Beatrice stared at herself in the mirror as she pulled her hair into a bun. With her hair fixed, her new uniform on, and skin cleaned; she was sure she gave off the impression that she was extremely professional, which was what she wanted to be.

"Bee, where are you?" Leonard shouted.

"I'm in my room."

Leonard came into the room, still brushing his teeth. "What are you doing? We have to be aboard in less than an hour."

"I was just finishing. So, how do I look?"

"You look cute. Now, let's go."

Beatrice sighed. "Cute" wasn't exactly the answer she had wanted and she hoped that the crew of the Enterprise saw her more as a professional doctor, than the cute baby sister of Leonard McCoy.

When first walking aboard The Enterprise, Beatrice was sure she would faint. Everything was the way Leonard said it would be: the technology was advanced, everything kept spotless and in place, heavily staffed. It was so overwhelming and exciting for the younger McCoy.

"Would this be her?" A voice asked.

Beatrice looked straight ahead and saw Captain James Kirk. She recognized him from a photo she once saw, and he was even more handsome in person. Still, she was never one to get starstruck and certainly didn't want to seem like a giggling child.

"Doctor Beatrice McCoy." Beatrice saluted Captain Kirk. "If I may, sir, it is an honor to be offered a position aboard your ship, sir."

"Y'know, you're Bones' kid sister. You can call me Jim if you want."

Beatrice frowned. "With all due respect, sir, I wish to earn the right to address you by your name. I want no special treatment because of whose sister I am."

Captain Kirk nodded. "Professionalism. We could use more of that. Welcome aboard, Doctor McCoy."

Captain Kirk walked away, while Beatrice and Leonard continued down the halls.

"Don't be pissed. He was just trying to be friendly." Leonard said.

"I don't care. I didn't accept this job to be pampered because I'm your sister, Lenny. I accepted because I thought that I was wanted here."

"You are. I told everybody to treat you like you were a normal person. Jim just likes to give me a hard time, and I've not seen one woman who he hasn't tried to flirt with."

Beatrice smiled. "I thought you told me that he was just being friendly."

"Even so, I want you to be careful around him. Can you say that you'll try?"

"I'll try. Besides, I'll be too busy to even think about romance."

Leonard sighed. "Ain't that the truth. I'm gonna need your help with some routine physicals. It won't be the whole crew, just the engineers."

"This should be interesting. My teachers always told me that engineers are the most difficult patients."

After getting settled in, Beatrice set up her equipment in the hospital wing, just as the engineers arrived for their physicals. She looked over her shoulder at her first patient: he was a thin man, with eyes darting about, searching for the exit. She looked at his chart.

"You're Montgomery Scott? Age twenty-nine? Born in Aberdeen, Scotland?"

"I wouldn't be standing here if I weren't." The patient nearly snapped.

"Mr. Scott, you don't have to be upset with me. I'm not your enemy."

"If you carry a needle, you're my enemy."

Beatrice smiled gently. "Doctor McCoy has told me that you prefer to be called Scotty. Now, Scotty, my name is Beatrice McCoy. I know doctors aren't the most fun, but they are there to be sure you're healthy. It especially comes in handy to have a physician aboard a large ship like this. Now, if you'll sit on this table, I'll check your vitals."

Scotty seemed to relax a little and climbed onto the table. Beatrice checked his temperature, heart beat, pulse, and blood pressure. It was only when she grabbed a needle that Scotty began to panic.

"What the bloody hell is that?" Scotty asked.

"I need to sample your blood. Don't worry, it's just going into your arm."

Scotty sighed and held out his arm. He grunted as the needle slipped under his skin.

"When was your last physical?" Beatrice asked.

"Never had one since Starfleet. The only thing I hate more than doctors is a broken engine."

Beatrice slipped out the needle, and put aside the two tubes of blood. She snapped on her gloves and cleared her throat.

"I need you to remove your clothes, Mr. Scott."

Scotty's eyes went wide. "You want me naked? I'm not showing you anything below my waist, unless you have a damn good reason."

"Well, I do. I have to check your body for wounds, rashes, or unusual bumps. As safe as this ship is, the entire galaxy is very prone to toxins and debris."

"Bloody nightmare, that's what this is." Scotty mumbled as he took off his clothing.

Beatrice began to search Scotty's body, sometimes feeling around. Eventually, she crouched down and looked up at Scotty.

"Everything looks good. Still, this next part is going to be extremely uncomfortable and you have to tell me if it's becoming too much for you."

"What exactly are you going to do?"

Beatrice sighed. "Mr. Scott, it's time for a rectal exam."