has done a great deal of hurt."

"Hmmm. Well is the cage ready for my showdown with your nephew?"

"Yes. Though I can see why humans would deem this cage necessary when holding their sport events. Just make sure he suffers before you finish him."

"As you command, Sir. Eliminating Drago will be a great pleasure."

Muir begin chuckling with evil.