On The Run from the Law in Liberty City

It was a clear night. The moonlight shined down on Liberty City. Alex Moores had just settled in to his basement suite in the southside of Liberty City. He had just moved in 3 days ago but he had already made some good friends and had already made some enemies. He was lying in his army style cot that had been donated to him by the Liberty City Salvation Army. He was thinking about how good he used to have it. He was a well known stock broker in New York City. He was happily married with 2 beautiful children, but after he lost his job, his wife ran off on him with the kids. He had no money and nothing to live for, so he moved to a more low profile city, Liberty City. He had been wearing the same pair of clothes since 3 days before, they were wet from the rain, and dirty from the mud that splashed by him when angry cab driver sped past him.

He had just dozed off when one of his rather chubby enemies dashed into his apartment. He was panting like crazy, the only words he managed to get out were "hide me, please!" He was battered and bruised, his hair was messed up, and his clothes were in the same condition as Alex's. Alex thought about it, he had to wonder if it was a trick, but his enemy, preferably named Fat Tony, managed to say "It's the cops, their following me, please help". Alex told him to hide in the closet, which had a hidden compartment that the previous owners built incase of an emergency, Fat Tony squeezed into the compartment, and just as the trap door shut, the LCPD barged into the apartment. They asked Alex if he heard any noise or seen Fat Tony, as they held up the picture, Alex, with no hesitation, said "N- no". The police told him that if he sees anything, to notify the police immediately. Alex said he would for sure. As the police, left, Alex crept up to the compartment, and said "Tony, the coast is clear now, you can come out now", there was no answer, he slowly opened the trap door to see Tony passed out against the wall, he was still breathing. Alex tried to wake him up but there was no use. He had to get him to a hospital, but how, the cops were still in the hallways, so the only way out was through the trap door.