New story! I just watched Blue Exorcist and it was inspiring. This story found its way in my head and hasn't left me alone. This is what I get for watching Durarara and then Blue Exorcist right after it. So I'm going to try and do it proper justice. Feedback is much appreciated.

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Sometimes the most important and life changing meetings are the ones that are entirely unplanned. After all fate is fickle and prone to change. It was something that Okumura Rin would become very familiar with in his eventful life. The first time it happened though, he wasn't even aware of it. In so many ways, this one event would change everything, for Rin and the people around him. Like ripples in a pond after a stone is thrown in it.

Ten year old Okumura Rin was walking home from school alone. It never used to happen, but with Yukio taking extra tutoring and cram school classes, it was becoming more common. In fact Yukio was so busy that sometimes Rin felt like he only saw his twin when they were getting ready for bed and at meal times. Sometimes not even then. Of course with all the extra classes that meant that their father had to take Yukio there and bring him back, so the both of them were gone a lot.

Rin emphatically told himself he wasn't lonely, that he didn't miss his brother or the Old Man so much that he wanted to cry. He was ten, almost eleven actually! Too old to be missing people who obviously had more important things to do. Besides, Yukio had told him he wanted to be a doctor, which meant he had to study extra hard. They didn't meant to leave Rin behind. Frustrated with his own thoughts, Rin squashed up all of his negative feelings until they formed a ball in his chest. Then he impulsively kicked a pebble on the ground, putting all of those feelings into it.

What happened next would have been predictable to almost anyone, especially the few adults that were close to Rin. The issue with Rin was that he was never aware of his own strength, so he never learned how to hold it back. So it was hardly surprising that when he kicked the rock with all of the frustration and sorrow his small body was held, that it went high, sailed several yards before impacting the back of someone's head. Since Rin had the devil's own luck, (quite literally though he didn't know it at the time), the head belonged to the leader a group of delinquents from the local middle school.

It wasn't hard to identify the culprit as the wide eyed grade schooler standing ten feet back from them. What happened next was almost predictable in its own way. Rin was strong for a ten year old, but he was still just ten, the older boys had several feet and at least an extra twenty pounds each behind them. Even with all of his strength, Rin was only one boy and the battle was over before it had even properly begun. After that, they took a great deal of joy in 'punishing' Rin for daring to hit their leader.

"Heh. Kasho, I think we broke the little kid. He's not even responding anymore when I kick him." There was a wet thud as the shoe impacted Rin's side again, the pain just an echo of all the others he felt. Rin knew something was broken, things were bleeding and he didn't think his arm should be like that, but his mind was too hazy to focus on any of it.

"That's ok Nigiwaki. If the toy isn't working anymore I'll just have to break it permanently. Besides, its not like anyone would miss the little demon bastard." Kasho was a rangy boy who had hit a growth spurt recently that made all of his limbs seem too long and awkward for his frame. Acne was sprinkled across his face like malignant seeds, lending him a generally repulsive look. Kasho played it off as toughness though and managed to make it work for him. He rooted around in his bag before pulling something out and holding it up so that the light glinted off of it.

"Woah, where'd you get the sword Kasho?"

"Great isn't it? My uncle had this in his antiques shop so I borrowed it from him." Kasho snickered, which prompted all of his lackeys to laugh along with him. "Why don't we test out? I've always wanted to see how one of things cuts."

Kasho let out another laugh as he walked over to where Rin lay, blue eyes staring blankly. Rin knew that one of his arms was broken, and each breath he tried to bring in was full of jagged searing pain, like he was breathing hot gravel. Yet as he watched Kasho holding that sword, he knew it would be even worse.

Move... Move! If you don't move, they'll kill you! Rin was screaming in his own head, but his body wouldn't obey him. As the sword moved closer, despair found its way into Rin's heart. He was certain the boys would kill him, and he knew that no one would miss him, not for a long time. Probably not until they noticed he wasn't home for dinner, or maybe not even until bedtime.

The sword seemed to glow red in the fading sunlight as Kasho lifted it over his head. The boy overbalanced slightly and had to take a minute to correct himself before he brought it down. Rin was lucky that the most Kasho knew about swinging a sword came from samurai and yakuza movies, which meant he had no real idea how to handle it.

At the last moment Rin managed to bring an arm up to try and protect his head form the blow. The sword ended up cutting his arm, leaving a slashing line of fiery pain from his wrist to his elbow. Blood quickly soaked his sleeve and began to drip onto the ground. Rin watched the blood, red taking over his vision briefly before it all faded to white. Rin thought he heard screaming, but it all seemed so distant from him.

When Rin's eyes finally focused again, he was was greeted with a strange sight. All of the boys who had been beating him were laying on the ground, each one with slashes on their body. Kasho himself was laying several feet away arms splayed out. The sword he'd been so proud of was laying just out of his reach.

Rin managed to find the strength to scoot over, reaching out to grab the hilt. He wasn't sure what he was doing, except that maybe he could use it to pull himself up. The second he touched it though, he felt a warm wave move through him.

Strange, you are a strange one. I can't unite with you in my love like I have with the others.

"What do you mean? Who's talking?" Rin looked around, trying to find the strange voice.

I am talking to you.

"Where are you? C-come out already!" Rin wasn't able to stop the quiver in his voice.

I am right here, I am the sword you are holding in your hand. Who are you?

Rin stared hesitantly down at the sword, childish brain trying to figure out how a sword could talk to him. It never occurred to him doubt that it was indeed the sword talking. "I'm Rin... Okumura Rin."

Rin... Are you lonely Rin? You seem very sad, I can see it your soul. If you take me with you, you'll never be alone again. I will love you forever, Rin.

Rin sniffed, staring at the sword for a minute. Unbeknownst to little Rin, this was a decision that would ripple throughout his life. If he had given it more thought, Rin might not have accepted the offer, but Rin was an impulsive child who had been feeling very alone of late. "Promise?"

Of course, Okumura Rin. We are united now.

Rin watched in amazement as the sword seemed to sink into his arm, disappearing completely. The voice was still there though, offering comfort and encouragement to get moving.

Rin was never sure how exactly he made it back to the monastery that day. He just remembered one of the priests coming out and letting a shocked gasp at the state he was in. Father was called for and Rin was bundled inside so they could tend to his wounds. Father ended up having to take him to the hospital to be treated. The slash needed twenty-eight stitches and his other arm was broken in two places.

The doctor insisted on keeping Rin over night for observation given the extent of his injuries and the chance of a possible concussion. The Old Man insisted on staying with him, which made a distant part of Rin feel warm. For the most part though, Rin barely responded to anything that happened. It wasn't because he was in shock, like the doctor kept saying. It was just he kept hearing the voice in his head, constantly talking and he didn't know how to deal with it.

"What's your name?" Rin asked quietly when his father had left for coffee, claiming it would be a long night.

My name is Saika.

"Saika?" Rin smiled a little, closing his eyes. "I like Saika."

Saika loves humans. I love humans. And I love Rin. I love Rin. I love humans. I love all humans. I want to show humans my love. I'll show Rin my love. I love humans. I love Rin. I'll show you my love. I'll show all humans my love. I love humans. I love humans, I love you Rin. I love humans. I'll show humans my love.

Rin supposed it might be creepy to others, the way the voice spoke. To Rin though, it was soothing, kind of like a lullaby and he let it follow him into his dreams.

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