Selena's Note: ok this is going to be a very boring fluffie, very fliffie mind you, ficcy. I'm REALLY bored and the fact that its way past midnight on a Sunday night, is really sad.for melol. Of course H/Hr as my code goes by!!! Lol ok now I'm babbling, I like to babble..It's a bad habit, I should stop some day, but hey!! I'm doing it again! BLODDY HELL!!!! Ok ok ok I love you guys!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters OF COURSE belong to the Goddess J.K. Rowling, and the poor pitiful plot belong to moi.

Hermione was sitting in the common room with her best buddies in the world, Harry and Ron. She was currently reading a new book that was a romance called, The Ways of Seduction, by Amour de Tsul (Selena Notes:lust backwards! Lol I'm bored leave me alone!) This was totally not like her, but no one had to know what she was reading. NO one had to know she was a hopeless romantic and loved to get horny off cheap ass books sometimes. No one had to know how she craved for her white knight to come and rescue her from her insanity. No one knew her want for a touch of a lover, or even just a damn glance! No one-

"Hermione whatcha readin?" Ron said stealing her book from her.

"Ron! Give that back! Its not like its any of your damn business what I'm reading!" she sad jumping up to get it. Harry sat low in the couch and watched his best friends amused.

"Well, well, well, I'll be shot and buried with Malfoy. Our Hermione is reading smutty books!" Ron said looking at the book more closely. Hermione slumped her shoulders in defeat and sank into the couch next to Harry. He just sat there smirking at her.

"So Mione, you have a lust sexy craving side in you?" Harry teased. Hermione blushed and buried Hermione face in his shoulder.

"Damn both of you and your sexy invaded minds." She murmured.

"Oh our sexy craved minds!" Ron said laughing, "Hermione, listen and tell me if this isn't sex craved" he cleared his throat and Hermione let out a loud groan and picked up and pillow and started hitting Ron with it twice. Ron didn't seem to notice Hermione's poor attempt to try and hurt him while he read from the book in a high pitched voice, making Harry laugh like a looney on wheels.

" Sarah looked down at John with lusty eyes and yelled, "Oh John lick me again! Again! Oh John!" John picked Sarah's hips up and looked at her- OUCH!" Ron said after Hermione punched his gut. She stood in front of him at her small height of 5'4" and still growing mind you, and glared with all her might. That was a lot.

"Ronald Lester Weasley give me my fucking book back." Harry rasied his eyebrows at Hermione and so did Ron. It wasn't common for Hermione to cuss, unless she was extremely pissed off. Which she sure looked it right now. Harry swore if you poured water on her head it would evaporate with out even getting close to her.

"So Mione, you gonna tell us when you started reading these?" Ron said teasing her even more. Hermione's glare could have killed off the entire Dark side of Magic on this side of the world, Harry was amazed at how calm Ron seemed.

"I started reading them when I started going out with you and when we broke up I continued reading them for fun." Ron seemed disappointed and insulted. He and Harry snapped their finger's and shook their heads.

"What did you want me to say I on;y read them because I enjoyed getting horny and then jacking off with thoguths of one of you in my mind?" she said looking at both of them. They had a twinkle in their eyes that she did NOT like, "Oh my God. I'm going to bed. Night boys. Oh and Ron since you like the book so much its you. Sarah and John were having lousy sex to begin with." With that she walked the rest of the way to her dorm with a flushed face and a new sense of confidence. Maybe I'll just get fired up at Ron or Harry every night to get that blood rush I like so much. She smiled evilly at the very thought and went to sleep.

Back in the common room, there was a very dumbstruck Ron and a very impressed Harry.

"Well, I think she handled that pretty well, would you agree Ron?" Harry was just happy he wasn't involved in the quarrel this time. Last time, well lets not repeat what is best left alone and forgotten.

"Shut it Harry. How could some one with the name Amour de Tusl write lousy sex?" Ron asked to no one really.He sat down in the chair Hermione had occupied before and began to read the scene. Harry shook his head and said his goodnights to Ron and went to bed. What a weird kid. Harry thought as he drifted to sleep about, well he isn't going to share that with you now is he?